Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 65

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Scene 1

Riddhima (shouting) – Noooo!!!

Vangre rushes to her and support her

Riddhima (crying) – What happened to my baby!!my aanu..where is she..tell me damn it..

Siya (crying) – Bhabhi!! Vyom said anaisha is abducted by someone.. (few of u were right..apko milenge 2 crore,😂)

He is coming here..

Riddhima (crying) – i don’t know i want my baby safe and sound with me..right now..

He goes to angre and shakes him

Riddhima (crying) – Bhai!! Plz give me my daughter back..i can’t stay alive without her..

Angre (holding her) – sona!! Shh shant ho jao..hm sb mil kar aanu ko waps le aayenge..

Riddhima ( crying) – Nooo!! I want my baby right now..

God knows in what condition she must be right.. now

Usne kuch khaya bhi hoga ya nhi..

Kahi wo dar to nhi rhi hogi na mere bina..

She goes to vansh and holds his collar

Riddhima (angry) – Tum to VR ho na..

Hena vansh!! Toh phir yaha khade kyu ho..jao meri beti ko lekr ao..

Mujhe meri beti sahi salamat chahiye

She shakes vansh alot crying and shouting and throw everything in anger

Vansh (bringing back to her senses) – riddhima!!hosh me ao..pagal ho gyi  ho kya….

Riddhima (shouting) – i want my baby back..

Vansh (shouting) – Kuch nhi hoga hmari beti ko..

She is not only your daughter..she is my daughter also.. papa bolti hai wo mujhe..

I promise riddhima i will bring our daughter safe and sound..

He hugs her and riddhima throw herself in his arms

Suddenly vyom comes with red eyes

Riddhima runs to him and holds his collar

Riddhima (shouting) – Kaha hai meri beti..where is my daughter..she was your responsibility na..then how on the earth you lost her..

Tell me how can you be so irresponsible vyom..

Vyom (crying) – Shivanya listen to me..i don’t know how it happened..

But i am his father i also want her..and i promise i will give you your daughter safe..and sound

Vyom hugs her and they both cry.. holding each other

But this didn’t go well with two persons and they are obviously our sivan (siya and vansh)

Vansh takes riddhima to their room

Scene 2

Riansh’s room

Riddhima is crying hugging vansh..

Riddhima – vansh i can’t lose anyone now..plz meri bacchi waps la do..

Vansh (cupping her face) – Riddhima i will bring her i promised

Riddhima ( jerking him) – When!! When will you bring her..ha..

Mujhe nhi pta mujhe meri beti chahiye..abhi ke abhi..

Agr la sakte ho..toh ruko varna mujhe apni shakal bhi mt dikhana..

Vansh (angry) – I know what are you facing but it won’t give you the right to insult me riddhima.. just be in your limits..

Riddhima (angry) – Then what should i..do.. praising you for sitting idle here..

Sirf nam ke Vr ho tum vansh..kuch nhi kr skte tum..kuch nhi..

Vansh (angry) – Riddhima just shut the f**k up ur mouth before i loose my temper and hurt you..

Riddhima (shouting) – What else can you do rather than hurting me ha..

Vansh throws the vase in anger making her flinch ..

Scene 3

Siya’s room

Vyom is sitting on bed crying

Siya comes and stand in front of him with tears..

Vyom instantly hugs her and sobs

Vyom (crying) – I will die if something happens to my baby…

I am not good father siya!! I couldn’t take care of her..

Siya is still miffed with him but the way he is crying she couldn’t stop herself to console him

Siya (stroking his hairs) – Vyom!! Relex ..you are not bed father..you are best father in the world..

And it’s not time to cry we have to find her..

And i am with you..we will find her soon

Vyom looks at her with guilt and affection..

Scene 4

At night..

Vansh drags riddhima harshly by her arm and takes her to hall

Everyone gather to listening his voice

He throws riddhima with jerk and she stumbles but holded by angre..

Angre – bhai what are you doing..

Vansh (angry) – nobody i repeat nobody will interfere in my matter today (everyone be like inka to roz ka hai😂)

Riddhima (shouting) – I will sue you vansh raisinghania if you dare to say anything bad to my brother..

Vansh (shouting) – I am not talking to you..riddhima..stop bothering me..

Riddhima (shouting) – What do you think of urself ha..

Jab tumhari mrzi hogi tum baat kroge..jb nhi hogi tb nhi kroge..

Vansh (shouting) – yes!! I will do whatever i want..

I am Vr..the vansh raisinghania..i can do anything..

Riddhima (shouting) – you are just good for nothing vansh!!

Just name sake VR..

You can’t even find my daughter..till now

Sirf beti kehne se kuch nhi hota vansh..maan na bhi pdta hai..

Vansh (shouting) – Tum to kuch na bolo to hi accha hai riddhima..

You also couldn’t take care of your daughter..

Tumne bhi to use beti mana tha..par maa nhi ban payi na tum..

If their was our baby instead of her..then also you would have behaved like this..

I am thankful to god that I don’t share a baby with you..

Riddhima (shouting) – now you crossed your limits vansh..

Now i am regretting that i have given you a chance..

You don’t deserve that..you don’t deserve me either ..

Vansh (shouting) – And i regret asking your apology ..

You want me to beg in front of you..

Tum chahti ho me tumahre pero me bicch jau .

Riddhima (shouting) – i don’t owe any explanation to you know..

I am done with you and this so called relationship..

Ishani – what the hell is happening here..

Vyom – Have u both gone mad..

Vansh (😡) – Ask your beloved shivanya..the so called mother of your daughter..

Siya – Bhai stop saying this..you very well know how much she loves aanu

Vansh – Isliye aaj aanu hamre sth nhi hai..

First ishani lost her child because of riddhima and now vyom..

I am done..with this women..

I supported her alot and what she gave me in return..

Angre – both of you just shut up!!

Riddhima – no bhai!! Nobody will say anything today..

He thinks only he has the right to take decision but now i will take the decision

And i swear aaj kisi ne mujhe roka to mera mara hua muh dekhega..

Everyone shut their mouth listening her..

Vansh – now What do you want riddhima

Riddhima – I am done..i am going..away from you and your life..

I just can’t bear ur reckless and ruthless behaviour now..

Vansh (😡) – If you want to go..then leave..

Kal ki jati ho aaj jao abhi jao or ab apna chehra mt dikhana…

Angre – Bhai what are you saying..

Riddhima – didn’t i ask everyone to shut the f**k up their mouth

And you mr. Raisinghania..i am going..and i wish you won’t stay happy ever..

Vansh (angry) – Out of my sight and this house..right now..

I don’t want to see your blo*dy face..

Everyone tries to stop her but she left with her luggage in rage..

Scene 5

Riddhima comes divastated in a dark room with her luggage..

A man in red hoddy is standing there facing his back to her

Riddhima – Aagyi me..!!

Man (turning to her) – you look pale..and must be tired..take some rest now..i can’t see you in pain!

He comes near her and hugs her..

Riddhima (hugging him) – I am sorry i am troubling you alot..but this was needed..

Man – Don’t i love you!! You are important to me..

Now stop blaming yourself..and take rest..

The war is gonna difficult..

Both smirks..

Done done  dana done ✅

Toh apne apne bhaiyo ki behno..kesa lga..antim scene padh ke..

Precap : Raisinghania’s at Dubai

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