Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 69

Hello peeepies aagyi me..

Mt hi pucho kuch ni bolna meko..

Shuru krte hai..

Scene 1

Vikram (sweating) – noo!! We can’t go there..

Tarini (rolling her eyes) – can’t you give me what i want in once..

Always making excuses..

Vikram (hugging her from back) – Aww..my miss pretty face.. don’t be a angry bird..

I am not taking you there because it’s basement and may be there will be some insects etc..

I don’t want my baby to be hurt..

Tarini (smiling) – you care for me so much..

She clicks the picture of basement door from her phone..

Both leaves from there kissing each other..(cheeks pr.. zada dimg mt dodao..)

Scene 2

Next day..

In hall

Vansh along with vikram and shwetlana and siyom in disguise of Prince akil and princess aqsa is enjoying the party..

Vikram (murmuring) – Where the hell is miss pretty face..i am dying to see her..

Vansh leans to his ear and whisper in his ears

Vansh (whispering) – c’mon don’t be so desperate..she will be here soon..

Vikram blushes and started drinking.. which was noticed by his wife..

Shwetlana’s pov

I did so much for you vikram ji..i became a killer for u..i killed an unborn baby for u..and what are u giving me in return..

I expected just love from you and..what are u  doing.. flirting and roaming around with other girls that too in front of my eyes..

Pov ends

Tarini descends from stairs in a gown looking ravishing..

She winks at vikram on which vansh chuckles and vikram blushes ..

Vansh (in vikram ‘s ear) – Going too fast man! Not bad..best of luck.😜

Vikram goes to her and takes her to dance floor holding her hand..

Both started dancing very closely..

Vansh notices shwetlana is sobbing silently..

He takes her to dance floor Holding her hand

Vansh’s POv

What you did to my sister I really wanna burry you alive but the eyes of yours is showing something else..

You can’t escape from my warth but someone said to me.. don’t punish someone without knowing their side of story..

Pov ends

She is crying slightly while dancing..

Vansh ( to her)- Jab jaan hi jaan lene lge..to usse dur ho jana chahiye..(when your soul started taking your soul u should stay away from it)

Pyr me drd zarur hota hai..pr pyr dard nhi hota..( love gives pain but love is not pain)..

I can clearly see how much you are happy with your love..

When you give your everything to someone and he doesn’t respect that..trust me he is not the one!

Shwetlana (smiling sadly) – I wish i could change my past..but some sins don’t deserve forgiveness..

Jaan dene ke liye mafi hoti hai..jaan lene ke liye nhi..( their is a forgiveness for giving life not for taking life)

Plz Don’t give sympathy to me..i know you know everything..

Scene 3

Angre and ishani is sitting in a room (hotel room) with laptop

Angre (showing something on laptop to her) – Probably aanu is here..this is the most secluded place in whole palace .

Ishani – Care to explain how did u got this..

Angre (smirking) – Don’t you know your husband jaan..

I have the whole map of palace..i even know the tunnels which vikram don’t know himself..

He tells her how he entered palace in disguise of electrician and stole the maps..

Ishani – Now we have to reach to aanu.. don’t know how she must be doing…

Angre- now u stay here i am going to fullfill my duty..

Ishani (holding his hand) – Then let me do mine..

Scene 4

Back to hall (palace)

Suddenly the lights get off and spot light fell on host..

Host – Please welcome the soul of today’s party..

The princess of persia ( i dont know it’s exist or not 🤣) princess Sakina!!!!

The spot light fell on a girl who is wearing arabics clothes with mask ( idk what it’s called in Arabic i m referring to that one which girls use while dancing)

She comes in center of the hall and started dancing seductively

Maine tere liye chhoda hai zamana
Zara tera irada toh bata
Aise nazrein tu mujhse chura na
Zara tera irada toh bata

She comes to vansh and winks.. which is royally ignore by him..

She started touching him sensually tracing his face by her hands

Chhaya hai mujhpe tera hi nasha
Kambakht dil yeh kahan ja phansa
Main teri deewani, tu mera deewana
Samajh le nazar ka ishara

Gali gali mein phirta hai
Tu kyun banke banjara
Aa mere dil mein bas ja
Mere aashik awara

Siya comes to vyom and started Singing.. dancing in front of him..

Tera Kusoor Hai Na Mera Kusoor
Dono Ke Dono Pass Hoke Vi Door

Tarini comes to vikram and touches him seductively singing

Teri Vajah Main To Soyi Nahi
Meri Wajah Se Tu Bhi Jaga Juroor
Tu Meri Mohobat Se Bach Na Sakega
Samhaj Jaaneman Ye Ishara

Tarini siya amd princess sakina started dancing in middle of the hall

Gully Gully Main Firta Hai
Tu Kyu Banke Banzara
Aa Mere Dil Main Bas
Ja Mere Aashiq Aawara..

Scene 5


Vansh is walking in a corridor suddenly he is  pulled by someone in a room

Vansh ( angry) – What the hell is this..

Princess sakina is standing in front of him caging him in her arms

Sakina (keeping her finger on his lips) – Shhh! Too much anger is injurious to health young man..

Vansh (gretting his teeths) – what are you doing..

Sakina (seductively) – the moment i saw you..i knew that you are mine!!

Vansh – I am married..stay away..

Sakina – So what!! Just give me a chance and u will forget your wife..

I am sure she can’t be more hot and s*xy than me..

Vansh (smiling) – Ummm!! U are right!! You are more hot..than her..

She is typical behenji..you seems to be patakha type..

He pull her close by her waist..

Sakina – Give me a chance young man! I won’t disappoint you..

Vansh (winking)- I don’t like to get disappointed either..

She pulls him by hairs and takes his lips in her lips

Vansh was shocked first but later he started sucking her lips..

Sakina dugs her nails in his neck and he groans pulling her more close to him

He entered into her mouth fighting for dominance..

A voice comes from behind


Vansh (shocked) – Youuuu!!!😳

Done done dana done ✅

Dimg bnd tha mera jo trash aya likh dia..

Precap : Revelation..

Comments tapka dena bs..

Lob u all


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