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New Delhi: Shani is the lord of justice. Shani or Śanaiśchara in Indian Astrology refers to the planet Saturn and according to Astrology experts it is believed when Shani changes its house it is known as Shani ki Chaal. Meanwhile, when Jupiter is moving and it is entering into various sun signs, it is known as Shani ki sadhe-saati.

This time, Shani is moving into the hours of Aquarius and it will have great impact on all the Aquarians.

What are the impacts it will have on your rashi? Read below

There are three main planets that impact yearly events; namely Jupiter, a planet that transits different houses every year; Rahu every 18 months; and Saturn that transits every two and half years. These three transiting planets create opportunities/hindrances/challenges and illusions during any Dasha period and effectively drive people towards their destiny or purpose in life.
On April 5th Jupiter will transit to Aquarius from Capricorn. From the offset, one can look like any yearly transit of Jupiter and can give generic predictions for each sign. That said, this transit should deserve a special mention. Jupiter is one of two most benefic planets in Astrology.
Jupiter has been in the houses of Sagittarius and Capricorn for the past two years. While Sagittarius has been its own house, in spite of that, it was conjoined with Ketu most of the time during that year (2019).In 2020, and all the way till April 4th, Jupiter has been in the house of Capricorn where it is debilitated.
The year 2020, was an unprecedented year and a once-in-a-generation phenomenon event. The world witnessed the Global Pandemic of Covid-19. Understanding and giving an explanation from an Astro perspective, we can say that Jupiter, which is also a karaka planet for Health & Prosperity got afflicted because of the presence of Ketu & aspected by Rahu. Further Ketu impact magnified and truly created a global pandemic.
The impact has been devastating and the after effects have still been felt on every front. One of the biggest fallouts has been in the economy, one which has not been witnessed since the Great Depression in 1929 and World War 2. 
Jupiter in Capricorn is in debilitation. Jupiter is also the karaka planet for wisdom and wealth and in debilitation the sign has caused a lot of economic hardships and pain. The saving grace was Saturn, being in its own house of Capricorn, which is the 10th house from Kalpurush. Hence, it forced people to work hard and focus on their career or business to stay afloat and not distract on vagaries of expenditures.
This April, Jupiter will be transiting to Aquarius, the 11th house, and the house of gains. This is where one can see a lot of economic gains and some good spiritual healing along the way. I predicted a couple of years ago that the economic activities around the world will go hayday and will be in major problems till April 2021 and the economy will change slowly beyond that time. One can refer to my earlier post for more clarifications or go to www.sundeepkochar.com for further details.
We can expect some good economic recovery and control on the further spread of Covid-19 and significant gains especially for those who have put hard yards during these tough times. Jupiter will go back to Capricorn from September 15 and stay till Nov 20th during which it is time for reflection and introspection. In general, this one year will be particularly good for most of the signs. Let us now go in details for each sign and see what is in store for each sign.
This transit will see a lot of positives for Aries. Those who have worked hard should see good results during this time. The gains will come from sources that are visible and direct and the growth will be real. Take note this is not speculative growth and hence try or limit your gambling or speculative trading instincts and focus more on career related growth activities.
During September to November, introspect on all your career goals and objectives and make corrections and fine tune your actions that will propel your growth from November onwards. Overall health and wealth gains will be seen, and success is written all over for the coming year.


The year will be full of learning and sharing. You will be basically going through tough phases of life and each action will be testing. You will not be alone in this journey. You will be given enough support from your elders especially your father, teachers, and spiritual gurus. This year, it is time for introspection and meditation. Right decisions will lead you to success and right decisions will come with proper intentions.
Travel is on cards especially towards pilgrimage or some spiritual journey. But your travel can also be work related. Be careful if you travel as the impact of pandemic still lingers and it is good to get vaccinated sooner than later.

This year will be the year for your career growth or business growth. You will put hard yards to develop or plan your success for future. For those looking for a successful career, you will see a lot of opportunities coming your way within organisation or outside. Plan the right steps to make correct progress. Likewise, you will find a lot of opportunities or partnerships coming your way for those who are in business. Meditating for 15 minutes everyday will keep your mind positive. The measure of opportunities and chances depends on one’s individual charts, and it is advisable to consult a good astrologer who can guide you to prepare for the future. Use the appropriate time and put proper systems in place to ensure the effects of good time can be maximised.

