Riddhima meets asli Mr. Roy – OS

Hii everyone!! So this is a cute is jo pata nhi kesa hai…

(Riddhima is done with her Roy trick now real Roy has came)

The sun rays disturb Riddhima’s sleep and she moves her hand on the bed to hold Vansh. She found it empty and Vansh was working on his laptop.

Riddhima (lazily): Good Morning Vansh….
Vansh: Good.

Riddhima: What!?

She gets down from the bed and Vansh closes the laptop. They both wish good morning to each other.

Vansh: Riddhima, the real Mr. Roy is coming today. He is an interior designer so of course he will stay here. Be ready to meet him. Ok?

Riddhima: So you are not going to be with me? You always do like this Vansh.

Riddhima starts hitting him with a file while Vansh was trying to save himself and Angre was witnessing this with wide eyes from the door. The file which was in his hand slipped and created a thud which broke their trance.
Riddhima stares at Angre and he quickly picks up the file.

Angre: Boss… Woh. Mr. Roy is here.
Vansh: Ok. Riddhima be ready and come fast I am leaving.

Riddhima frowns and then an idea clicks her mind. She takes her clothes and rushes to the washroom.

While Vansh and family members greeted Mr. Roy, Riddhima made her special appearance. She was wearing a black, knee length off shoulder dress which was loose and gorgeous. She entered their smiling and greeted Mr. Roy.

Riddhima: Welcome Mr. Roy.
Mr. Roy: Udi baba! Thank you! Thank you! Mr. Vansh, your wife soo beautiful.

Riddhima smiled while Vansh pulled her to him with a tight fake smile.

Vansh: That’s why I married her. Come, let’s have our breakfast.

Everyone leaves and Vansh glares and Riddhima who was smiling.

While having breakfast, Vansh and Riddhima were sitting next to each other and Roy infront of them.

Roy: Riddhima ji… You are very lucky to have Mr Rai Singhania.

Riddhima: Yes.. (murmuring) Lucky my foot..

Roy: I heard it.

Riddhima smiled and left. The whole day Riddhima was left alone with Siya and was very sad by now. It was dinner time, so she decided to teach Vansh a good lesson. They all were together for the dinner. Vansh was still busy with some files..

Riddhima tapped his shoulder.
Riddhima: Vansh! Dinner toh have it!
Vansh: You go I am coming.

Riddhima scrunched her nose and sat with Mr Roy to have dinner.
Mr. Roy: Udi baba! My pleasure to have dinner with you.

Riddhima: No worries Mr. Roy. Tell me something about your wife.

Mr Roy: My wife is a gem. I love her very much. She is very special for me. She is the best wife.

Vansh was eyeing on them and being jealous seeing both of them talking and laughing. He took his dinner and sat next to Riddhima. Riddhima was about to leave but Vansh holds her. She sits back and Vansh starts eating.

Vansh: Namak kam hai….

Riddhima glares at Vansh. But she was well sure that he is jealous.

Mr Roy: Mr Vansh cares for you so much.

Riddhima: Oh yes! Very much. (Vansh smiles) It’s just he doesn’t have time to do so.

Vansh’s smile vanished and he was staring her.

Mr Roy: Hein?

Riddhima: Yes! He loves me very much! I love him too. But he doesn’t have time for anyone other than business. Busy man you see. But I saw you, you talked to your wife atleast 5-6 times today right?

Vansh: You were eyeing on him?

Riddhima: I was getting bored so thought to meet him. But he was busy giving time to his WIFE. So cute.

Vansh’s mouth was left open and Riddhima left from there. Mr. Roy was also laughing. Vansh glared at him and left.

He entered the room and found Riddhima on the bed. She looked at Vansh and moved to the other side. Vansh laid next to her keeping his hand on her waist. Riddhima moved towards him and they both slept cuddling each other.

Vansh woke up and didn’t found Riddhima near him. He went outside to see Riddhima and Mr. Roy dancing together while Mr. Roy had a tight grip on Riddhima’s waist. Vansh was fuming in anger but some voices stopped him.

Siya: They look so good together.

Vansh’s eyes widened seeing Siya and Angre praising them.

Angre: But Bhai will be very angry.

Siya: Yesterday he was not even interested to call her to ask anything, today he will b angry. I will ask Dadi to get them a divorce and let Bhabhi marry Mr. Roy.


Vansh woke up from his dream and his scream scared Riddhima equally. She clenched on Vansh’s short hugging him tightly.

Vansh: It was a dream…..

Riddhima started hitting Vansh with pillows.

Riddhima: Just a dream and you scared me as hell. My BP raised!!

Vansh:So who said you to flirt with Mr. Roy in my dream?

Riddhima: Me? Mr Roy? Chhi Vansh!

They both start hitting each other with pillows and Riddhima gave a big smack and the feathers were all in the surrounding. Vansh and Riddhima laugh and sleep again in each other’s embrace.

Hope you all like it. Tell me how it was?? And yes, I have decided to end Stolen Sweetheart in 10-12 episodes or maybe after my exams are done. 

Tanvi 💫

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