The last exam that will lead me to a new journey. #Riansh OS

Hello guys. Here is a new os of mine. It is a special one to me as it is related to me. You will know more when you will read the os. I hope I could publish it before exam time. Do tell me your opinion on the comments.
So let’s start.
Riddhima’s POV starts:
I’m so anxious.
I’m so nervous and worried.
It is supposed to be a simple exam, but I don’t know why I’m that nervous. Maybe because it supposed to be yesterday and it has got postponed to today so that’s why I’m that anxious.
I have passed through more tough things during my 3 years of highschool especially this 12th year due to my health issues.
So why I’m nervous now?!
I’m so worried.
I need Vansh badly now.
He is the only one who always able to calm me down and comfort me.
While I was needing Vansh badly, I have felt his hand being around my waist and hugging me from my back.
I was so happy that he has came at this moment.
I have turned to look at him then I have hugged him a very tight hug.
Me: Vansh! Thank God that you have came now. I was really needing you so much.
Vansh: I knew it that’s why I have came. I know that my cutie pie will be very nervous now due to the last exam in our 12th grade, Am I right or am I right?!
Me: Of course Vansh. You don’t need to guess as it is really what I’m feeling it now. I’m super super worried right now. Do you understand that this is the last exam that will lead me to a new journey?! I’m really so anxious Vansh. I’m so worried about what will happen next after finishing highschool and enter college. Actually, I’m afraid that I don’t enter the college that I want it. Actually, still I don’t know if this is really the college that it is suits me or not. I’m so worried Vansh. Everything isn’t moving in the way that I want it. My health issues and those so many pains that I suffer from it at the same time and I also don’t like to talk about it all to anyone. Just you and some of my friends know about it. I’m so worried Vansh. I didn’t have prepared for the exam well and you know why. Actually, I didn’t prepared for it at all. I hate this health issues that made me not able to concentrate. I’m so anxious Vansh. I’m really so anxious.
I was shaking so much.
I was really needing Vansh and I was being very happy that he has came at this time.
Regardless that he also has the same exam as me because we are both at the same class, but still he has came to me to support me.
He supposed now to be in front of his computer waiting for the exam because it is an online exam not being here.
But he still has done that just for me.
I’m so blessed to have a very caring boyfriend like him.
He is the best gift I have received it at my 18th birthday.
I love him badly.
I know that he is the only one who will support me and make me relax.
He has made me sit on the chair.
Then he has hugged me more and more tightly.
Vansh: Shh! Just relax and calm down please. I know that you didn’t prepared, but I also know that this wasn’t by your hand. Your health issues is making you so weak I know that, but still you are being very strong. You are able to stand on your feet after all those struggles. You are a super girl my love. Does a normal girl could be able to face what you have suffered from it?! Does a girl who was being in coma for a week could be able to get up again and just do her papers?! Just my Riddhima who could do that. Just have courage and you will rock it. I really trust you so much my love. I know that you will rock it. You are my princess and cutie pie. I know that you will do an outstanding work. You are so smart and you will manage it.
Me: But Vansh…
Vansh: There is no buts and all those words. You will rock it Riddhima I know. Just take a deep breath and relax and about the college. You already will rock at any college because you are really a very unique girl. But still biomedical engineering is the best college for you. As you will be able to get all your talents out. Just have faith in yourself and go on and don’t worry I’m with you. I will never leave you.
He has really relaxed me a lot.
His words has made me so relaxed.
I was sure that he will be able to do that.
I have hugged him more tightly.
Me: I love you so much Vansh. I will never worry when you are with me.
Vansh: I love you too sweetheart. So yeah let me change your mood more by this surprise before the exam could start as we just have 5 minutes.
I was so excited for the surprise.
He has got from his bag a box filled with messages.
It was messages from my all friends, classmates and even my foreign friends.
They were supporting me and encouraging me.
I was very happy while reading their messages.
It was making me more strong.
I was really needing those messages so I could forget about my pain and not being prepared and still be forced to do my exam.
I was overwhelmed.
Vansh: So tell me how was the surprise?
I have kissed him in his cheek.
Me: It was amazing Vansh. Thank you so much.
I was smiling so much.
He has played with my cheeks.
Vansh: Now I could be so relaxed and be able to do my exam after seeing this lovely smile of yours sweetheart. I know you will rock it.
He has got his laptop from his bag after he has told me that he will do the exam near me so he could be with me.
I was so secured and feeling safe.
I was holding his hand while waiting for the exam.
It is near to be 5:30 which is my exam time.
I wasn’t that nervous now as my love Vansh is with me and also those messages that I have received it from my friends were supporting me.
I know that I will pass it.












The end of the os. I hope you like it. Riddhima here is me. I have my last exam in the 12th grade now, but still it didn’t got published and I being anxious. It supposed to be at 5:30 and still it didn’t got published yet!! I wish that I really get supportive words from you all guys because I really need it. Will be waiting for all of yours comments and support. So please guys keep supporting me the way you are doing. Please guys don’t forget your feedback in the comment section below.

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