The Monster in my Bed #Riansh ff Prologue

Here comes my new ff. You all were very excited for it. Here it is. Enjoy it!! 

It is a dark night. Moon is totally covered by dark clouds making the environment dark and scary. A girl is coming wearing a silver colour gown. Her hair is opened and her face says that she is frightened and scared.

The trees are moving swiftly giving an eerie sounds. There is no one to be seen in the road. The girl walks as fast as she can.  The girl thinks “I have to reach home soon, otherwise if he gets to know it that I am not in the house then again he will get angry on me.” 

After walking for few more minutes she reached her house. It is not a mansion nor a bungalow. A simple house which a middle class family can afford. She take her shoes off and goes towards a balcony. She somehow manage to get over it and jumps on the other side.

She opens the lock of the door from inside by putting her hand from the window beside it. After it get opened she enters. But what she see makes her totally numb.

She see a boy is sitting on the bed with his head hung down. His hairs are wet and they have covered his face totally. He has a alcohol bottle in his hand. Half of it is drank and a very little amount of it is left.

The girl is standing on the same place without moving an inch. She is literally shivering and sweating in fear.

The boy says ” You came back. Did you forgot what I said? Or you don’t want to listen to me?  Don’t stand like a statue and give the answer of my fu*king question “.

Girl: Actually… I…I went the…t..h..ere.. be.. be.

Boy: Stop stammering!! (gritting his teeth).

The boy stands up and comes near the girl. He hold her hair tightly making her shouting pain.

Boy: Don’t scream! Don’t utter a single word. Have you brought the money from your father’s house.

Girl: N…n…ooo

Boy: You didn’t bring and dare to stand infront of me?

Saying this he pushed her hard. She fell down on the floor. The boy drank the remaining alcohol and keeps the bottle aside. ” I have asked you to bring money, but you didn’t bring so now face the consequences ” said the boy.

Girl: Please leave me. I will give you the money tomorrow for sure. Please leave for me today.

Boy: Shssh!! No more words. I said about today right? No more days now. Now face it.

By saying it takes out a leather belt and starts to beat her with it. The girl was crying bitterly but didn’t make any sound because she know he will beat her more if she shout.

After beating for more than 20 times. He sits beside him and  tears her whole dress. She is fully naked now. He lifts her and throws her on the bed. Her fair and flawless skin are now having dark red marks.

The boy left and the girl pull the bed sheet and cover herself with it. She is crying bitterly now. For her, being born as a girl is ill luck . Is it so??? 

(Hello guys!! This is my new ff as I told you. I hope you will like the concept. Don’t forget to vote and comment your views. It will encourage me a lot to continue with this ff. Meet with you all soon in first chapter. Bye for now. Love you all❤❤❤).

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