STOLEN SWEETHEART- RIANSH FF EPI 48 ‘Glimpse of the past’

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Episode starts with Riddhima sleeping next to Vansh and she holds his one hand tightly and resting her head on his shoulder. She hears some noice and wakes up. She kisses Vansh on his cheeks and moves to the washroom. Angre enters the room and calls Riddhima. She comes out ready in a yellow kurta-plazo and red chooris still shining in her hands.
Riddhima: What happened Angre?
Angre: Actually…we need your sign.
Riddhima: My sign?
Angre: Yes. Vansh has done everything on your behalf and now in his absence in business we can’t take any risk. Your sign is equally valuable to us as Vansh’s.

Riddhima takes the paper and reads it fully, and signs it. Angre leaves and Riddhima sits near Vansh.
Riddhima: Look, I am doing double work. I am not able to manage alone everything Vansh. Please wake up na. I can’t see you like this. Atleast open your eyes. It’s been hours I am seeing you like this. You have to do it for us,for our family. No one is able to see you like this, you know how much Ma cries? She never comes to you because she thinks she will not be able to handle herself. You have to wake up Vansh. Atleast for Ma.

The machine starts beeping fastly making Riddhima confused, she stands up looking for her phone and calls the doctor. While talking she saw Vansh’s fingers were showing movement which made Riddhima smile after days. The doctor checks up hima nd comes out.
Doctor: I think Mr. Vansh is trying to getup. This is a great response. I am sure he will open his eyes in some days and respond to you all. Still it will take months. Just keep praying to God. He may recover soon.

Riddhima got a light of hope. He was actually trying to wake up. Riddhima believed this instinct that if he tries to do something, he of course succeeds. Riddhima entered the room, as usual, she use to take with hima all the day, stay with him every moment. So if something happens she is always there for him.

After the dance, they both again sit at their chairs.
Vansh: So…..
Riddhima: Something more? What was the need Vansh?
Vansh: Why there was not a need? I was thinking where to go for our honeymoon. What do you think?
Riddhima: I don’t know.
Vansh: Ok then. Thailand. We will have some great massage and masseuse.
Riddhima: What! No. We are not going there. That place in full of weird people.
Vansh: But we…
Riddhima: I know! I know we have no problem with them but I…I… let’s go to Maldives. Hmm?
Vansh: Awesome! So it’s decided. We are leaving for Maldives tomorrow evening.
Riddhima: Tomorrow? Vansh procedure takes time..
Vansh: I have already booked everything.
Riddhima: aaawww (pulling his cheeks) so sweet. If you are done, let’s go home.
Vansh: Arre why so fast.
Riddhima: Have you told them we are out?
Vansh: Noo
Riddhima: Ok. We are going then.
Vansh: Fine mam..
And they both headed to their car. They both were walking hand in hand looking at each other,smiling. Riddhima’s smile Vanished seeing someone trying to attack Vansh.
She screamed but it was late, the iron rod hit his head and he had a blurry vision…

Vansh: Riddhima….run….

Before Riddhima could do anything a man with long hairs and broken teeth with mustache shouted infront of her face making her scare. He picked her up by shoulder while she kept hitting him trying to free herself. She glanced at Vansh for the last time who was trying to save her…

Riddhima opened her eyes, breathing heavily. She took a glass of water and drank it. That wasn’t a dream, it was something that happened wih her few days ago, or months. Riddhima switched on the light and rested her head in Vansh’s chest. Vansh’s eyes slightly open and blinking.
Riddhima: 3 months Vansh, how much more? You know how much hurt I am? I can’t see you like this. I can’t even do anything. You have opened your eyes which have all my answers. But I want you to get up and talk to me. You have my swear please get up…

Riddhima started crying making his shirt wet, while Vansh blinked and a tear escaped his eyes. How badly he wante to wake up from the bed, but he became a body with just some breathe left.

Beep, beep, beep

The machine started beeping again and Riddhima stood up, looking at Vansh who was moving,. He was moving by himself! He used his hands to wipe his sweat. Riddhima’s tears turned into tears of joy and a smile was formed on her lips….

Rid…. Riddhima…

Riddhima hugged Vansh tightly and then decided to call the doctor. She called the doctor. She came back to Vansh helped Vansh to sit properly.
Riddhima made him quite. Vansh blinked his eyes to get a clear vision and remember everything but his head pained badly and he fainted leaving Riddhima in shock. The doctor entered and asked Riddhima to leave.
Riddhima answer worriedly. Angre and Vihaan forcly pulled her with them while she kept peeking what’s happening inside. Finally her wait was over.
Doctor: Congratulations. He is out of coma. It may take time to recover fully so please keep him at bedrest for atleast a week.
Riddhima: Can I meet him?
Doctor: Sure, he is sleeping right now.

Riddhima rushed inside and looking at him she got peace of mind. She keeps his hand in hers looking at him with happiness, the joy of seeing him back after 3 months of sleeping. Vansh woke up with a trance, trying to get a clear vision, he keeps blinking his eyes to look at the person. Only a word comes out of his mouth
Vansh: Ra..gini…..

No precap because I don’t know what is going to be next… But I make sure woh chipkali nhi ayegi!😂 Thanks for your lovely comments….💜💚

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