Some time to think again (Part 1)

Scene shows Riddhima getting ready in front of mirror,Vansh came and got mesmerised seeing her,it was just two weks of their marriage,so they have kept a get together for vansh’s friends,with their families, Their marriage was arraned,But in these two weeks,Riddhima had known Vansh,as a caring guy,and Vansh,has explored an innocent but strong figure in her. Riddhima raised her eyebrows and signed what are you seeing? Vansh came forward and helped her wear earrings, then he hugged her from back,and was just adoring her beauty in mirror, Vansh: How are you,so beautiful? She laughed. Then as it was the time,people had started gathering,Vansh came downstairs ,with hand in Riddhima’s hand.Everyone was amazed,seeing their beautiful pair,it was all ,normal and fine,till his friends’ wives praised them,but as ,his friend,praised Riddhima’s beauty,although he mentioned her as sister-in law,but still,Vansh didn’t like it.Riddhima was just smiling,but got confused on seeing Vansh. Riddhima: is everything fine,you seem tensed? Vansh nodded in nothing. Few days passed,Vansh was getting,possessive towards Riddhima. She was,working at a leading position in a company, Vansh came to her ,and saw her completely engrossed in laptop,not paying attention to him, Vansh: Riddhima Riddhma: Just two minutes Vansh,let me finalise this project..only two minutes Vansh still,shut her laptop,leaving her all shocked, Riddhima: was important,I had been doing this for two hours Vansh: Why don’t you ,join VR Enterprises? Riddhima narrowed her eyes,and stared Vansh,she couldn’t understand his sudden thoughts,she still,took deep breath, Riddhima: I didn’t get it Vansh,why ? Vansh understood,that it was ,not at all right for her,she was very serious towards her career,and ,he too,was himself not clear at the moment that why he said that,so just tried to change it for fun.

Vansh: I that I can see you all the time. This vanished her frown and she ended smiling. Riddhima: Vansh,it had been quiet difficult,for a girl from my background,you know ,where girls are not given that much opportunities,still,I managed to get to this position,I can ,never think of losing it.So next time,please be careful,don’t mess up with my work,now see,I will have to do it all again. Vansh nodded,she gave,him,a warm smile. Next few days passed, Vansh one day decided to drop Riddhima to her office, Through out the way,he was adoring her,through small glances,she knew that he is glancing her,ended up laughing, Riddhima got down when they reached her office,he held her hand , Riddhima: Vansh ,let me go. Vansh: You are mine. Riddhima: Vansh,… She was in so much hurry ,that didn’t find time to mean his words, Riddhima: Yes baba,my heart is yours. And then giving his hand a kiss,she left,he was still there,and observed,Riddhima getting in talks with a male collegue, his smile,suddenly vanished seeing that.Although Riddhima,was showing that man ,some files,but Vansh,was still getting enraged. As she went inside,he too left,but whole day,he was lost in something, in the evening, when Riddhima was managing her files in wardrobe, Vansh: Leave your job. She got stunned by his words,thought that ,she might have not listened well.

Riddhima: Sorry Vansh,vo,,I was lost somewhere.What are you saying But he was still determined to let her know his decision. Vansh: leave you job. She got shocked,not understanding that what does he mean,she had no idea ,what to ask him or what to say, keeping her files over table and ,taking some breaths,actually gathering herself,to ask him that why is he telling her this sort of warrant? To which he replied, Vansh: I am not comfortable ,with you working with male colleagues. Riddhima was utmost shocked,his decision,to just ruin her career,to ruin her lifetime efforts,was based on this sort of thinking. She had no wors to say,no words to remind him of his commitmen to her parents that she can work even after marriage,no words to tell him,that what he is actually saying. He got ,idea of her thoughts,through her eyes,she was strong,still innocent,whenever she got hurt her eyes got filled,but she used to control herself,licking her lips and blinking a lot. He held her hand,she was furious ,wished to jerk him back,but still mature enough,to listen to his point oof view. Vansh: Riddhima,I love you. She had no idea ,that he will say ,I love you for the first time,and she ,will be having no option to reply back,her heart was already aching what could she say.. Vansh: Riddhima,I don’t like ,other people to ..even glance at you for once. There was a moment of silence,as both were not getting words, Riddhima: Do you trust me? Vansh nodded,looking in her eyes, Riddhim: If yu do,then you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing me.I won’t let anyone see your wife ever.But keep one thing in mind,I am more mine than yours. Saying so she left,now he was,understanding,that what she said,is really true,he was berating him for this sort of thinking,,,but again, when he saw next day,Riddhima in meeting,showing presentation ,in front of all staff,and in front of VR Enterprises staff too,as it was a collaborated meeting, at night, Riddhima was on terrace,with coffee mug,holding that from both hands,and feeling the cold breeze merging with warm vapours from mug,she felt different fragrance,as it was Vansh ,who stood besides her. Riddhima( staring the view of city): Did you,feel proud or…happiness ,seeing your wife representing the meeting? Vansh : ( Who wished to keep this moment peaceful,still couldn’t control to express his toughts): I didn’t.I still,felt the same ,rage ,when all the male ,there were looking at you. Riddhima was again ,anxious,she felt repulsiveness from his thoughts. So she just,went downstairs, At night,when vansh was slept,she got up and sat .Besides him,as she had not slept till now,but was lost,in what she thought for Vansh and what thinking is he representing. Still,seeing him for minutes,she finally carassed his forehead,that brought a smile on her face,which was wet from one sie,due to her tears. Riddhima (thinking): I know,you are still immature,you are not able to distinguish,between obsession and love..But trust me,just because I love you,I will give you time,to let your obsession,change into love.


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