Silent Whisper With a Devil ( 2nd Chapter )

I was lost in the memories of the past through the way to home …. I suddenly stopped my scooter as a result of the incident I witnessed in front of my eyes…..

”There was a tall man who was wearing a black suit starring at a man who lies on the middle of road ….. that man….that man who lies on the road was unconscious and he…he was on his own blood river…. ”  

I felt like freezing my body …. It was a horrible picture… and most importantly I was shocked seeing that tall man starring at that man without helping him…. even by a mistake did he murdered him…. oh god…. what to do now…. to face any kind of situation I clicked some pictures of that man with him…. and I quickly ran there without thinking  my safety…

”Hey are you crazy…. ? what the heck are you doing starring at him without helping him…. hey blo*dy idiot … I am talking to you…. can’t you hear me…” I shouted at him though he didn’t even looked at me …. I was out of my range so I ignored him and went to check the man who was bleeding heavily…. I checked his pulse…. he… HE IS DEAD……

”you….you blo*dy murder …. did you kill him…. oh yes I was right then… you are a murder …. wait I will call police” I snapped my fingers saying this and I took my phone to call police…

” oh ho miss….miss… I didn’t kill him… can’t you understand what happened here…”


”this man was hit by a car ….”

”then why don’t you took him to the hospital” I asked as there was no evidence to say that he killed this man….

”why would I”

”huh! are you crazy… if you took him to the hospital 10 minutes ago he would be saved…”

” I think he should die …. that’s the rule …. ”

”are you crazy…. aren’t you a human… don’t you know the value of human life… you freaking idiot…”

”yes I am not human… I am the DEVIL…. ” he said to me with a smirk on his face

”huh! ya you can’t be a human …. you don’t have humanity ….. huh! let me call the police to inform the hospital to take this corpse”

”oh ho wait wait … ” saying this he bent down near that dead man and he took some blood from his finger…. and…and…and he tasted that blood in front of me saying ” mmmm I think it’s A+ blood group” I felt like nuances seeing him tasting that blood….

I shouted at him saying ” What the hell is this …. ”

At the same time I heard a laugh …. yes that man is laughing like a maniac…. his laugh made my body freeze and I felt like my blood vessels going to blast… yes indeed his laugh was too mcuh devilish for me…

”hell? do you know it? ” he said coming towards me little by little… ”how can you say it so casually ” he said showing his redded eyes which makes me feel like burning alive… he came towards me like a werewolf come towards a little sheep….. Is he going to taste my blood….. oh no…..  is he going bite my neck and drink my blood…. oh no…..

I can’t die so soon….. ufff…. my poor life…. I am single … I have to marry…. I have to go to honeymoon… oh ho at least two babies… oh god…. I can’t die …. huh! are you crazy Riddima… within a minute you are gonna die… yet your mind… ufff….

my mind shouted” Run Riddima run” but my legs were numb .. but as soon as my brain understand what is going to happen my Adrenalin hormones activated making me run away from him to survive….

without looking back I ran fast towards my apartment… I quickly get into my house and locked the door and put all three chain locks… I don’t think ever in my life I ran this much speed…. unknown to me tears drops down making my cheeks wet …yes my whole body is trembling in fear…

All I remember is his redded eyes… those eyes are not ordinary human eyes… those eyes was powerful enough to make me freeze for a moment… and a genius girl like me can say easily that his behaviour was too odd…. he can’t be a common man…. who is he ?

by any chance is he a vampire…. or a werewolf or ….ahhhh are you crazy Riddima… such supernatural only exit in wattpad stories not in real life… yes…I think I should quite reading wattpad stories… but maybe e is a doom or goblin or a gumiho….. ufff my mind…. I think I should stop watching too many Korean dramas….  with this all thoughts I took a bath and fell into the bed thinking evening incident was just a nightmare….


”Lord do you want me to kill her”

”No Ahana you just keep an eye on her…. if she is too stubborn and want he death so soon she will do something ”

”ok my lord”

”Áhana say Angre to meet me at the seventh circle of hell”

”ok lord”


I had a good sleep yesterday…. yes I am such a girl who can sleep even she is about to die …. I don’t know why people say ‘oh shit I didn’t get a good sleep because of this problems” for me I can have a good sleep with any problem…. The best example is when I was in grade 10 I slept a whole day though I had o face the exam net day….

”cute pie was there any problem yesterday” Sejal asked me as soon as I get into the seminar hall…

”no Seju… nothing happened” Though I wanted to say it to her I didn’t do it

”Then ok… I was little anxious as I let you go alone”

”hmm it’s ok buddy…. Sejal I want to know something ?”

” what’s that”

”by any chance do you think there are Vampires or werewolves disguise as human”

”you crazy….. I told you not to read not to addicted to K drama and wattpad… ” She patted my head saying that…. hmm I think I should forget that incident otherwise my IQ level will decrease…


”Lord did you want to meet me ”

”ha Angre I have to go to the earth … this time I will not return soon… so I want you to make sure that Aryan and other demons will not do any wrong during my absence…. and you have to update every detail of the hell to me ”

”As you wish lord…”

”and Angre make sure no one can escape from here without my permission”

”ok lord….. lord any specific reason for your departure to earth”

ha Angre I think I have found something which I was searching through three worlds …”


I am not so good at writing supernatural … so it’s a new experience to me….. yet I will try my best😋😋😋 and I highly appreciate if everyone who read this can comment too❤

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