Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 84

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I changed the precapπŸ₯±..itna mind mt kia kro mujje yr..πŸ™ˆ

Let’s start

Scene 1

Anupriya comes sweating..

Ishani – what happened mom..

Anupriya – No.. nothing..i was saying u both go inside..

Siya – But this uncle is saying something..

Man (eyeing anupriya)- Yes..i was saying…

Anupriya (cutting him off) – Wo..i called him..for arranging some decorations..

You both go i will handle..

She send ishani and siya forcefully…

Scene 2

Ishani’s s room

Ishani – Why mom is behaving so weird

Siya – Yes..i also noticed..

Vansh – even i noticed but i think she is just tired…

Angre – May be she is missing dad seeing the wedding preparations..

Riddhima’s pov

Should i tell them what i know..

No no..i don’t want to spoil there moods..

Siya is so excited I can’t give her stress..

And my dear hubby..he is more excited than siya..

He can marry N number of times..this is my wedding also but i am not roaming like him shouting aaj meri shadi hai..aaj meri shadi hai.. idiot..pehli bar hai kya teesri baar hai..,😏

Pov ends

Scene 3


Anupriya (to man ) – plz don’t say anything to my children i am begging you..πŸ₯Ί

Man – Then give me my money..πŸ™„

Anupriya – I will give u money..how much u want..but plz don’t say anything to them..πŸ˜₯😭

She brings a bundle of note and gives it to man..

“Why are u giving this much money to him mom” A voice came from behind

Anupriya (shocked) – Riddhima..beta u here..

Riddhima – Mom..who is he..and this money..

Anupriya (stammering) – Wo..wo..he is from NGO i am donating some money for poor children..😐

She ask the man to leave …and she also leaves before riddhima can ask anything…

Riddhima’s pov

Why mom is looking so tensed..i need to find this out soon..

I will talk to dadi .she will help me..

Pov ends

Ishani comes there running

Ishani – riddhu what are u doing here..and that man..he leave…

Riddhima – You know him..

Ishani – No..mom said he was here for some decorations..

Riddhima (shocked) – Are u sure..

Ishani – yes..now lets go..so much work is left..

She drags riddhima with her..

Scene 4

At night….

Anaisha is crying in her room continuously and vyom is pacifying her..

Vyom- Baby..stop crying na..

Anaisha (crying) – I won’t..how can u make siyu aunty my mumma…only Shivanya mumma is my mumma (if u forgot let me remind riddhima is Shivanya only) 😭

Vyom – But baby she loves u alot..na..

Anaisha – I also love her but..she can’t be my mumma…😭

Siya comes and kiss her forehead

Siya (crying) – Baby..look at me..i know its difficult to accept but trust me i will be the best mother for u..

Anaisha in anger pushes siya but vyom catches her

Anaisha (angry) – no no no..u can’t be my mumma..only Shivanya mumma is my mumma..😑…i hate u…

Vyom (shouting) – Behave urself aanu..just because i am silent it doesn’t mean u will say like this..say sorry to her..she is gonna be ur mumma..😑😑..

Anaisha (angry) – See…u don’t became my mumma even right now and my daddy is scolding me for u..i hate u..siya aunty…😑😑😑

She runs from there crying..siya tried to stop her but vyom..forbid her saying she is just angry now..

Scene 5

At garden

Anaisha is sitting on bench and sobbing..

Vansh and riddhima comes and sit besides her stroking her hairs..

Anaisha hugs riddhima crying

Anaisha (crying) – Papa scolded me..😭😭 I won’t talk to him now..

Riddhima (calming her) – But baby ..u behaved so badly with siya aunty na..

U pushed her..what if she would have got hurt..

Did i teach this things to my daughter..no na..

Anaisha -But u r my mumma only😭no one else..

Vansh (smiling) – You know..the kids who are special to god has two two mothers..

But see u are sooooo special u have two two papas and now gonna have 3 mothers..( all thnx to me.. sometimes i feel i think like ekta kapoor 🀣)

See how lucky u are..

Riddhima – And u know..siya aunty loves u alot..she even saved ur life risking her own life na..

Anaisha – but how can she be my mother..😭

Riddhima – Baby..why can’t she..she loves u alot..and u also love her na..

She even loves ur papa..she will keep both of u happy..

Anaisha – She will snatch my papa from me..😭

Vansh -Now u are becoming selfish my baby…

See like u have ur papa and mumma beside u..who loves u talk to u.. understand u..

Same ur papa also needs someone beside him na who can love him..care for him..

With whom he can share his happiness and sorrow..and u are small for that na.

And nobody can snatch ur father from u..

He agreed for this marriageΒ  only on a condition that siya aunty will accept u as her own baby..

He loves u alot baby..he did so much for u..now its ur turn to..pay back..

Anaisha hugs riansh crying

Anaisha – Sorry..i hurted everyone 😭😭now i realised my mistake..(bacchi ko akkl agyiπŸ˜‚)

Riddhima (kissing her cheeks) -Thats like my baby..now go and say sorry to ur siyu mumma..

Anaisha runs from there to meet siyom..

Riddhima wipes her tears smiling..

Vansh- Sweetheart why are u crying now..

Riddhima (sadly) – I wish we could also have a cute little daughter of our own like aanu..

Vansh (hugging her) – Riddhima!!! don’t be sad we will definitely have..

Riddhima – But how..i can’t..

Vansh – Shhh!! I can’t promise sweetheart but i will try my best to fullfill this wish of urs..

But till then i can be ur baby if u want😜

Riddhima (pouting) – And how will that gonna happen..πŸ˜™

Vansh (teasing) – I will gladly suck ur two devils licking ur milk like a baby day and night..πŸ™ˆ

Ps : jisko smjh ni aya wo jake pogo dekhoπŸ˜‚

(why i am behaving so romantic this daysπŸ™„)

Riddhima (blushing and hitting him) -such a pervert u are vansh..

Vansh tries to hold her but she runs from there pushing him.. blushing ☺..

Done done dana done βœ…..

Precap : wedding (is bar pkka hogi)

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