Shakti 15th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Mahi gives divorce to Harman

Shakti 15th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Heer tells Mahi that she is not her daughter, she lost that right today. Virat takes Heer away. Mahi recalls her moments with Heer. She asks Heer to stop saying it doesn’t matter what others say, but when own child points out mistakes, then you understand it right away. She tells Heer that she might not trust her, but she has realized her mistakes now. She always gave her daughter’s love to her, but she never fulfilled any of mother’s duties. Today she will rectify that. She promises that she will leave Harman’s life forever. She is ready to give divorce to Harman. She says Heer was right that you win love, you don’t snatch it. Harman was never hers (Mahi’s), but she kept trying to make him hers. But not anymore. She doesn’t want to lose Heer. She tells Heer not to take away her right to call her daughter. Mahi cries. Heer says, mumma and hugs her.

Virat and Heer return to Virat’s home. Virat’s parents ask if they are fine. Sant Baksh says if they had called him, he would have come and handled everything. Virat says, Soumya took care of everything. Parmeet also acts of being concerned. Heer tells her not to take stress, she’s already sick.

Soumya and Harman visit Malika, but she’s not there. A lady asks what happened? She looks tensed. Soumya says she came to her own people for help. Angel is spoiling their name. Why they listen to her and go on a wrong path? Why no one raises voice against her? Kareena and his group come there as Soumya called them there. Soumya says they took a wrong path by listening to Angel for some money and reached jail. She says why they forget that their mission is to spread happiness and bless others. Kareena agrees and says since Angel has become Guru Maa, everything is going wrong. She uses her Guru Maa powers wrongly. The lady agrees and asks Soumya why she doesn’t become Guru Maa again. They all are with her. Kareena accepts her mistake and says she is also with her. Soumya says she can’t take such a big responsibility. Harman also encourages Soumya.

Gurwinder is crying in her room. Virat sees it and goes to her. He asks whether she is missing Daljeet? He says he can understand that, but she has brother-like devar. They have no issues with her. If she has anything, she can share with him. They can’t see her sad. Gurwinder thinks Virat is so concerned for her and she’s trying to take away his love from him. Virat leaves. She receives a call from Daljeet. She speaks in Virat’s favor and says they are not doing right by separating him and Heer. Daljeet reminds her that she has no identity without him. Where will she live? What will she eat? He says if she wants to save her identity, then she will have to bring Heer’s real identity in front of whole world.

Soumya tells Harman that she already has his, Heer responsibility. She won’t be able to fulfill such a huge responsibility of Guru Maa. He says she doesn’t need to fulfill responsibility alone. He is with her. He didn’t support her when she decided to become Guru Maa last time, but today he is with her. After what he saw in college today, he’s scared. In such time, kinnar society needs a leader who fights for their rights, who know difference between right and wrong. She has all that. Her kinnar society needs her. She can do this and he is with her. She agrees. Kinnars clap. One kinnar says who says kinnars don’t get husbands. Soumya got such a nice husband. She and others bless their pair. They all are happy as Soumya agreed to become Guru Maa. They say they will do her ‘abhishek’ on next Guru Purnima.

Harman and Soumya return to their home. It’s dark. Soumya asks where is everyone. House lights up and everyone comes. Soumya asks what is this? Virat says surprise. Soumya asks for what? Heer gives an envelope to Harman. He opens it and it has divorce papers which Mahi signed. Harman is surprised. He passes the papers to Soumya. Soumya is also surprised. She asks where is she. Preeto says that she gave her papers and then left saying she wants to be alone for a few days. Harak Singh says all this happened because of Heer. He tells Harman to sign the papers fast and marry Soumya. Harman says that they also want to give them good news. Soumya is becoming Guru Maa again. Preeto says that’s a very good news. Heer congrats Soumya and hugs her. She says she is proud of her. She thanks Harman for always supporting Soumya. Virat says it’s time for a double celebration. Everyone is happy.

Episode ends.

Precap will be added later.

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