Riansh OS – Correcting All Wrongs

Note – This OS was requested by Lilz on TU. Hope everyone reading it likes it.

Backdrop – Conference Scene 

(AN – I know, I know, it is the most hated scene… but what to do… all of us have our own versions of rectifying the scene with Riansh happily ever after… and this is mine)

Riddhima somehow reaches the VR mansion. When she enters the place, she sees that a press conference is taking place. She sees Vansh going towards the podium.

Vansh : Hello everyone! I have called you all here to introduce the world to my love, my wife, the one whom I have chosen to spend the rest of my life with. Please welcome on stage Mrs. Vansh Rai Singhania.

Riddhima was getting ready to get on stage. But she saw Vansh pointing his hands towards Ahaana. This and the events of the past started to take a toll on her. Her head started to pain badly. She screamed in pain and fell down unconscious.

Vansh on hearing her scream got worried. Vansh, although hating her for her betrayal, could not see her like this. After all, according to him he loved her whole heartedly.

Vansh : RIDDHIMAAA!!! Aangre get all of this fake media out and call a doctor. I am taking Riddhima to our room.

Ishani : But Vansh bhai, why are you caring for her? She is our enemy.

Vansh : Ishani, we will talk about this later. First let me get Riddhima treated.

Vansh then takes Riddhima to their room. The doctor comes there and tells everyone to move out of the room. Just the Aangre receives a call and goes from there.

After some time, the doctor comes out of the room.

Vansh : Doctor, how is Riddhima?


Doctor : Mr. Rai Singhania, how can you be so careless about your wife’s health. She was suffering from severe depression. I think today she got a big shock which led to this. There is a high chance that she will not behave like before. She will have the mental level of a child.

Vansh : What? But she never told me about this.

Doctor : I don’t know why she didn’t tell you but now you have to take utmost care. You can’t leave any stone unturned for her care. She will be very fragile.

Doctor goes from there.

Everyone comes to the hall.

Vansh : What is happening here in this house? Why didn’t she tell me anything?

Aryan : Bro it can be a new drama of hers.

Voice : Aryan bhai it is not necessary that everyone will do drama to get what they want.

Everyone turns towards the voice and sees Sia on a wheelchair with Aangre. Vansh runs towards her. But Sia shows him a hand to stop him.

Sia : Do not come near me. You are not my Vansh bhai. My Vansh bhai could not ever punish an innocent. But you… you did such cruelty with a person who loved you without any limits? You blamed her for my condition? Do you even remember that she was the one who made me stand on my feet? You were not the only one who saw Uma mom in her. I also saw mom in her. Aangre jiju told me everything. And now it is your turn to face the whole truth.

Sia then tells everyone what all happened with Riddhima. She also tells them what all Riddhima shared with her while she was in coma.

Vansh after listening to all this falls down. He is repenting his doings.

Vansh (crying) : What did I do? I punished such a pure soul for the wrongdoings of others.

Sia : You were badly influenced by others bhai. But please correct your mistakes. Repent for all the bad things you did bhabhi.

Vansh : Yes Sia…. you are right. And for that I will do anything. Aangre get me the CCTV footage from the time Riddhima came to this mansion.

Aangre : Okay bhai. You will get that in 2 hours.

Vansh : Everyone who has wronged Riddhima in any way, start your prayers.

Just then they hear Riddhima screaming. Everyone went to Riansh room.

Riddhima (like a small child) : Who are you all? Why am I here?

Everyone is shocked to see Riddhima like this. Sia recovers from her shock first.

Sia : Riddhu we are your family. I am your dear Sia.

Riddhima : Can I call you Siyu?

Sia : Sure. I have no problem.

Riddhima : Siyu, who are these other people?

Sia then introduces the other people. WHen she introduces Vansh as Riddhima’s husband, she asks,

Riddhima : What is a husband?

Vansh : Riddhima, he is a special best friend who loves you a lot and will never leave you alone.

Riddhima : Yay!! I have a hubby! I have someone who loves me!

Vansh : Yes Sweetheart…

Riddhima : Sweetheart?

Vansh (cupping her face) : Yes… it is my name for you.

Riddhima : Okay… but only you will call me that.

Sia : Okay Riddhu. Now let us eat something. You must be hungry right? What do you want to eat?

Riddhima : I am hungry. I want to eat Maggi. (AN – Maggi is the best)

Dadi : Okay beta… you will get your Maggi. I will just order the cook to make it now.

Riddhima : Okay Dadi.

