RiAnsh- Obsessed With My Wife. Prologue & Character Sketch


VANSH RAISINGHANIA: He is ruthless and arrogant. Owner of VR ENTERPRISES. He is madly obsessed with his wife Riddhima. He is devil. He doesn’t like anyone to touch his things which belongs to him especially Riddhima who is not only his obsession but possession also.

RIDDHIMA VANSH RAISIGHANIA: She is cute, beautiful and bubbly girl. Owner of RVR ENTERPRISES. She loves her husband Vansh unconditionally. She is an angel. She thinks Vansh love her purely but doesn’t know that he is obsessed with her. She doesn’t know what destiny is holding for her and for her life.


Vansh please listen to me. I didn’t did anything.

She shouted at her husband who is dragging her to their Room.

But he ignored her words and continued dragging her to their room & pushed her on the bed.

And came dangerously close to her while she was sweating & breathing heavily.


She stopped because Vansh hovered upon her and smashed her rough lips with her soft ones.

He was kissing her hungrily while Riddhima was shocked and was trying to understand what is happening.

He left her lips and attacked her neck like a hungry lion…


Hi guys, here I’m presenting my new FF or SS. Hope you’ll will like it.



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