Silent Whisper With a Devil ( 3rd Chapter )

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So let’s go to the chapter 3,



It has been a week since I had faced that weird incident of that tall man….. I tried my best to forget that incident as much as I can….. but anyhow I can’t forget his face… It was stick in to my memory……

” cute pie are you free today?” Sejal asked me when I sit next to her

”hmm ya Seju… There’s nothing special I have to do today”

”ok then let’s have some fun today” I yawned hearing her…. yes I think even I wanted to relax my mind …. I wanted to relax me…..

”ok then let’s meet at the Lion’s club around 6 p.m.”


A tall man who was in full black suit was walking along the road when the time stopped suddenly…. all the people who walks on the road  , all the vehicles , every water drops and everything around him become a frozen zone except him ….

” What is this time?” he said sighing heavily….. within a second making a vast light a man in his white attire came in front of him with a slight smile

” so you knew it was me”

” who else wants to stop time to meet me”

” you have to come with me” white attired man said in a determined tone

” huh! me ? why? ” he said in an annoying tone

” it’a urgent…. your ….your dad is not well… so you have to come with me”

”huh! who care ….. huh! and you clearly know that damn heaven is restricted to this devil son”

”I know…. I know …. you don’t have to come inside the heaven just come near the door where the hell and heaven apart…. he just want to see you once”

”huh! see me? after 2320 years 11 months 12 days ?  huh! what a ridicules joke ”

” enough! he is your father and he is really unwell…. it’s your duty as a son to fulfil his wants”


” don’t forget you are the son of the head Angle in the heaven….”




The white attired man disappeared from there as he very well know what happen if this man lost his temper…. not only the hell but also the heaven very well  know how dangerous when the lord of the hell got angry….. no one not even God try to mess with him without any specific reason…..


I am not interested in wearing mini dresses and fancy dresses…. so I wear a white short and a navy blue t-shirt and put dark blue cap and my sneakers…. You maybe think I am crazy to dress like this when I go to clubbing…. The reason is I don’t care about my appearance …. all I want to is enjoy my life and gain happiness which I never had from my damn family…..

” Hey Seju” I shouted and waved my hand stepping towards her…..

” At least you came early ”

” you know na my adrenaline hormone is too much active for such things….” I said squeezing her both cheeks…

”aw…aw…. it hurts idiot”

”aweeee lovely …. anyway where are the other” I asked Sejal about my other colleagues…

”they are inside… all are waiting for you..”

we stepped in to the club …. it was little crowded than other days…. we spent the time eating , drinking and dancing…. actually this made me relax completely ….. I felt like I am a butterfly who flying in the blue sky enjoying every second …..

” Guys it’s becoming boring let’s do a game” Riya who is my colleague said

”hmmm then what about Truth and Dare”

”ewww…. dirty game…. I hate it… can’t we do truth and truth game” I said quickly as I hate the dare part…. sometimes doing dares is enjoyable but sometimes it can completely make your life a mess….. like what will happen next in my life

” oh please Ridz it’s just a game …. come on babe…. without dare it’s not enjoyable… come on…” Riya tried her best to make me agree

”cute pie …. if you agree to do this game then I will but you two cups of mint chocolate chip ice cream…. so what do you say” Sejal said smirking at me

yes she knows how to shoot at the weakest point …. for me  MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP ICE CREAM is like something I never leave…. mmmm how tasty it is…. my mouth get watery even think of it….

” Really?”

”Really….. pinky promise…” sejal said me forwarding her little finger to the ritual of promise…

”ok then I will do it not onetime but ten times if you say” I said pouting like a baby … but If I ever knew the consequence of this stupid decision I wold have never played this game … NEVER EVER….


Third pov,

It was pleasant surrounding with the air mixed with smell of pure water and the flowers which are blooming in the evening….. There was man with a full black attire sitting on the edge of river bank throwing pebbles into the river breaking the silence ….. he seems to be lost in his inner thoughts…. probably he should be stuck in his inner soul for something bothering him badly….

” Why why did you kept me away from you ….. PAPA….” he said under his breath in deep but sad tone….” what the wrong I did to get this much punishment…. have you ever thought how can your son live without you…. have you ever thought how difficult my life without you and mumma….  have you ever thought how desperately I wanted to see you during this 2 thousand years…. have you ever thought how much I suffer without anyone I loved ….. have you ever thought how long I kept sitting near the door of heaven to see you ….. ” his voice is cracking … his eyes are redded…. he is continuously wiping his tear which are shining like pearls…. can such a dangerous looked devil have such soft side… such soft spot in his life…..

” NO NEVER…. YOU NEVER THOUGHT OF ME… NEVER… NEVER YOU LOVED ME …. I was nothing to you…” he said in a rage tone which was changed in a second… in a second he turn into his devil nature ….. he throws all the pebbles into the river and said with a smirk

” YOU SHOULD PAY FOR YOUR DEEDS ” after a second he vanished into the air making the peaceful environment into a gloomy shadows showing how dark his inside


we played this game for 1 hour I think …… I was irritated by this now…. I had to sing and act and do weird things when I got dare…. and myself was little bit out of my control because of drinking too much….

” Can we stop it now?” I asked with puppy eyes

”ok then this is the last time ” saying this Sejal rotating the bottle… don’t know whether it was my fate or something else the bottle stopped at me making the last chance for me….

”mmm truth or dare”

” I am fed of telling truth now so dare”

”ok then mmmm go and tell that man you like him” Riya said showing a black suited man who is sitting at the bar

”Riya !! do you have any death wish?” I asked her in an annoying tone..

”babe it’s just a game… come on..”

”but? isn’t it too dramatic?” I asked in a helpless tone

” no babe don’t worry he will not eat you… and I don’t think he will take it serious…” Riys said carelessly

” uffff I don’t think my luck is good today”

”come on Ridz… come on” everyone cheer me to do it… but my seventh eye say this is not good …. and something will happen soon…. huh! anyway …. I took my all guts and stepped towards him… without any reason my heart beating like base drum …..

I went near him and patted on his shoulder saying ” hey Mister… ” He didn’t looked at me even for a once…. I was on the edge of my temper…. I patted him hard saying ” Hello! I am talking to you… hey”

” ouch it’s hurting …. ” saying this he turned my side….. What the hell is this? my eyes winded seeing the man who looking at me with a big smirk ……

” You…..” I said covering my mouth in disbelief as I was unsure whether this is a dream or real….


So guys maybe this is little boring but all I wanted is to make you understand the characters and their emotions ….. 😋😋😋😋

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