Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 68

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Scene 1

Vikram – Noo!! I can’t do this

Tarini (firmly) – Oh so you want me in your bed with you only..but you can’t roam with me in front of everyone..

What i had asked..just a tour of your palace holding your hand in front of everyone…

But seems like you can’t do this for me..ok then i am leaving..

She pretends to leave but vikram again pinned her to the wall..

Vikram ( coming close to her ) – Wait miss pretty face! I was saying i can’t do that in front of everyone but..we will go secretly so that i can do romace with u😜..

Tarini (smiling) – Done! I want to see each and every corner of your palace..

She leaves winking at him..

Scene 2

Vansh’s room

His phone rings

Vansh – landed dubai?

Man – yes!!

Vansh – is she with you?

Man – Yes!

Vansh – i want to talk to her .

Man – Ok!

Vansh – ishani! Princess how are you!

(Yeah it’s ishu!)

Ishani – I am fine bhai angre and me landed in dubai..

How are you!

Vansh – I am also fine just be careful both of you..

And angre you! Be alert all the time..

Angre – Bhai that idea of golden guitar was fabulous

You gave all the details of your plan through it.. and sorry bhai i misunderstood you..

Vansh – just focus on plan angre! Try to postpone the deal for few more days..

Ishani – Bhai riddhu kaha hai ..(where is riddhu)

Vansh (angry)- don’t utter her name i don’t want to see her face..

He hanged the call in anger..

Scene 3

Vikaram Along with vansh and tarini..is enjoying dance in hall..

Vikram – One of the famous prince of dubai prince Akil and his Begum aqsa is coming tonight to meet us

Vansh – Oh that’s great…

After 1 hour..

A mercideies stops At the entrance of palace and a arabic man along with his begum comes (in burqa)

Vikram introduces them with vansh and tarini..

Prince akil – It’s feeling so good to be here..right begum..

Vansh (winking) – Begums are always right no matter the husband is prince or a beggar..

Scene 4

Vansh is roaming in corridor suddenly he bumps into a Begum aqsa who is wearing burqa..

Vansh – Sorry!!

He leaves

Begum aqsa is roaming in corridor suddenly a hand pull her in the room and keep his hand on her mouth

Begum aqsa (freeing herself)- You scared me vyom urf prince akil😜.

Vyom (smirking) -Not bad! Someone is in character umm!!

Siya – but what happened

Vyom- it’s not safe to roam like this..

Angre updated me everything about the plan and we can’t contact vansh here.. angre is mediator..

I am feeling guilty for not trusting vansh..he is doing this just to save my baby..

Siya – But why is riddhima bhabhi and bhai are not talking..we don’t know even where is she..

Vyom – Thnk you siya.. for supporting me..

Siya (firmly) – I also love aanu..you don’t trust me but i do..

Vyom- Siya me..wo..

Siya – Not now!!

She leaves ignoring him…

Scene 5


Vikram takes tarini from her room and both roam in the palace holding each other’s hand..

Vikram -how is my queen feeling..

Tarini – I can spend my whole day like this..

Vikram pins her to a wall and kisses on his neck

Vikram ( winking) – Such a tease you are..your scent is driven me crazy..

Tarini ( smirking) – You will get to see so many shades of mine ..

She kisses his earlobe and leaves pushing him..

She is keeping a phone in her hand capturing each and every corner of palace..

Vikram shows her the whole place.. but suddenly..she pushes him and pinned him to the wall..

Tarini (seductively) – It’s f**king difficult to stay away from you…

Vikram (pulling her close) – I won’t let you go..

Tarini (smiling) – Me bhi tumhe nhi chhodungi ( i too won’t leave you)

She comes close to his lips..but stops suddenly..

Tarini – I am scared what if someone sees us here like this..

Can we go to a private place or some secluded place..

I want to love you like no-one had done before..

Vikram – Let’s go to Terrace then..

Tarini – No!! Its so open..i want a close place so that i can open myself in front of you ( showing the zip of her dress)

She point towards a door..

Tarini – let’s go there…

Vikram left flabbergasted..sweat buds started forming on his head..

Done done dana done ✅

No suspense..but suspense..

( So guys the two mans who were dealing were vansh and vikram..

Question for u – tarini is with whom?

Who was red hoddy man?

Precap : princess Sakina !!

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