Riansh(ishq mein marjawan2) a different love story episode 65-last episode

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The episode starts with:

Sejal went to temple fir praying for Riddhima. She joined her hands in front of God and tears rolled down her eyes. Aryan came from behind.

Aryan: nothing will happen to her! I know she is very strong don’t worry!!

He assured her and consoled her and then they both went to hospital canteen. Anika was crying continuasly sitting on the chairs of waiting area in hospital. Shivaay came to her. He was not able to see her in this condition. He went to her and hugged her. She felt warm and peace in his arms. He consoled her and they both talked for a while.
Ishani and angre were too worried for Riddhima and praying for her. Then both of them went to canteen and ate together. Vansh was crying a lot but his sweetheart was not there to console him.

Paas aaye
Dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa hui
Ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi
Aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi
Jaa mile… jaa mile
Ishq saccha wahi
Jisko milti nahi manzilein… manzilein

Doctor came out running to him.

Doctor: Mr. Vansh(panting)

Vansh: doctor is Riddhima fine!(hopeful)

Doctor: her oxygen rate is decreasing.

Rang thhe, noor tha
Jab kareeb tu tha
Ek jannat sa tha, yeh jahaan
Waqt ki ret pe kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chhod gaya tu kahaan

Vansh quickly ran to her room.

Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani

He saw her attached to so many machines. His heartbeat stopped. His heart was hurt seeing her. He noticed the oxygen monitor. Her oxygen level was decreasing.

Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani

Khushbuon se teri yunhi takra gaye
Chalte chalte dekho na hum kahaan aa gaye

Beep..beep.. beep! The oxygen was lessening. Vansh was crying.

Jannatein agar yahin
Tu dikhe kyun nahin
Chaand suraj sabhi hai yahaan
Intezar tera sadiyon se kar raha
Pyaasi baithi hai kab se yahaan

Hamari adhuri kahaani
Hamari adhuri kahaani

Hamari adhuri kahaani
Hamari adhuri kahaani

Pyaas ka ye safar khatam ho jayega
Kuch adhura sa jo tha poora ho jayega

Jhuk gaya aasmaan
Mill gaye do jahaan
Har taraf hai milan ka samaa
Doliya hain saji
Khushbuein har kahin
Padhne aaya Khuda khud yahaan

He sat beside her and held her hand.

Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani

Vansh: I have forgiven you Riddhima. Please get up!!

Riddhima opened her eyes slightly.

Riddhima (weak):Than..kyou..vansh! I love you!

Hamari adhuri kahani
Hamari adhuri kahani

Vansh: I love you too Riddhima (tears)

She smiled and took her last breath. The oxygen machine showed straight line. She was gone. God took her with him. Vansh was numb.

Vansh(shouting): Riddhimaaa!!!

He looked here and there and his eyes fell on nearby fruit basket. He took up the knife from it and slit his wrist. He looked at Riddhima,

Vansh: tere ishq mein marjawan!!!

The blood started coming out and his eyes got closed in a few minutes. He laid down holding her hand and took his last breath. He went to heaven to unite with his lady love.



A big Thankyou to all my readers for unconditional love.




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