Somnambulism – A SaiRat OS

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I am submitting here one of my OS on the most loved couple SaiRat. Please read and let me know your feedback in below comments. 

Wow! What a pleasant morning! Sai slowly opened her eyes with a smile on her lips. She felt like she slept peacefully after a very long time. She had deep slumbers like this only when her Aaba was with her. She felt light like her shoulders are not anymore bearing any weight. But why her heart is heavy instead? She slowly looked down and saw Virat sleeping like a baby. His eyes are closed, but she can feel his calmness radiating into her. Only for outside world he is ‘ACP Virat Chavan’, but inside these four walls, he is cute as a button. She had a sudden urge to kiss him, but instead she stroked his hair sofly and he purred. She could not help but chuckle at this – ACP Virat Chavan actually purred. She could not control herself and hence sofly pinched his nose. He scrunched his nose in sleep and she had never seen anything cutest. She pinched again and this time he turned his face down groaning. His husky groan went straight to her heart. No, she meant literally. Why his face is on her chest? Sai stopped breathing. She slowly looked around and analyzed their sleeping position. His face is on her chest, both his hands are hugging her waist and his right leg is lazily draped over her thighs. Her cheeks turned red. She has never been intimate with any living being or even teddy for that matter. Pakhi didi will go mad if she barge into their room now like she always does. One part of her really wants that to happen just to see her reaction. She started giggling, but her smiled faded right away. Pakhi didi! All the yesterday’s events hit her like a thunderstorm and her pressure rose in a minute. He won’t give place for her in his heart, but will happily sleep on hers? She pushed him away with all her might shouting his name and he woke up with a start.

“Sai, I had told you before. We should not wake up a sleeping person loudly” he complained still in his husky voice.

She doesn’t want him to talk in his husky voice anymore since it makes her want to kiss him senseless. Focus, Sai Joshi! She started shaking his shoulders violently to wake him up fully.

“Sai… Sai… leave me. Have you gone mad in the morning itself?” he asked in a normal voice and she exhaled in peace. She can now show her anger without any distraction.

“No, you have gone mad, Virat sir! Last night I clearly told that I no longer want to share a bed with you. Then, why are you sleeping here on my mattress? If you are going to behave like this, next time I will have to shift to balcony then…” she could not complete because Virat sir has closed her mouth with his palm. His other hand is holding her back of the head. She struggled, but it is no use before his strength anyway. So, she resigned. Seeing her relaxing, he slowly removed his palm but kept his index finger on her lips. Her lips trembled. She badly wants to wet her lips, but feared that she may end up kissing his finger.

“Ssshhh… How much you talk? Where you are getting stamina in the morning? We should use all these stamina for something worthful than arguing, you know.” He winked at her and her anger reached peak within seconds.

When she opened her mouth to reply back, he gave more pressure on her lips with his finger which made her silent instantly.

“Don’t use your big Barbie doll eyes just to throw daggers at me, use it sometime to properly see as well” he accused. When she looked at him confusingly, he smiled and removed his finger from her lips. With his other hand holding her back of the head, he shook her head from one side to other repeatedly in slow motion. First, she could not understand what he is doing, but when she averted her eyes from him to the surrounding, she gasped. He is not on her mattress, but instead she is on his bed. Her mattress is still down in the place where she had put it. She chewed her lips in confusion and looked back at him. He is trying not to laugh. She is sure this is his doing only. She removed his hand from her angrily.

“How I came here? I was sleeping down there last night” she shouted indicating her mattress.

“How would I know? You should be the one explaining since you came to me” he stated simply.

“To bed, not to you sir” she corrected him.

“So you agree that you came to our bed?” he teased.

She gritted her teeth “I don’t remember moving here”

“Oh… I… See…” he said in a sing-song voice.

“What?” she barked.

“Maybe you sleep walked here?” he suggested with a low voice.

“What?” She gawked at him disbelievingly. That’s it. She could not tolerate all these nonsense in the start of the day itself. She got up from the bed, but he pulled her back. He is sitting behind her now and started pressing her shoulders to make her relax. Well, let’s just say it is working. She closed her eyes slowly.

“Relax Sai, even Doctors are prone to some conditions.”  He said in a compassion tone, but it riled her up more.

“I never ever sleepwalked at all” she declared opening her eyes wide and tried to get up again. But, he pulled her back easily again and started his massage again. Her eyes closed instantly.

“Easy Sai. Scientific studies say that daytime stress can lead to somnambulism.” he whispered near her ears. This massage was so good that she is hardly controlling herself from moaning.

“Somnambulism means…” he whispered.

“Hmmm” she moaned.

“sleepwalking, FYI Dr. Sai Joshi ” he stated in a matter of fact of tone.

She opened her eyes in shock. Of course she knows that – she is the blo*dy state topper after all. Who does he think he is? She got up and moved five feet away from him and his magic fingers.

She turned around and looked at him. He was sitting relaxingly in the bed with a big smirk. Sai wants to wipe that annoying smirk off that handsome face. Focus, Sai Joshi!

She took a deep sigh and his eyes instantly traveled south. She had the sudden urge to cross her arms over her chest. Oh, please… Just minutes before he was happily taking his beauty sleep there.

Oh yes, about that…

“Virat sir!” she shouted and his eyes met hers again. Good!

“Okay let’s say I ‘sleepwalked’ here, but why were you on top of me? Where was our fort?” she asked folding her hands. He got up and crossed the distance between them. She wanted to move back, but stayed still to save the pride.

“Why would I build, Sai? You are the architect and how would I know you would crawl back into our bed after creating so much drama last night?” he explained.

Crawl? What does he think of her? Grudge ghost? She fumed in anger.

“Don’t change the topic, Virat sir. You were literally crushing me with all your weight. Are you going to argue that now I have some other rare disease because of which I lifted you and put on myself while I was sleeping?”

He chuckled at that.  When she opened her mouth to scold him, he lifted his arms in surrender.

“Okay, that’s me.” He agreed. She blinked.

She never thought he would agree easily and hence, doesn’t prepare anything to reply. She knows that she should really say something or anything in reply, but unable to form words. What to say when your husband agrees that he slept hugging you? Maybe she should check with google.

“But in my defense, I was fast asleep and I thought you are a pillow.” He shrugged his shoulders.

What? Seriously? Okay google – how to kill your husband when he mistook you for a damn pillow?

“What? Seriously?” she echoed her thoughts.

“ACP Virat Chavan, you could not differentiate between a pillow and an actual human being?” she asked mockingly.

“Well, not my fault. Both are soft and fluffy” he indicated at her chest and that’s it. She started running from there immediately murmuring “Already late to the college. Need to get ready. No time for all these nonsense”

Even after she came very far from the room, she could still hear his laughter. Wow! What a pleasant morning! – For him.

How was it? I hope you all like it. Thanks in advance. 

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