The Twisted game of Destiny-Reason I ep.42 IMMJ2 Fanfic

Reason I

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The Twisted game of Destiny- Wedding once again! ep.41 IMMJ2 Fanfic

Episode starts

Riddhima: And for the first start, Angre will have to speak.

Vansh: (shock) Angre!

Riddhima: Yea Angre.

Dadi: but wait, we were told that you had died. (confused)

Vansh: Exactly….you had died in a bomb blast near the market where you had gone.

Riddhima: No, I agree I had gone to the market but the clinic beside it. I had actually gone to test my pregnancy. It was positive and I was extremely happy. I wanted to tell you immediately but then I thought of surprising you.

Vansh: (moist eyes) You were pregnant that time

Riddhima: (nodding) I was heading home to surprise you all with it but then (looking at Angre) he met me on the way.

Vansh: Angre? You never told me anything about this

Angre: (broke down) I’m sorry bhai, I didn’t have any wrong intention. I just wanted to keep her safe because her life was in danger!

Vansh: Danger? What sort of danger….and why am I unknown to this?

Angre: Like you all even I assumed that Bhabhi was dead in the blast.

Riddhima: And I thought that I was with your men safe and sound.

Angre: Those weren’t my men.

Riddhima: I got to know that later Angre.

Everyone was confused, they heard them talk but it was as if everything flew over their heads. They had no idea about anything they spoke about. Ishani was the most affected. She felt hurt at Angre’s act.

Ishani’s POV

What is this that I’m hearing? Bhabhi pointed at Angre! How? Angre knew everything. He didn’t bother telling the family….and if not the family then me or Vansh Bhai at least! I didn’t expect this from him. I don’t want him to be the reason of their separation, the reason to why my brother suffered so much, the reason why this family and two lovers had to stay away and the reason to why children had to stay away from their own family. (glancing at the twins)

I can’t take this suspense anymore, I need to interrupt.

POV ends

Ishani: Angre what’s all this? And are you the reason to why Bhabhi and Vansh bhai separated?

Vansh: Ishani! Mind it, he’s your husband and my most trusted men. How can you put such an allegation on him? (loud voice)

Ishani: I’m not bhai and that’s why I want to clear it. Angre?

Riddhima: It’s not his fault.

Angre: Bhabhi! I was the one

Riddhima: No you weren’t. You were and are like a brother to me and you were just doing your duties in protecting me and the rest of the family.

Vansh: Sweetheart be clear!

Riddhima: So when I was heading for home that day, I found Angre there waiting for me.


Angre: Bhabhi, hi

Riddhima: Angre! You here? Any work? Following boss (chuckling)

Angre: It’s serious Bhabhi

Riddhima: (serious) What happened? Is everything fine? Vansh?

Angre: Bhai is fine but you’re not. You’re in danger. You’re in Vyom’s radar!

Flashback ends

Vansh: Vyom!!

Angre: Yes bhai, Vyom!

Vansh: (anger) You didn’t tell me about this! She was his target!

Angre: I wanted to but you were sorting out the other deal

Vansh: Angre! (shouts) No deal is greater than my Riddhima’s life!

Angre: I know bhai, I’m really sorry!

Riddhima: Vansh, calm down. He did everything for my good.

Flashback starts

Riddhima: Vyom? What danger?

Angre: Bhabhi, Vyom is bhai’s business rival. And he’s targeted you this time to weaken boss.

Riddhima: What!! (shocked) Now?

Angre: I’ll be sending you away from here for a few days, in our outhouse. I’ll tell bhai later but for now it’s important for you to go without telling anyone. If anyone reports to Vyom then you’ll be in danger. And you know I can’t let anything happen to you. (concern and worry)

Riddhima: Angre, I trust you. Fine I’ll do what you say.

Angre: Bhabhi, you’d have to go stand near the coffee shop there (pointing) near the market so that it doesn’t seem that it’s all planned. My men will pick you up from there.

Riddhima: Okay but what about the family? If he attacks the family?

Angre: He won’t be able to, I’ve imposed tight security…..and I could have done that too for you as well but Vyom may outsmart us.

Riddhima: Hmm okay. I’ll go then. Take care of everyone and yourself. Vansh too!

Angre: I will!

Angre watched Riddhima disappear in the crowd and he headed back to VR mansion. He instructed his men to watch over Riddhima and pick her up from the position and take her to the outhouse. Soon after he reached home, and was working on Vyom’s case he got a call from his men

Man: Boss ……..

Angre: What!!

Downstairs in the hall

Vansh: Riddhimaaaaaaa!!!!


You can guess 😅😅

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