RIANSH (They Have No Boundaries) E14 (CONFESSION)

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Episode starts with:

Author’s POV;

Vansh saw Vyom and Riddhima hugging eachother, his blood boiled. He heard them talkin’, Riddhima (secretly saw Vansh angry and said..

Riddhima: (hugging Vyom) I missed you V! Where were you since morning?

Vyom: (feeling elated) Ridz today first time you missed me. I’m so happy.

Riddhima: (breaking the hug) Yeah, it just takes a night for life to change.

(Meanwhile Vansh was just burning in and out, Riddhima smirked seeing him when Vyom asked..)

Vyom: (holding her hands) How are you Ridz? You don’t look fine?

Vansh: She’s ok Vyom.😡

(Vansh Angrily comes to them and holds Riddhima’s hand removing Vyom’s hand, he says..)

Vansh: You better go to your class and have lunch.

Vyom: Excuse me Sir,

Vansh: 😡leave I said!

(Vyom left clinching his hand, Vansh dragged Riddhima with him inside the car, she asked..)

Riddhima: Where are you taking me?

Vansh: Not a word more, I’m damn Angry. Keep quiet.

Riddhima: No I won’t keep quiet. Leave me.

Vansh: Fine keep shouting.

(Vansh finally stops the car neat a dense forest, he drags Riddhima out of the car and enters the forest, Riddhima says..)

Riddhima: Why have you brought me to this forest Sir?

Vansh: Sir😡😡 dare you call me sir again. I’ve started hating that word because of you. (Scaring her)

Riddhima:(moving back) Aaaa I’m not scared of you. If not sir then what should I call you?

Vansh: Vansh! Only Vansh.

Riddhima: Why have you got me here? You want to rape me?

Vansh: What? Are you out of your senses?

Riddhima: Listen Sir (Vansh glares) I mean Vansh, I know I’m damn hot n s*xy and you have Fantasies about me, even though you are a VAMPIRE 🦇 but that doesn’t change the fact. Is it? But I’ve heard rape is painful, can you do it without pain? Well I’m also not officially adult now, I’m just 17.

(Riddhima said all this just to irritate him, Vansh said..)

Vansh: I’ve never seen a crazy girl like you. I’m a VAMPIRE not a rapist.

Riddhima: Really? 🤣🤣🤣

(She starts laughing, Vansh sees her laughing, sits on a stone nearby and says..)

Vansh: You look prettier while laughing.

Riddhima: (being normal) Thanku and BTW I’m angry and and I’m leaving from here. Okay byee.

(As Riddhima was about to leave Vansh pulled her back by her waist and her back hit his front, he whispered in her ears..)

Vansh: But I’ve promised myself that I’ll vanish your anger.

(Riddhima silently blushes, Vansh turns her towards himself facing each other, Vansh continues..)

Vansh: Riddhima I’m not a human, I don’t know I how convey my feelings, I’m just going to tell you something, hope listening to me, your anger will go.

Riddhima: What?

Vansh: (roaming around) this Jungle, since 130 years I’m roaming in these bushes around aimlessly in just one thing to find; PEACE. Wandering About Decades I’ve finally found peace but not in this dark, dense forest but in your smile, with you. I don’t know what love is? But if these feelings like Feeling restless on not seeing you around, getting Jealous when you are with Someone else other than me, smiling like fools when you are around and considering you my life, if this is love then yes “I LOVE YOU SWEETHEART”. Now staying away from you in not in my control, I feel protective of you. I just want to cross all my boundaries by loving a human. Riddhimm..

(Before Vansh could say anything, Riddhima hugged him tightly having tears,Riddhima said..)

Riddhima: (hugging him) Even I’ve crossed all my boundaries Vansh,by Lovin a VAMPIRE 🦇. I LOVE YOU Vansh. I want to stay like this in your embrace forever.

They break the hug, Riddhima stands on Vansh’s feet and forces her head to her level and kisses his forehead, she steps ahead, they both were close enough to feel EACHOTHER’S breath, but suddenly..)

Episode Ends!


Tell your theories regarding the Precap! What made Vansh say so?

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