Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Aarav falling in love with Simar

Sasural Simar Ka 2 10th July 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Roma counting the money and telling Lalit that it is just 30000 Rs. Lalit says he couldn’t do more than this. He says he had withdrawn 50000 Rs, but paid 20000 for Reema’s hotel bill. Roma insists to take rented house. Lalit says he can’t afford rented house right now, so it will be better if they shift to his parents’ house. Roma says where I have no respect. Lalit says we shall either stay here or in that house. Roma gets upset. Shobha tells her husband that she had thrown her son out of the house, due to her mother but she is not bothered to call her. Her husband asks her to call Lalit and Roma back and tell them that she is missing them. Shobha says she will not call. He insists and asks her to talk to Lalit atleast. She gets Chitra’s call.

Aarav comes to the room and sees Simar. He admires her. Simar notices Aarav looking at her. Aarav closes the door and says wow gorgeous. Simar asks did you say anything? Aarav says this lehenga is very beautiful and suiting on you very much. Simar says she was trying for tomorrow, it is heavy and she is habitual to wear simple clothes. She says she can’t afford it, it seems to be costly. Aarav says Simar….this lehenga is not worn by Simar Narayan, but Simar Oswal and tells that for a month, you are Aarav Oswal’s wife and everyone shall think that newly wedded elder bahu is walking and this lehenga is perfect for you. He says jhumkas on ears, bindi on forehead, flowers on hair and kajal in eyes are needed, and also some smile on face, and remaining thing your wish. He says he needs help and asks what to wear tomorrow. Simar selects pink sherwani for him and says it is very elegant and classy like you. She then looks at him. He says I was thinking to wear blue sherwani. Simar says you asked so I told, your wish. He holds the pink Sherwani.

Vivaan thinks of Reema. He gets her message in which she tells that if she can’t start life with him, then she shall end her life. She leaves decision on him and asks him to marry her. Vivaan sits in shock and thinks of Reema attempting suicide and also her love confession.

Simar does God’s aarti and sings bhajan. Sandhya comes there and says you are ready before me. She tells that rasams are about to start, and first rasam is of Bhabhi and Dewar. Simar says how can I do this rasam, I am here for a moment. Sandhya says this moment you are Oswal family bahu and Vivaan’s bhabhi, so you have to do this rasam. She asks what Vivaan calls you..Bhabhi. Simar says but. Sandhya says you have to do the rasam.

Aarav comes ready in Pink Sherwani to Vivaan’s room and finds him sleeping on sofa. He wakes him up and asks didn’t you sleep in night. Aarav says I know you are bearing everything and asks him to be happy for his life most beautiful moment. He asks him to become handsome dude and tells that he is with him in his decision to marry Kajal. He asks him to get ready as handsome dude. Simar comes there with Sandhya, Chitra and Aditi. Simar smiles seeing Aarav in Pink sherwani. Sandhya says Bhabhi is ready, but Dewar is not ready. Chitra asks him to go and get ready. Vivaan gets ready and sits for the rasam. Sandhya asks Simar to do the mauli and then tie the mauli. Simar does the aarti and also ties the mauli to his hand. Aditi asks if she is tying friendship band. Sandhya tells that Dewar and Bhabhi’s relation are beautiful and they can keep each other secrets. Aarav ties the thread. She tells that Simar can even pull his ears. Chitra says nobody can do this. She takes off his bad sight. Sandhya says even Dewar is Bhabhi’s best friend. Chitra says but mother is mother. They go out of room.

Chitra tells Giriraj that Vivaan will be number 1 grand son as he is marrying perfect bahu. She says he will lead the Oswal empire and finally we will get the respect which a son and bahu shall get. Giriraj says we have done planning and plotting for this day and today we are successful.

Simar talks to Maharaj and tells that they shall set the table ready. Sandhya comes there and asks Simar to leave everything, and get ready as Kajal and her family will be coming. Simar says she was doing final checking. Sandhya asks her to get ready and says it is her order. Simar asks him to give welcome drinks and then starters just as the guests come. She is about to go from there and collides with Aarav. He holds her. Haldi paste gets applied to his face. Simar signs her face and haldi paste gets applied to her face too. He smiles and wipes it from her face. He turns to go. Simar stops him and wipes his face with her dupatta. Aarav looks at Simar. She nods it is done. He nods ok. Song plays…..tum mujhme umar guzarna….

Precap: Kajal comes to marry Vivaan. Reema sits to marry Vivaan in presence of Gagan, in the temple.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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