Udaariyaan 8th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Fateh agrees to meet Gippy

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The Episode starts with Fateh taking good care of Tejo. He says I understood now why you stop me and correct me in things, I promise, I will never fight with you. She smiles. She recalls Jasmin’s words. She says I had to talk to you. He says yes, dad called me that time and then this… tell me. She says we decided not to talk about her, its about her, she met me in college. He asks did you forgive her. She says she is my sister, I want her to stay happy, Gippy wants to meet you once, until then their matter won’t get ahead. Gippy asks why, I already met Fateh twice. Jasmin says its not a proper meeting, you said you want to be sure that there is nothing between Fateh and me. Gippy says I m sure of it, Fateh cares for Tejo a lot.

Fateh says you don’t drag me in this, I don’t care for her, she kept this demand. Tejo says its Gippy’s demand. Gippy says I don’t want to meet him. Jasmin says you have to meet him, I don’t want any problem later, I get worried for one thing, its hard to forget one-sided love, he used to love me a lot, but I didn’t, he used to say I love you to me day and night, I never told him I love you too, I think love happens after marriage, I feel he is acting good in front of Tejo to show me, are you understanding, maybe he gets us in problem. Gippy says oh that way, then I have to meet him. She gets happy. He says just for your satisfaction, we don’t have to stay here forever. Jasmin thinks I wish Tejo convinces Fateh. Tejo asks Fateh to meet Gippy, Jasmin is in problem. Fateh says she will solve it herself. Tejo says right, I will ask her, how long will we stand for her. Fateh says just take care of your waist, don’t think of all this. He goes. Jasmin gets Gippy’s video call. She answers. Mami looks on. Jasmin goes to talk. Satti says they are talking well. Mami says its her drama. Gippy asks did Fateh and my meeting get fixed. Jasmin says Tejo said he is busy in academy work, you are excited to meet him. Gippy says I m excited to marry you and then plan honeymoon. She gets angry. She says sorry, phone fell down, I will call later, Tejo is calling. She answers Tejo’s call. Tejo says I spoke to Fateh, I slipped today in the bathroom and got hurt. Jasmin worries and says I m coming, you always do this. Tejo says Fateh is taking care of me, don’t tell this to mum and dad. She ends call. She recalls Jasmin and smiles.

Its morning, Fateh is at the academy. Tejo comes. He thinks I asked her to rest, even then she has come. He introduces Aman to her. Tejo explains their academy plans. Aman says sorry, what’s your name. Tejo says Tejo. Aman says very nice name. Fateh looks on. Tejo and Aman laugh. Fateh gets jealous.

Aman says I have come pind for the first time, I want you to show me pind, we can discuss work also. Fateh comes and asks done. She nods. He says go home and rest, take medicines. He says come Aman, Amrik will show you the pind. Tejo goes. Aman says she is a very bright girl. Fateh says I know that. Aman asks since when is she working for you. Fateh says she is my wife, Tejo Virq, she is the partner in this academy and my life too. Tejo hears this and smiles. Aman says sorry, I really appreciate your strong team. Jasmin calls Tejo. Tejo says I m fine now, are you okay. Jasmin says I m just hearing taunts at home, I feel lonely. Tejo asks did you talk to Gippy. Jasmin says no, he asks one thing, why isn’t Fateh agreeing to meet him, I m worried, take care, bye.

Tejo waits for Fateh. Mahi asks her to have food. Tejo says I will have lunch with Fateh, I m much better now. Nimmo comes to taunt about Jasmin. Tejo says I didn’t tell my family about my injury, they take tension. Nimmo says I know Jasmin’s marriage talks are going on with Canadian guy, will she run again, tell me. Tejo says she has some problem. Nimmo says she is a problem herself. Mahi asks Tejo to ignore Nimmo’s words, don’t feel bad. Tejo says I m feeling bad seeing Jasmin in trouble. Mahi says get Jasmin married soon, she will leave from Fateh and your life, out of sight, out of mind. Tejo says I know, then Jasmin and Fateh can move on in life. Fateh comes and hears them. Mahi goes. He says Mahi was saying right, out of sight, out of mind. Tejo says no. Fateh says I will meet Gippy, I realized that if I don’t meet him, then Chameli won’t leave from our lives, I m ready. Tejo asks are you sure. He says yes. She thanks and hugs him.

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