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Well i have read so many stories of Riansh but never read about this topic..so thought to bring it by my own..

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Let’s start..

Scene 1

A girl in mid twenties is shouting and crying loudly scratching her face in front of mirror..

Girl (shouting) – Nooooooo!!! Noooo!! This is not me…my face…naahhhh..i am not like this…esa nhi ho skta…

She is shouting continuously suddenly the door open and a women comes running to her..

Women (holding the girl) – Riddhima! Beta.. don’t cry..you are hurting urself..

Riddhima (crying)- My face mumma!! Sb barbad ho gya…look how horrible i am looking…

They destroyed my life mumma!!

I don’t want to live now .let me die..its paining like hell mumma!!

Her mother make her lay on bed and she sleep reminiscing her past memories

Flashback starts

She is running in a garden laughing..

Riddhima (running) – Catch me..catch me if you can..

She runs showing her tongue laughing loudly..

Riddhima (laughing) – You can’t catch me..riddhima ko pkdna itna..aasan nhi hai..Mr..hone wale hubby

Suddenly her leg slips and she is about to fall but a pair of arms hold her in his embrace..

Riddhima (opening her eyes slightly) – Bach gyi!! Hufff!! Vansh!! As usual you saved me..

Vansh (winking) – caught you!Mrs.to be raisinghania..

Riddhima (pouting) – Not fair!!

Vansh- Never ever think about going away from me..

You are my oxygen riddhima.. I can’t breath without you..mujhe saas nhi ati tumhare bina..

Riddhima (cupping his face) – Vansh!! How much do you love me..

Vansh (holding her from waist)- I can’t describe in words how much i love you..

You are ray of light in my darkness..

You are ray of hope in my timidness..

You are an angel for devil like me..

You are Medicine to cure my wounds..

You are water for my thirstiness..

You are soul to my body…

You are my everything riddhima

Riddhima (with tears of happiness) – If something happen to me will you still love me..

Vansh (keeping his finger on her lips) – I won’t let you happen anything…

And if destiny play a game i will fight with it just for you..

Nothing in this world can reduce my love for you riddhima..

I didn’t loved your face or your body..i loved your soul!!

Both hug each… shedding tears of happiness..

Flashback ends

Riddhima (crying) – where are you vansh! I need you!! I miss you so much..

Its been 1 month since that incident and you didn’t even come to meet me..

Your sweetheart needs you vansh!!

Plz  mere pass ajao..

Scene 2..

A man in black hoody is beating two guys mercilessly..

Man (beating) – You bastards you destroyed my life’s life..

I won’t let you die now..so easily.. you will beg for death now..

Ek ek saas ke liye tarsoge pr maut bhi nhi ayegi..

He beat the two boys with belt..untill they collapsed on the floor in semi consious state..

The man hold the boys with hairs and pour hot oil on their faces..

Man (angry)- dard hua!! Hui taqlif..

You didn’t think about my sweetheart just for once..

You had enmity with me na..then why did you brought her in between..

He removed their clothes and pour acid on their manhood..

Man – So much desires you had na..now..stay here like a trash..

The boys shouts in pain amd agony..but the man was smirking in front of them..

He left from their to his home

Lying on the bed holding his sweetheart’s picture he closes his eyes remembering the dreadful night which distroyed their life..

Flashback starts

Riddhima is sitting in a garden resting her head on a tree and vansh is lying on ground keeping his head on her lap..

Riddhima (stroking his hairs) -Life is beautiful with you vansh… I can’t wait to be yours..

Vansh (smiling) – You are already mine sweetheart..

Suddenly 2 man in mask comes on bike and started beating vansh

One man is beating vansh mercilessly and another is holding riddhima with her hairs

Riddhima (shouting) – vansh!! Plz leave him.. don’t beat him i beg..plz

Vansh also beats the guy but boy hit him on head with a rod and he collapsed on the floor with thudd

Boy near riddhima remove her dupatta and throw it on vansh

Boy (laughing) – we didn’t know that vansh raisinghania has this much beautiful fiance.