You need to lie low and avoid trouble with people in power. This is a time when you need to focus on putting right plans in place and curb your instincts on taking big decisions. Your family will be trying to get your attention and take a lot of your time. Give them attention and understand their emotions. They may feel that you are busy with ideas that may not result in positive results and in many senses they may be right. Take it as constructive criticism and work on setting up the right goals. You will be busy and will think a lot about creativity and it is not a bad area to focus your attention on. All may not be gloomy; it is also a year for speculative trade and businesses. However, only those who are good should dabble with proper due diligence.
Health may be a source of concern. It is better to ensure old ailments are not resurfaced and be careful in your dietary habits. Focus on exercise and meditation to keep you healthy and strong in all aspects.
Embrace for romantic outings. This is a year for marriage and strong partnerships. Those who are in love will see that marriage is on the cards. Those who are yet to find a partner will see that their love life will become suddenly active or find some suitable partner.
If you are exploring partnerships, be in business or work, this will be an interesting twelve months. Make use of these twelve months as it will turn out to be fruitful and successful. Travel is on cards and with global easing of travel makes best of the times to travel around the world.
For those who are married and with children, your children will be a source of joy as they will be enjoying good phase of life and overall success in their life. You will be in touch with people of influence or those dealing with government matters will be recognised for their work and enjoy good success. To understand how to maximise your benefits you better consult a good astrologer for your individual horoscopes.

Those practising the professional field like Accountancy, Law and Judiciary, arbitration, dispute resolutions, labour, public affairs, and related fields will see growth in their business or professional careers. The period is good for diplomacy and engaging diplomacy will be the way to move forward in any disputes or differences.
On the health side, you should be a bit careful. You will face a lot of stress or anxiety. Try to be calm in many situations. Many times your anger may cause disputes and can escalate to bigger conflicts. Focus on meditation, yoga and other activities that will make you calm and composed. Straightforwardness is one of your strength but add diplomacy to make it a winning combination.

The Jupiter transit for this zodiac will ensure that you have a good period to enjoy and will have a great time with your children. They will be a source of joy and happiness. For those who are planning to expand family, this year can be a productive year. For those looking for extra income, speculative trading will be one of the sources of income if you play by the rules and take all corrective measures. Try not to invest blindly in any new investments as there will be some potential loss of your investments. For those who are single, this year is the time to mingle and many of you may end up finding your soulmate. You may be on a long journey for either work or business- related matters creating separation from your family for a short while. It is the time when you need to gain confidence in your family as they may feel neglected.

This is the year where you should explore and invest in real estates, earth related investments like metal and mining, jewellery etc. Lot of unexpected wealth may surface this year.
Your friends and family may be a bit wary of your ideas initially, but your charm and successes will slowly bring them on board in the later part of the year. Be careful with your health. This is the time you may take up a long journey and this can create distance from your family members for a while.
You will be rewarded for your hard work and you will see that you are getting good financial gains. You will find that you will be receiving support from all directions though you will still have to work hard to prove your worth. Those involved in financial dealings in real estates, this may be an appropriate time to explore further. It is a good time to get back in touch with your siblings. They will be a constant source of support and encouragement.
Short travels are on cards. Those in the field of communication, journalism or writing will see good progress in their career. In general, one will see right communication as one of the tools for making a lot of critical decisions during next year. This puts a good perspective that Sagittarius should focus on diplomacy. Your success is in your hands.
Time for you to take centre stage and expand your scope in your career and take some bold decisions. You will be careful about your actions and your career needs to be carefully calibrated. For people in business, it is a cautious time for new business dealings. For those in power and authority this is the time to take action against your enemies and win over your friends.

On your family front, it is safer to be in good books with your family. Your family is your source of strength and you should ensure they are always in good spirits.
You may find some luck in romance and this may be – good phase of life after a long tough on. However, you will still see some challenges along the way. To understand more about impact on individuals, consult a good astrologer for your individual horoscopes.
This is the time when you will take some leadership role. You need to seek advice from your friends and well-wishers though you may feel hesitant in connecting with them. You will be getting a lot of opportunities during the year.
It depends on you how you make yourself active to succeed at a faster pace and change your fortunes. The more you become spiritual in nature the more you will have peace.

You need to curb your expenses and try to be away from manipulative people as they can harm you. It is the time to take a backstage and stop those activities which are not ethically right; so focus on greater good. You will be better off to work on new projects that are beneficial to mankind. Your own actions will lead you to the nature of the results that will be either beneficial or failure. Try to maintain a balance between your materialistic and spiritual life. Give quality time to your family.

This is the time to focus on spiritual self and start looking within.

The astrological predictions are by Dr Sundeep Kochar.

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