Tales Of Heart – ARYA FIVE SHOTS (SHOT 2)

Shot 2

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Recap: Arjun leaves his Job in the US to be with his paralysed mom. He gets a job in Maya’s company through her father’s recommendation. Ayaan is Arjun’s friend and Saanjh is Maya’s personal secretary. Arjun and Maya have a fight in their first meeting 

Shot starts

Taneja: Saanjh take Arjun with you and introduce him to everyone 

Saanjh takes Arjun with her. They reach the industry along with Ayaan who is happy to see Aejun recruited

Saanjh: Workers..your attention please he is Mr.Arjun our new industrial superintendent. Arjun this file has details of all the workers. Rest of the things Ayaan will explain you

Saying this Saanjh gives the file and leaves from there

Ayaan: Happy for you man

Arjun: But that Maya..she is just irritating me

Ayaan: Yeah she is somewhat like that but very talented. She has brought this company to mew heights

Arjun: But she must not have that much head weight 

Ayaan: Chod na..lets get to work

They get to work and the scene freezes 

Few days later a morning 

Arjun is going to office in his jeep when he finds Saanjh surrounded by many men. He rushes to them

Saanjh: Leave me alone

The men try to touch her inappropriately . Arjun beats them off

Arjun: How dare you guys treat a girl like this. If you even think of doing something to her Ill kill you all

Saanjh hugs him in fright

Arjun: Madam..its okay..they have gone

She realises what she had done and breaks the hug

Arjun: You better come with me mam

Saanjh: Saanjh is fine..please dont call me mam..and Ill go on my own

Arjun : No way..if they come back what will you? Ill drop you come

Arjun takes Saanjh with him. Her heart falls for him at that instant

On the way Arjun hums a tune and Saanjh enters her dream world

Meri dhadkan suno mere dil mein raho

Tumko meri kasam kahna hai jo kaho

Mosam gaye inkar ke

Din aa gaye hai pyar ke

Mosam gaye inkar ke

Din aa gaye hai pyar ke

While changing the gear Arjun’s hand brushes against Saanjh’s giving her chills all over her body

Mere hotho pe ghul gayi

Tere hotho ki ragni

Mere hotho pe ghul gayi

Tere hotho ki ragni

Meri ankho ke paas hai

Mere khwabo ki chandani

Chahu tumhe shamo sahar

She travels far in her dream world imaging her marriage and kids with Arjun

Chehre se na hatti najar

Maine tumhe aise chua

Cahat tadpane lagi

Halka halka nasa

Halki si pyas hai

Kaisi be chainiya

Kaisa ahsas hai

Diwangi ikrar hai

Kuch bhi nahi ye pyar hai

Diwangi ikrar hai

Kuch bhi nahi ye pyar hai

With Arjun stopping the jeep with a screech she gets back to reality 

Arjun: Saanjh the company is here

Saanjh hops off the jeep and smiles: Thank you Arjun

Arjun: Dont thank me..its my pleasure 

Arjun walks in not knowing that Saanjh is totally lost in him. The scene freezes 

Evening Arjun’s Home

Arjun: Welcome home Saanjh

Saanjh enters his house and finds Arjun’s mom in a wheelchair 

Arjun: Saanjh this is my mother and maa this is Saanjh

Vandana: Welcome home beta

Saanjh runs to her as she gestures her to come nearby 

Saanjh: Namaste Aunty

Vandana’s eyes look at Saanjh with so much love that she melts away

Saanjh: How are you aunty?

Vandana: My son takes care of me like a queen..so you tell how will I be?

Saanjh: Awesome..but aunty how long will he take care of you? Why don’t you ask him to bring a daughter in law for you?

Vandana: If he points a girl and tells that maa she is the one Ill ask him to make her his wife…thats it

Saanjh gets happy to hear this while Arjun gets awkward with marriage talks

Saanjh walks to Arjun and in a whisper: Point the girl to your mom soon 

Arjun: Ill…Ill make something for you 

Just then Ayaan walks in 

Ayaan: Arjun new machines are coming tomorrow 

Saanjh: Tomorrow? But they?

Ayaan: Arrey Saanjh you are here..nice nice…woh actually it’s coming bit early

Arjun comes out with coffee glasses and gives one to Saanjh and feeds the other to his mom

Arjun: So what Ayaan , the work will get over earlier its a good thing right

Ayaan: Yeah..

Everyone spend some good time

Next day Industry

The new machine is put on bar. The whole industry and office staffs have gathered there . Maya is there too but Arjun isn’t. He is inside studying the machine plan when he finds something fishy. He runs to the work area and finds the machine with short circuit and Maya near it. He runs to the spot and just as he reaches the machine gets on fire but just in time Arjun lifts Maya and takes her away. Once in a safe spot he lets her down and runs to help others in trouble. He puts off the switch and prevents the other machines from catching the fire.Maya is irritated with his behaviour. She walks to him once everyone is safe, and he is among a group of people appreciating him for the good work. Once Maya gets close to him everyone grow silent. Maya slaps Arjun. Everyone is shocked 

 Maya: How dare you touch me? You soundrel

Saying this Maya walks off. Arjun feels bad but doesn’t show it out

Few hours later, Maya’s cabin

Maya is in her cabin when Arjun walks in. He gets to her chair

Maya: Dont you have manners?

Arjun: I may ask you the same

Maya: How dare you speak to me like this? Why are you here?

Arjun: Woh kya hai na Maya..I don’t have the habit of keeping favours..as an employee I saved my boss as it was my duty..but you gave a gift for that..now Im here to give it back

Arjun slaps Maya

Arjun: Dont fire me and make this private matter public..you slapping me did not ruin anything but if this comes out the company’s reputation will be spoilt along with yours

Arjun walks out leaving a fuming Maya

The episode freezes 

Precap: Saanjh confesses her love. Taneja has a proposal

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