Tale As Old As Time >~An Important Clue And A New Friend~

Vansh’s POV

I was sitting in my office when she came. I had made up my mind about making this new assistant quit. So I came early and thought I would scold her and overwork her so she would quit. But when I saw her…. When I realised she was was the same woman from last night… It was surprising, to say the least. But then I thought I must go on with the plan. I tried to overwork her. I gave her so many files to scan in 30 minutes and she completed the task like it was nothing. And I was impressed. So, I gave her a chance. She’s annoying but she is confident and has no emotional ties with anyone. She clearly hates her father and even though it was somewhat surprising, I let it go after some time. It is in my advantage, after all. But her attitude… I’ll have to do something about it!

Coming back to the important topic, now that I have established a stable career, I can start investigating my mother’s death. I can start looking for the traitor. And I know exactly where to start.

My men retrieved the kidnapper’s mobile phone. It has been out of service for a long time and it was damaged too. So, it might take some time to retrieve it.

But when I find that traitor… I’m going to make him pay. I’ll make him suffer so much that even his soul would tremble at my name.

Now I’m on my way to pick up Miss Sharma. She’s an intriguing person. I’ve never met someone like her.

The driver pulled up at her place. She was ready in her blue shirt and black high waist jeans with one bag and a… cat?

Wait! She has a cat!? Don’t be surprised, Vansh. What has happened to you!? You’re supposed to be emotionless. Thousands of people shudder at your name. You’re the greatest King. Stop staring at her and stop feeling.

The driver put her bag in the boot. And she sat in the car with her cat.

“Alden, this is my employer, Mr. Raisinghania. Mr. Raisinghania, meet Alden, my best friend.”

The tom growled at me.

“Oof! Looks like he doesn’t like you much.”

He snuggled close in her lap.

“I don’t want cat hair in my car.”

“Don’t worry, he rarely sheds.”

WHY does she always have a comeback ready?


Then we sat in silence as the driver drove to VR Mansion.

There was visible surprise on her face when she saw the mansion.

Clearly, she remembered how she came here last night and very clearly, she was surprised that she was going to live in this place. But what was not clear was why I felt happy that she liked it.

“You have a beautiful home.”

“Thank you. Your luggage will be kept in your room, I’ll introduce you to everyone.”


She followed me to the living to room. Everyone was sitting there. Well, mostly everyone, Siya was, suspiciously, not there.

“Where’s Siya?” I asked Daadi.

“She’s in the library, beta”

“Oh Okay! Well, everyone this is…”


Oh there she is! My baby sister!

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Oh call me Siya! You’re elder than me! And what’s your name? And OH MY GOD!!! You have a cat! Olivia will have a new friend! YAY!! Come on, let me introduce you to everyone… This is my Daadi…”

“Hello, Beta, you can call me Daadi too!”

She bent and touched her feet. Interesting, Very interesting.

“May you always be happy in life.”

“Thank you, Daadi”

“Okay, now this is my Chacha and this my Chachi, and this is Ishani, my step-sister and this this is Aryan, my cousin.”

She turned to me “Bhai, where is that-”


“I mean… Where is step-mom?”

“Mom is in her room.” Ishani answered.

“Okay, anyways, since Siya has already taken over, I’ll be in my study, working.”

I walk away. Angre meets me at the door of the study.

“So… What happened? Did she take up the job?”

“Wow, buddy! That’s the first thing you wanted to ask? You traitor!”

“Okay, stop being dramatic and tell me!”

“Yes, she did, unfortunately.”

“I told you! She’s good!”

“Why are you being so insistent?”

“I’m not. Now let’s talk about the search. The phone was found on the kidnapper’s body. The phone is being retrieved by our tech team. They said it will take, at least, 6 days.”

“Ask them to get it done in 3.”

“They can’t.”

“Hire another team to do it then! I need it done within 3 days! I have a business trip this month and I want all this done before the trip.”

“Okay. Did you tell Siya?”

“No and I’m not going to. She has a weak heart. I cannot give her stress.”

“Okay. But I think she deserves to know.”

“I’ll think about it. Now go, make sure everything is set for Miss Sharma. Her training begins tomorrow.”


And he walked out, leaving me in my thoughts of this interesting young lady.

Riddhima’s POV

Siya is such a friendly person. She’s helping me unpack. It’s only been half an hour since I came here and we’re already friends. Alden ran off to play with Olivia. They look so adorable together!!

“What are you doing tomorrow?” She asked.

“I don’t know my schedule, yet. But I think I’ll be training half the day and doing my job the other half.”

“Don’t worry, if my brother tries to overwork you, we can complain to Daadi.”

“It’s my job, Siya. I must do it. Besides, if he does something wrong, I’ll take care of it myself. You should’ve seen his face, today!”

“Really? What happened?”

“My joining letter had 7 AM timing and he was here at 6 saying that I should’ve come early. Maybe he thought I would apologize or something. Instead, I answered him sayin if my joining letter said 6, I would come at 6.”

“Wait, you back answered my brother?”

I shrugged, “Yeah”

“Wait, you mean you actually back answered my brother and you still have the job?”

“Uhm… yeah?”

“Do you even know what he does to the people who backanswer him?”

“Fires them?”

“He kills them, Riddhima. If you have the job of his assistant then you must know what he does…”

“I do.”

“So you know how dangerous he is, right?”

“I do.”

“Why would you take the job then?”

“Siya… I can’t give you any more explanation than that I needed the job.”

She nodded. “It’s okay, I understand.” She walked to me and took my hand.

“If it ever gets overwhelming to you, you can talk to me, okay?”

“Thanks, Siya.”

She hugged me. Only Alden hugs me. It feels good. I feel home right now. Here. I feel more like home here than my actual home.

That hellhole. Where my monstrous father lives. The moment I told him I’d give him 75% of what I earn, he didn’t even ask where I work or where I would live. He let me go. Just like that. Just as I thought, Money matters to him more than I do. And I actually thought that he would improve one day. I thought he would love me one day. But that day never came. Now I don’t want it. I don’t care if he loves me some day now. Because I have grown to hate him. But that doesn’t change the fact that he’s my father. I hate the only person in the world whom I can call family. But then again, there’s Alden. He’ll always be my family.

Alden’s having a lot of fun with Olivia. My baby’s got a new friend too. And she’s so adorable!!!!!

“Come on! Let’s have lunch!” Siya said.



“But it’s still 11…”

“In this family, which is barely a family, we all eat whenever we want. We don’t sit on the table like a normal family and talk and have fun together.”


“So, come on!! Let’s go before they finish the Biryani!!”

I laugh and follow her.

This is it. I’ve escaped. One more year, and then I can leave this job and go far away.

Somehow, I know it’s going to be very difficult. Because this place feels home. and not just in the literal meaning of the word. I feel… safe here. Which I shouldn’t considering the looks everyone except Dadi and Siya were giving me. But for some reason, I did. And I’m not sure if that’s good because if I get too attached with the people here, it will be difficult for me to leave this place.

But I’m ignoring it and enjoying this while I can. I’m not going to let my past or my future ruin my present.

Things are finally looking like they’re falling into place.

Let’s just hope they stay that way.

A/N: I know this chapter might seem somewhat mundane but I have further things planned so please keep up with me and watch the events unfold.

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