Silent Whisper With a Devil ( 8th Chapter )

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when I opened my eyes I saw Kabir looking at me with worrying eyes…. I hate when people looking at me like that…. since I was 10 years I have seen many people looking at me in that expression as I was abandoned by my parents as an unfortunate child…. but I am not helpless… I hate to admit that I am helpless… may be I am too arrogant …. but that’s me

”Why ? Why are you looking at me like this…. why ? what happened to me” I asked hitting Kabir’s shoulder

”you haven’t changed at all” he said crossing his arms

”why? what” I asked pouting

”you still very stubborn and arrogant like in childhood” he said with a chuckle…. ha after Sejal he knows me best….

”that’s me ….. forget it…. tell me can’t you really see Vansh” I asked him in disbelief…

”Ridz…. actually I think Vansh is someone you are hallucinating” he said sitting beside me

”WHAT!!! are you crazy….. how is it possible…. he is my senior…. even Sejal know him…. our every training doctor know him….. I worked with him yesterday” I said but all he did is sighing….

”I believe you as a friend but I can’t believe you as a doctor” He said hugging me

”what the heck are you telling me ” I asked breaking the hug

” Ridz ask Sejal about Vansh now …. call her”

”ok ” I said in full confident and took a call

”hello cute pie ”

”Sejal I am with Kabir …. please tell everything you know about our senior doctor Vansh ?”

”Vansh ? who is that? ” Sejal said making me numb

”Sejal don’t play games with me …. this is not a time to joke” I said angrily

”Ridz I am not joking ……”

”’he is our senior in training period…. Vansh…. we took a selfie with him…. You praised his beauty with me….how can you forget him” I said with teary eyes …. I can’t take it anymore…. it’s going too far

”Cute pie sorry but I have never heard a man call Vansh… sorry ” saying this she cut the call…. WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING NOW!!!!!

I looked at Kabir who is starring at me …… no no no…. all are lying to me…. I left there without hearing to Kabir’s nonsense….

I search everywhere but I could not find anyone who knows him… even I failed to find him to ask what is happening ….. He was in front of me till yesterday but today he is no where… IT WAS LIKE HE VANISHED FROM THE EARTH WITHOUT LEAVING ANY MARK……


Vansh POV,

I went to where I was called to come…. I went near the gate which open the way to heaven… there I saw uncle Rudra waiting for me…

”He passes away…. he wanted to see you one time before he die but you didn’t come” he said when I went near him

”how can I face him after making my life miserable” I said in a cold tone

”After all he is your father so he told me to give this to you” he said giving me a letter

”what is this”

”It was his last words for you” I said with a heavy tone and vanished

I looked at the letter and opened to read it….

My son ,

I know I am not worthy to called me as your father after  what I did to you…. but I can’t regret as it was not my wish but it was god’s wish and I just did my duty…. but I know you will never forgive me and I can’t blame it as I am failed as a father…. 

but I am sure you will overcome this curse one day as you have the most purest heart I have ever seen…. Though you will have to face number of circumstance in future you will overcome them successfully as you the bless of every angle in heaven even though you hate angles…. Love can’t be a restricted word for you because once you used to be God’s favourite… 

All I wanted to say is SHE IS REBORN….. Try your best to protect her….. After all she is the daughter of god and the angel who used to be everyone’s favourite…..

 Your so called father…..

I….. I don’t know what to say….. should I be happy for her reborn or be sad for thinking what will happen next…… How can I know where or who is she….. will I able to find where is my love? will I able to protect her ? or will I hurt her according to the curse….. but all I know is fallen in love with a devil is a sin …. 


I came home and locked my self in my room …… They say Vansh is a hallucination …. but how can I trust it….. how? I saw him …. I worked with him till yesterday…. I argued with him….. then how can that be a hallucination….. I pinch myself to know whether it is a dream or not….no this is not a damn dream …..

I am not overreacting…. If anyone get to know someone whom she saw and talk is just a hallucination and not real then anyone go crazy like me…. I went the bathroom and sit under the shower to relax myself…….

”Vanshhhhhhhhhhh” I screamed out of lungs and shut me eyes to cool down me and forget everything ans think it was just a dream …

It was morning  ….. I get ready to go hospital

”Cute pie are you ok? Kabir told me that” Sejal asked as soon as she saw me coming

”I am fine just forget it ” I said as I don’t want to admit I hallucinate things like a psycho girl….

Time passed like this …. weeks passed… everything was normal… no one talk about Vansh … nothing happened which looks abnormal… I felt like everything was right around me… like how my life was before I met Vansh in that night…. but never I knew it is the silent which comes before a storm….

I pack up my things to go home after doing my works in hospital …. Sejal took my scooter as she has to visit her grandma who is ill so I have to go by a bus today….. aahhhh how unfortunate I am …. raining heavily outside and I didn’t take my umbrella with me…. uff what to do now….

Unlike in dramas , in real life there is no price charming who come with an umbrella in rainy days… so I covered my head from bag and run to the bus station… ufff I am like a drenched hen…

That’s when I feel a sudden silent around me… I look around and shocked seeing it…. I can’t describe what is it… rain has stopped no not rain , the rain drops are not falling they are hanging on the air…. and people they are frozen…. everything was like when you paused a video …. ha it was like everything except me had frozen like time stopped….

I giggled seeing the people who frozen in different types…. some are trying to open their umbrella…. some people’s mouth are opened….. some people’s legs are on air…. it was hilarious… you will know how you feel it if you ever saw such time stop in front of you….

”Is it that much funny” I heard from my behind…. though it has been a month since I heard that voice , still I can identify that vice among thousand of voice …. may be because we always argued like Tom and Jerry….

I looked my behind and saw him smiling at me putting his hands on pockets… without thinking I ran and hugged him tightly ….. to be honest we never get along ….. we always had grudge between us then why I hugged him? 


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