Teri Meri Ikk Jindri 5th August 2021 Written Episode Update: A goon comes to Mahi’s house

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Scene 1
Rupa does arti. Biji says stop it Rupa. Don’t hurt her. She’s so upset. Tell her you were joking. Rupa says I am not joking. I am tired of her myself. Biji says I was also tired of you but I didn’t ask you to leave the house. I tried to understand you. Rupa says she’s out of my mind. Biji says elders should overlook. Rupa says I can’t. Biji says if you are unfair to your DIL. I will be unfair to my DIL. My eyes are on you.

Mahi comes to Jogi and asks what’s going on? Who was bebe talking to? He says I don’t know. Mahi says she said to wait. Life would change. Jogi says I am excited too. Mahi says I am scared. Jogi says yeah sounds scary. You call me an idiot. My bebe is a lioness. This time she would.. Mahi says will she kick me out of the house? Jogi says she had been planning to. Don’t worry. I will be with you and help you with packing. Mahi says will she really kick me out? He says you are so cute. You fight a lot and are stubborn and I am an idiot. We can’t find anyone else. We are perfect for each other. Mahi says that’s what you think, not bebe. Jogi says don’t worry. She won’t do anything. I told her, I won’t sing. Mahi says what? You will have to sing. Jogi pulls her close. Mahi says stop it. You will have to sing. She’s about to hit him. Jogi sings for her. Mahi says stop it.

Scene 2
Pappu says I have been hearing fights in the tabela. What are you thinking? Chanda says I am posting their fights on social media. People will be mad when they find out he fights with his wife. But I hate it when I heart Mahi is Arjun’s girlfriend. He says you have to keep calm. Chanda says what’s Rupa’s new plan? We have to find out.

Scene 3
Mahi asks is a king coming? Why are there so many dishes? Should I make bitter guard? She says I will only make sweets. Won’t let bitter things come near today. Mahi says are you calling me bitter? Let me help you. Let me make lassi for the guests. Rupa says you are the guest in this house. I have tolerated enough. Won’t do anymore. Mahi says I am your DIL. Rupa says you never accepted this marriage. Mahi says I was angry at that time. But when I became better I accept Jogi and you too. Let your anger out. Rupa says keep waiting. Mahi says you’re creating suspense. Rupa says you should know what an MIL is. Mahi is confused.

Chanda and Pappu look at them. Pappu says Rupa will make Mahi cry. Get ready with popcorn. Seema says what are you saying? What’s happening with Mahi? Pappu says where will Mahi go if her in-laws kick her out? You don’t have a house and she won’t come here.

Scene 4
Jogi takes a bag to store. Mahi says you too? I won’t leave this house. How can you pack my bag? The bag falls. He says these are winter clothes. I was taking them to store. I know you won’t ever leave me. Mahi hugs him and says I won’t let anyone come between us.

A big car stops outside. A man comes out of it. Mahi sees from the balcony and says has bebe called goons to kick me out of the house? The man says if you don’t come out by the time I sing 3.. I will bring you out. Mahi says they are here. She’s scared. Jogi says don’t worry I am here. Mahi says bebe will get me kicked out of the house.

Episode ends.

Precap-The man says before your wedding, our committment was done. Rupa says yes it was done with him. He’s my brother. Jogi says to Mahi no one can part us. Mahi hugs him and says my heart is scared. Her mangalsutra breaks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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