Like this 6 months go by. Riddhima amuses everyone with her antics every single time. She and Sia became prank partners and pranked everyone in the house one by one. Vansh took great care of Riddhima. He fulfilled all of her wishes. Side by side, he also punished her culprits.


After seeing the CCTV footage, Vansh’s anger knew no bounds. Thankfully Riddhima had slept due to her medicines after eating her food. He destroyed his whole office in his anger. After that he fell down and cried bitterly. He was drowning in his guilt. Sia and Aangre came there and handled him.

When Vansh was calm, he started planning punishments for the culprits.

First turn was of Kabir. SInce Kabir was already a suspended police officer, no one batted their eyes when he got kidnapped thinking it to be the work of one of his enemies. But in reality, Kabir was kidnapped by Vansh who gave him torture of nth degree. After a few days, Kabir died in Vansh’s hideout. Vansh threw his body into the ocean to be devoured by the sharks.

Next was Ahaana. Vansh got some of her enemies to catch her and do whatever they wanted with her. No one knows what happened to her after that. Not even Vansh.


Anupriya’s life was made hell in prison on Vansh’s saying. When she heard the news of Kabir’s death, she went berserk and got into a fight with one of her jail mates. She got pushed hard by mistake and hit her head on the wall. Since then she has been lying in a coma. (AN – you put our Sia in coma, now you are in coma Anupriya. What goes around, come around.)

Ishani was told to move out of the mansion and move to Aangre’s house. Her bank cards which were provided by Vansh were also blocked. Shockingly, Ishani accepted her punishment without any tantrums. Sometime later she told Sia that she deserved this punishment as she did very wrong with Riddhima and wants to rectify her mistakes.

Aryan and Chachi were sent to Chachaji in London. Vansh left it up to Chachaji how he wanted to handle them both. Chachaji did not let go of them and punished them severely. Vansh broke all his connections with Chachi and Aryan.

As for Vansh himself, he decided that he will watch the CCTV footage again and again everyday till his Sweetheart forgives him. Sia, Dadi and Aangre tried to stop him from doing so but he gave them his swear.

Flashback Over

That day, Vansh just came back to the mansion from his office and the scene before him amused him greatly. Sia was running behind his Sweetheart to get her to drink her milk.

Sia : Riddhu please stop running and have your milk.

Riddhima : No Siyu… please don’t give me milk. It tastes and smells yucky.

Sia : But Riddhu….

Vansh : Sweetheart, what if I put chocolate in your milk, will you have it then?

Riddhima : Chocolate milk?

Vansh : Yes Sweetheart…

Riddhima : Okay… (to Sia) See, my hubby is the best. He will never let me have yucky food.

Sia : Praise only for bhai and not for me? Huh, no one cares for me. I will not do any pranks with you from now on.

Riddhima : No no Siyu… please don’t do that. You are the best too. PLease don’t be sad.

Sia : Okay…. On one condition.

Riddhima : What??

Sia : Get your best hubby to make chocolate milk for me too.

Riddhima (with puppy eyes) : Please Vansh???

Vansh : Okay.. anything for my Sweetheart.

Vansh goes to the kitchen to make chocolate milk for both. He is just pouring the milk in glass when he hears Sia screaming his Sweetheart’s name. Vansh goes back to them and sees that Riddhima has fainted.

Vansh : RIDDHIMAA!! Sia what happened to her?

Sia : Vansh I don’t know. We were just talking and then she fainted.

Vansh : Aangre!!

Aangre comes running there.

Aangre : Yes bhai…

Aangre : Call the doctor fast. Riddhima has fainted.

Aangre goes and calls the doctor. The doctor comes and examines Riddhima. Everyone is waiting outside the room. After some time, the doctor comes out.

Vansh : Doctor, how is Riddhima? Why did she faint suddenly?

Doctor : Good news Mr. Rai Singhania. Mrs. Rai Singhania is totally fine now. She will behave like a normal woman of her age. She will gain consciousness in some time. You all can go and meet her.

The doctor goes from there. But here Vansh is scared. He thinks his Sweetheart will leave him now.

Sia (seeing his expressions) : What happened to you Vansh bhai? Don’t you want to meet bhabhi?

Vansh : Sia I am scared. What will be Riddhima’s reaction?

Sia : Let us go inside and see what happens. We will handle everything together.

They all went inside the room. After some time, RIddhima gains consciousness. SHe sees everyone in front of her.

Riddhima (in an emotionless voice) : Everyone except Siyu, leave the room.

Vansh : But Sweetheart…

Riddhima (raising her voice) : Didn’t you hear me? I said everyone except Syu LEAVE THE ROOM!!