Vansh (shouting) – Riddhima run!! Jao yaha se.. please

Riddhima (crying) – I won’t go leaving you here vansh…

Vansh felt unconscious shouting riddhima’s name..

The boys throw acid on riddhima’s face and pushed¬† her near vansh and runs from there..

Flashback ends..

Vansh wakes up with sudden jerk..

Vansh (shouts) – Riddhiiiimmmaaa!! ..

Don’t worry sweetheart..your vansh is coming to you..

I promised myself to take revenge first..now it’s completed..i am coming my jaan..i am coming..

Scene 3

Riddhima is  standing near the door of her room peeping in hall

Her mother  along with 2 ladies of neighborhood is sitting  there..

Lady 1 – Her fiance won’t accept her now..

He ran away..he didn’t come even once to meet her..

Lady 2 – why will he! Afterall he is the VR..why will he accept a girl like riddhima now..

He can get so many beautiful girls what will he do with riddhima.. her face is completely destroyed now..

Her mother – We can’t give our daughter to him..

How can we destroy his life by marrying our daughter to him..

He has all rhe right to stay happy and fullfill his desires..

Its better he didn’t come..to meet her..

Riddhima runs from there crying badly…

Scene 4

riddhima is standing at the edge of cliff crying badly

Her POv

Maa was right .. I can’t expect from you vansh to accept me..

I can’t destroy your life …

You have rights to live your life..

But I can’t live without you..

Nhi chahiye mujje esi zindagi jisme tum mere sath nhi ho…

Tere ishq me marjawn…

She jumps off the cliff shouting his name loudly..

Scene 5

One year Later..

An award function is going

Host – So the best writer awards goes to Mrs. vansh raisinghania….

A lady in red saree holding vansh’s hand comes to stage

Lady (holding mic) – I would like to thank my husband who encouraged me to write this book ( ” A dreadful night “) based on my life..

He made me Mrs.riddhima vansh raisinghania from just a mere riddhima ..who had lost all the hopes in her life..

Vansh (holding another mic) – I am proud of my wife who is an inspiration to thousands of girls who suffered acid attack..

I sad this to her and i am saying this to  all the girls like her..

They can destroy your face only..but not your life..

Don’t waste your life..you have all the right to stay happy..

Its not easy to cop up with that pain..its hard..very hard..

Riddhima (cutting him off) – But it becomes easy when you have a partner like vansh!

Both look at each other..

Flashback starts

Riddhima jumps off the cliff but a pair of arms catch her in his embrace..

Man (hugging her) – See i caught you again..you can’t run from me ever sweetheart

Riddhima (whispering) – Vanshhhh!!

She cries hugging him ..

Riddhima (crying) – leave me vansh!! I don’t deserve you..your life will be destroy with me..

Vansh (angry) – you said this today but if you ever say this again..i will seal your lips with mine..Mrs..to be Vansh raisinghania..

Riddhima (crying) -No vansh!! Just look at my face.. I can’t be your wife..

Vansh (cupping her face) – You are my riddhima..they destroyed your face not your life.you have your vansh with you..till his last breath..

And tell me if this would have happened with me ..you would have leave me..

Riddhima (crying) – Noooo!

Vansh – then how can i..

I loved your soul riddhima..not your face or body..

I didn’t come to you for 1 month because they attacked you because of me i had to seek revenge..but everything is fine now..

But still if you feel I don’t love you then let’s go we will jump from here together..

Riddhima (hugging him) -Nooo!! Don’t talk about death vansh.. it’s hurt..

Vansh – then promise me you won’t think about death..ever..

Riddhima (smiling) – Tum agye ho..ab sb thik ho jayega vansh..

Vansh (kissing her forehead) – sb thik ho chuka hai riddhima..

Both hug each other with tears of happiness..

Tum aa gaye ho noor aa gaya hai
Nahi to charagon se lau ja rahi thi
Jeene ki tumse wajah mil gayi hai
Badi bewajah zindagi ja rahi thi
Tum aa gaye ho noor aa gaya hai..

                  The End!!!!

Done done dana done ‚úÖ..

Hope u like it..

Word count : 1496

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