Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 13th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Reema tells Gagan that she is marrying Vivaan Oswal and not to stop ger. Gagan thinks about his father’s attack, Geetanjali Devi’s behaviour towards his family, then he also gets ready and supports her to marry Vivaan so that he can take revenge from Geetanjali Devi. He said that he will fulfill the duty of a brother and will take her to Vivaan. Gagan brings Reema to Vivaan for the wedding. Panditji starts the wedding rituals. Jogi finds that Geetanjali Devi’s grandson is getting married, so he makes the video of the wedding.

Geetanjali Devi shouts that the Vivaan was fully dressed for his wedding where he can go. Aarav asks Simar to call and ask Reema about Vivaan, to which she tells that Reema is staying at home with mom and dad and she is pretty sure that Reema is not involved in this matter. Meanwhile Jogi enters and shows them the video of Vivaan marrying Reema.

Geetanjali Devi asks him to stop the video and get out of her house. She calls her guard and ask them to throw him out of their house. Jogi taunts her and tells her what you give, you get it back and also tells her these are her new generation Oswal’s. He congratulates her for the wedding and leaves from there. Geetanjali Devi asks her family members to stop the wedding at any cost. Chitra, Guptaji and everybody is in shock.

Panditji is proceeding with the wedding rituals. Gagan gives flower garland to Vivaan and Reema for the Varmala. Reema puts garland first. Vivaan promises to her that she won’t stay alone now onwards, he then puts garland to Reema. Reema thanks Vivaan for supporting her and standing with her. Chitra and Griraj hurries to reach the temple where Vivaan is getting married. Chitra tells that Geetanjali Devi will not forgive Vivaan and what Guptaji will do to them.

Indu is disturbed thinking about Reema she is waiting for Gagan’s call, yet Simar calls her and informs about Reema that she is getting married to Vivaan at the temple and they have to stop it. Simar thinks how could Reema do something like this, Aarav comforts her that nothing will happen and they will reach on time. Gagan do the Kanyadan for Vivaan and Reema. They starts taking Pheras. Chitra and Griraj hurries to reach and stop the wedding.

When they are in their last Phera, the Oswal family reaches the temple. Reema asks Panditji to complete their Pheras as it is bad omen to stop. While the Oswal family runs to reach them and stop the wedding. Vivaan and Reema completed their Pheras and Vivaan puts Mangalsutr and Kumkum to Reema. Until the Oswal family runs and reaches Vivaan and Reema completed their wedding with all the rituals done. All are shocked to see that their wedding is completed.

Episode ends.

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