They follow her words and go from the room. Sia stays back.

Riddhima : Siyu…..

Sia : Bhabhi you remember everything?

Riddhima : Yes Siyu… I remember everything…

Sia : Bhabhi please don’t leave bhai… he has been repenting since the last 6 months….

Sia then tells her all the punishments dolled out to her culprits by Vansh. She also tells her how Vansh is still punishing himself till now.

Riddhima : I am ready to give Vansh another chance… Please call him here.

Sia : Okay bhabhi.. I will go and send him to you.

Sia goes from there and sends Vansh.

Vansh : How are you feeling now Sweetheart?

Riddhima : I am feeling good. I am ready to give another chance to our relationship Vansh. I forgive you.

Vansh : Thank you Sweetheart.

Riddhima : Don’t say thank you so early. I have a few conditions.

Vansh : Whatever your conditions are, I will accept them.

Riddhima : My first condition – I want a new start of our relationship. Meaning I want to start from point zero.

Vansh : Okay Sweetheart.

Riddhima : My next and last condition is that you will stop watching the CCTV footage you see everyday. We can’t have a new start if you keep looking into the past.

Vansh : Sia told you about this?

Riddhima : Yes, Siyu told me. Now are you accepting this condition too or not?

Vansh : Okay, okay. I accept.

Riddhima : Good. Now call Aangre.

Vansh : But why do you need him. I am here. Tell me what you need.

Riddhima (giving him the look) : Vansh…

Vansh : Okay, okay. I am calling him.

Aangre comes there.

Aangre : Yes bhabhi. I am here.

Riddhima : Aangre get all of the copies of the CCTV footage that Vansh was seeing in front of me in one hour…

Aangre : Yes bhabhi… you don’t worry, I will handle this.

Riddhima : Good. (to Vansh) My dear hubby, where is my chocolate milk that you promised?

Vansh : I will bring that right now.

Riddhima : Go both of you and do your respective work.

Vangre : Yes mam.

Riddhima : Vangre!!!

Vansh : Now who is this Vangre?

Riddhima : You are an idiot. It is you both only. Vansh + Aangre = Vangre. NOw are you both going or not? (AN – I really wished that Riddhima called Vansh stupid or idiot in the show once. That would have been a great comic scene.)

Vangre : Going, going.

They both went from there. After some time Vansh comes back with Riddhima’s chocolate milk.

Vansh : Sweetheart, here is your milk.

Riddhima : Yes! Give it to me fast. It has been so long since I have eaten some chocolate.

Vansh : You like chocolate?

Riddhima : Like? Chocolate is my first love. (AN – Chocolate is my first love too. Tell me if it’s yours too.)

Vansh : Chocolate is your first love? Then what about me? (AN – Lo aa gaya jealous prani)

Riddhima : You are my third love.

Vansh : Oh really?? Will you take the pain of telling me second love?

Riddhima : Three people are my second love. Sejal, Siyu and Dadi.

Vansh : Okay cool… I don’t have to lessen Earth’s burden then…

Riddhima (hitting him on his arms) : Vansh!!!!

Just then Aangre comes there with all the copies of the CCTV footage.

Riddhima : Is it all the copies? No more copies out there?

Aangre : No bhabhi.

Riddhima : Good. (Aangre goes from there.) Now Vansh, destroy all these in front of me right now.

Vansh : But Sweetheart, what is the need of doing this? I promised you I will not watch it again.

Riddhima : I know you very well, Vansh. Tumhari rag-rag se wakif hun. Destroy them right now.

Vansh : Okay Sweetheart.

Vansh destroyed all the copies.

Vansh : Happy?

Riddhima : Very happy. Now just focus on our future and remember the lessons you learnt from the past.

Vansh : Okay Sweetheart. Actually I have a small request for you.

Riddhima : What?

Vansh : Can you call me hubby from now on? It felt nice when you were calling me that in the last 6 months.

Riddhima (cupping his face) : Okay hubby.

After that day, their relationship had a new start and it progressed beautifully. After a few years they had their own children, the apple of their eyes, Ridhwik and Vanya. And then they lived happily ever after.


Note – Longest OS I have ever written. Leaving you all with the lyrics with whom I have been obsessed since the first time I heard them…

Aaram De Dil Ko Mere

Mere Paas Aaa

Mar Mar Ke Jee Raha Hoon

Meri Sun Le Sadaa…

Mehsoos Kar Tu Bhi Mujhko Zara

Hona Na Mujhse Judaa…

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