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Here it goes…..

Ridhimma was sitting numb while people started gathering around them . Then suddenly she heard a voice

Voice: bhaiii..(shouting)

This broke Ridhimma trance and she looked in direction of voice to find Angre . Angre rushed towards them . Mean while the ward boys of hospital came there with a stretcher . Ridhimma ran towards Vansh and cried seeing him like that

Ridhimma: Vansh please open your eyes , you can’t leave me and baby alone please open your eyes.

Angre came from behind trying to calm down Ridhimma

Angre: calm down bhabhi nothing will happen to bhai . Calm down please (himself crying)

Ward boys took Vansh inside hospital and angre walked behind them consoling and supporting Ridhimma. Doctors immediately took Vansh inside operation theater while Ridhimma and angre were sitting outside . Ridhimma was continuously crying while Angre was trying to calm down Ridhimma .

Angre: bhabhi please stop crying it not good for you and baby. When boss will wake up he kill me if something happens to you and baby. You know him na

Angre said those words hoping that Ridhimma will stop crying. Since 4 months he wished to see his Vansh bhai and his Ridhimma bhabhi . He missed them dearly. Only due to Vansh order he was not searching them as he cannot deny his boss order. He never thought he would meet them in such a way

In mean time Ridhimma calmed down herself a bit . She asked Angre for water and he brought it and gave it to Ridhimma. After that Ridhimma asked angre

Ridhimma: angre how come you are here ?? How did you find us??

Angre: bhabhi actually there was a meeting here so I came to attend it. I was just walking down the street when I saw you and bhai . I surprised and was just about to go to you when someone fired bullet at you and Vansh bhai took it. The bullet was shot by Xi Ping’s men . He is one of our rival.

Ridhimma: Vansh misses you, Sia , ishani a lot . How are they??

Angre: they are good bhabhi. Sia enrolled into a fashion designing course while ishani is still the same. More ever ishani is pregnant bhabhi

Ridhimma: (smiling ) congratulations angre . So I am going to become mami soon. Vansh will be very happy knowing this

Angre: thank you bhabhi (smiling)

Just then doctor came out of operation theatre .Ridhimma was about to stand up but angre signaled her not to and went to doctor

Angre: doctor is bhai okay??? ( little tensed)

Doctor: yes he is out of danger now as he was brought in time. Right now he is unconscious soon he will gain consciousness

Angre: (happily) thankyou so much doctor

Doctor: its our duty sir

Saying this he went away.

Ridhimma was eyes were brimming with happy tears as her Vansh was safe. Angre came and side hugged Ridhimma in happiness.

Soon both Vansh and Ridhimma were shifted to general ward. Ridhimma was sitting on her bed and was hoping for Vansh to open his eyes soon and was continuously looking at him. Angre was sitting beside Ridhimma’s bed and was hoping the same.

Suddenly they saw Vansh hand moving and him blinking his eyes .soon he opened his eyes

Vansh pov

As I opened my eyes I saw my star in front of me my Ridhimma. I was happy to see her safe. When I saw that shooter I immediately pushed Ridhimma to save her as I can’t afford anything to happen to them. Then I saw another person sitting beside her I tilted my head a bit to see angre in front of me with tear in his eyes. Angre was not only my employee but my brother . I left my sisters trusting him to take care of them as he was and always be one of my most trust worthy man.

Vansh pov ends

Vansh: Ridhimma angre

Angre helped Ridhimma to get down the bed. Ridhimma sat beside him while angre went to other side. Ridhimma held Vansh hand who held it more tightly

Vansh: Ridhimma are you okay. Is our baby okay??

Ridhimma: everything is okay Vansh don’t worry . But I think angre should inform you something

Vansh looked at angre who smiled and said

Angre: boss you are going to become mamu ishani is pregnant

Vansh looked at angre surprised and then smiled widely . He was trying to get up and angre helped him in that.

Vansh: I am so happy for you angre congratulations . But how come you are here ??

Angre: actually I came for a meeting but then saw you I was so happy . Well when I am going to become chachu??

Ridhimma: you will become chachu soon don’t be excited like Vansh . He is so excited to get a member in his team to trouble me

Vansh: why I shouldn’t be . Angre she troubled me a lot during her mood swing I tell you.

Ridhimma: so I troubled (angrily) now you just wait and watch soon I will have one son in my team then you will see what real trouble means

Angre who was witnessing their cute fight decided to go to them time

Angre: I guess I should go now or I will become sandwich between you two like always

Both Vansh and Ridhimma gave him a death glare and he ran away from there

Vansh: this angre I will see him soon (looking at the door)

When he turned towards Ridhimma he saw her moist eyes . He cupped her face and said

Vansh: what happened ??

Ridhimma: (looking at him) I was so scared Vansh . You know I can’t afford to loose you . You are my life Vansh

Vansh: don’t cry Ridhimma see everything is fine I am fine. And I am not going to leave you so easily

They hugged each other and stayed in each other embrace. At night suddenly Ridhimma started having labor pain. Doctors took her for delivery while Vansh was tensed as he was not allowed to accompany her because he was still not recovered . Ridhimma voice and shouts were audible to him which was even more frustrating for him. Soon he heard a baby cry and started crying happily . Angre hugged him

Angre: congratulations bhai it’s a girl . You are now a father and I am chachu

Angre was also having happy tears in his eyes . He always wished to see Vansh happy . He was on cloud nine.

Nurse came and gave Vansh the baby girl. Vansh held her in his hand protectively and softly kissed her forehead

Vansh: my Vanya is so cute

The baby smiled and Vangre chuckled . Soon they discharged from hospital and along with angre they came back home .

Vansh: Ridhimma go inside I will came after talking to angre

As she went inside Vansh turned to angre and said

Vansh: angre is he caught ??

Angre: yes boss he is at our basement our men are taking care of him.

Vansh: good angre well done now they will know the consequences of messing up with Vansh Raisinghania

The trio spent that day playing Vanya and spending time with eachother. Next day Vansh with angre went to their basement and tortured the attacker ultimately killing him and left from there having a smirk on their face. After coming out Vansh said to angre

Vansh: angre I don’t want you disclose our location to anyone okay . We will keep you informed about our location you can come and meet us but don’t tell others about it

Angre: okay boss as you say

Vansh: if you get a boy name him Aditya and if you get a girl name Isha

Angre: (laughing ) okay boss

Ridhimma and Vansh shifted to Paris after the attack and lived peacefully . Angre used to come once in a year and meet them . They became a happy family .

So here the TS ends . Hope you liked it. Please comment and let me know

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