Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 81

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Let’s start

Scene 1

Tarini runs to cliff crying and shouting rehan ‘s name..

Her pov

No.. nothing will happen to u rehan..i am coming..😭 I can’t loose you..

God plz save him…i am coming..😭

Pov ends..

She comes to cliff but no one was there..

Tarini (at the edge of cliff) – rehan…re..rehan..where u..😭..plz come back..u can’t leave me like this..u said na u love me..is this ur love..wapas ajao plz..how can u do this..i know i hurted u..but this punishment is not valid😭..i promise if u won’t come back in few seconds i will jump from this cliff just like u..

She waits for few seconds and about to jump suddenly someone from backs pulls her and she lands on a hard chest..

She looks up to see and left bewildered..

Tarini – Rehan😭..

She hugs him tightly crying..

Tarini (😭) – I am sorry i hurted u..u are fine na..i was so scared…i am sorry …

She started touching him all over his torso to ensure he is fine..

U mad person..what was that..ha..u scared..me what if something happened to u..where will i go..how will i live..

She started hitting him with her fist..

Rehan (holding her) – ouch!! Shant meri jhansi ki rani.. otherwise i will die like this only..πŸ˜…

Tarini – Shut up.. idiot.. I can’t loose u..how will i live without u..😭

Rehan – and why can’t u live without me..πŸ™„..

Tarini (hugging him) – I love u damn it..i love u so much😭..but i was scared…sorry rehan..

Rehan (cupping her face) – I know u love me.. don’t say sorry..and i promise I won’t leave u ever..

You are my shona..my jaan.. and i will always be with u.. i love u so much tarini..

He kisses her forehead and both huga each other..

Scene 2

Same night

Ishangre’s room

Both are sleeping naked hugging each other..

Angre (stroking her hairs) – Jaan..i am sorry if u ever felt that i neglected u in this days..i was so engulfed in sona’s sorrow that..

Ishani – Shhh!! She is not ur sister only..i also love her..and what she is bearing is not easy angre..i can understand i am a woman also..

Angre (smiling) – Ok!! Now don’t talk about anything except us..😜..

Ishani (blushing) – I didn’t know my husband is this much pervert..πŸ˜…

Angre (pulling her over him) – Then let me show u how much pervert ur husband isπŸ™ˆ

Scene 3

Next day (morning)

4 couples visits caves of Lonavala..


Riddhima is walking holding vansh’s hand like a kid blabbering something continuously and vansh is doing his fav work ..to stare his lady love..

Suddenly vansh started dragging her by her arms in order to escape with everyone’s eye..

Riddhima – Vansh..what..are u doing..πŸ™„

Vansh (whisper) -u better shut up…. because u everytime spoil my romantic mood😏

He pins her to a nearby cave’s wall
in corner.

Riddhima – Vansh what..πŸ™„

Vansh (keeping his palm on her mouth) – Romancing with my legally wedded wife..any problem ☺

He pulls her by her waist and started making patterns on her bare waist..

Riddhima (encircling her arms around his neck) – so..mr..hubby is becoming romantic day by day..but don’t u think the place is wrongπŸ₯Ί..

Vansh (teasing) – No.. sweetheart our name will be emcarved here in future as an example to other couples..with title “how to romace in caves by escaping from ur family”😜..

Riddhima(hitting him) – Such a shameless person u are na..

But this shameless person is mine..

She kissed him on his cheeks..

Vansh – Well sweetheart u didn’t tell me how was the yesterday’s night..did u enjoyed or notπŸ˜…..

Riddhima (digging her face in his chest) -vansh… don’t embarrass me naπŸ™ˆ..

Vansh again pins her to the wall and started kissing her on neck..

Riddhima tilt her neck to give him full access..

Riddhima (moaning) – Va..vansh.. someone will see..

Vansh (still kissing) – Then let them..

Vansh smashes his lips on hers..

Vansh (sucking her lips) – You tastes exactly like love honey …my honey…

Riddhima (between kiss) – The effect is yours meri jaan..

Riddhima pulls him by his hairs and started kissing him on his neck.. breaking the kiss..

“How Romantic indian couples are” A voice came from behind..

Vansh instantly jerks riddhima nd both adjust their desheveled clothes..

A foreign couple is standing in front of them clicking their photos..

Man – U both look so cute with each other..

Lady (to his husband) – See how romantic they are..and youπŸ™„.. boring πŸ™„..

The couple leave from there fighting with each other..

Vansh (teasing)- Let’s set an example for others too then😜..

Riddhima – You better leave from here😑

Scene 4

Ishangre and rohini (tarini +rehan) are standing at the entrance of cave..and riansh comes..

Ishani (teasing) – Angre..u didn’t tell me ur ex gf uses this much amaizing lipstick..☺

Riddhima looks at vansh with horrified expression..

Vansh lips has stain of Riddhima’s lipstick..

Angre – Sona!! What happened to ur sense of makeup.. didn’t u know how to apply lipstick properly..πŸ˜…

Vansh looks at riddhima with shock..

Her whole lipstick is smudge badly..

Riansh bow down their head in embarrassment..

Riddhima (blushing) – Wo..me..wo..i ..

Vansh (shyly) – Wo..we..both..wo..hm..us..

Rehan – It’s ok bhai!! We understand..πŸ˜‚..

Vansh pulls riddhima by her arm and both run from there like a bullet train.

Scene 5


Siya and vyom is sitting in a corner of cave .. holding each other’s hand..

Siya (resting her head on his shoulder) – Life seems beautiful with u..vyom..i had never imagined that Someone will love me like this..

Vyom (pecking her forehead) – Then be habitual of this jana.. because i am gonna love u like this for the rest of my life..

Siya – I am scared what will vansh bhai do..when he will get to know.. about us..

Vyom – don’t worry..shivanya will handle..i trust her..

Siya (pulling his cheeks) – And i if bhai won’t agree..we will elope taking aanu..πŸ™ˆ

Vyom (pulling her by waist) – umm..my to be wifey is this much courageous..

Siya (kissing his cheeks) – Anything for u..Mr.kapoor..

Vyom leans to her lips to kiss her..

Siya pulls him my his hairs and they came very close to each other and about to kiss…

“Vyom😑😑😑” A voice came from behind…

Done done dana done βœ…..

Precap : Marriage….but whose

Kesa thaπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί

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