‘Tripped’ short story by Nobara

‘today I’m going to tell him that I love him’ i was so determined to do it ‘riddhima finally its high time you do it im with you go get your man.’ woah i think she’s more excited than me well ya she has been she is that one friend who i s ALWAYS by my side ‘today at the bleachers be ready vansh.’

I was sooooo confident so so confident i walked past the other players and reached towards him he has been a good friend we go to the same AP english, bio we are lab partners, chem, phy almost all. He looks at me gives the classy smile i smile back he waves his hands almost there until i trip there goes all my confidence

I hear roar of laughters and assume that he is also laughing without giving him a glance i rush i run run past everybody. Im sitting in my secret place which nobody except for ishani knows.

I hear footsteps ‘I screwed it i sooo screwed you know i was going to tell him that i love him but know i tripped im am such a KLUTZ’ i was crying ‘wrong i think you are an amazing person.’ I turned around only to find vansh standing there and giving me a warm smile he came near me and held my hand.

‘Ive always wanted to tell you this I love you riddhima i always have i thought we’ll be stuck in the friendzone i love you.’

‘i love you too’

‘i waited a lot for this.’

I thought he meant the confession but when he pulled me closer and kissed me softly taking me in him embrace i forgot everything.

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