RiAnsh- Obsessed With My Wife. (Chapter 1)

Hi guys, here’s my 1st ch of this FF/SS. Hope you’ll will like it, so enjoy reading.

A girl in her mid- twenties is seen standing in front of a bar section sipping her juice. She was wearing a short shiny dark blue off shoulder dress.

She was none other than Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania

A guy in his early thirties come towards her and forwarded his hand towards Riddhima. Riddhima looked at the person with ‘WHAT’ wala look while he passed a smirk at her.

BOY: Hey, beautiful I’m Vyom Malhotra. Will you dance with me??

Riddhima looked at Vyom with “NOT INTERESTED” wala look. But noticed that her husband is looking at Vyom with blood- shot eyes. So she thought to play along and will make him more jealous.

She again looked at Vyom and nodded in yes and putted her hand on his.

Vyom took Riddhima with him on the dance floor. While dancing he intentionally touched her waist and rubbed his hand on her waist. Riddhima was uncomfortable by his touch but thought that he touched her unknowingly and brushed her thoughts away.

Vyom twirled her around and backed hugged her making her close to him and kissed her neck. He was about to slide her hair from her back but a hand stopped him and pushed him to the floor. While both RiYom was shocked.

He was none other than Mr. Vansh Raisinghania.

He started beating Vyom ruthlessly while Riddhima was trying to stop him. But he showed his finger to her & give deathly glare to her. Vansh again started beating Vyom while blood was oozing from his neck, forehead and lips.

Vansh stopped beating him when he was satisfied. Vansh came dangerously close to Vyom and whispered something in his ears with dangerous voice still audible to Riddhima.

VANSH: I don’t like anyone means anyone to touch my things or my wife which belongs to me and is mine, ALL RIGHT RESERVED you know. And you bastard not only touched her but kissed her neck. Punishment is necessary for you.

He said and got away from him and called his P.A cum brother Angre who was waiting for them outside. Angre came inside and took Vyom with him while Vansh dragged Riddhima with him to his car and pushed her on the passenger seat angrily while Riddhima was shocked to see him so angry.

He started driving towards VR MANSION. After sometime they reached there.

Vansh went towards Riddhima & held her wrist tightly leaving his fingerprints on her soft wrist. He again started dragging her to their room. Everyone was sitting in the hall and was talking about random topics. They were shocked to see Riddhima being dragged by Vansh.

They were about to ask but stopped when Vansh stopped them and looked at them and said no through his eyes.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh stop please. Why are you dragging me like this.

She shouted at her husband who is dragging her to their Room.

But he ignored her words and continued dragging her to their room & pushed her on the bed.

RIDDHIMA: Vansh please listen to me. I didn’t did anything.

He again ignored her words and was dragging her.

After reaching their room he pushed her on the bed and closed the door of the room.

And came dangerously close to her while she was sweating & breathing heavily.


She stopped because Vansh hovered upon her and smashed her rough lips with her soft ones.

He was kissing her hungrily while Riddhima was shocked and was trying to understand what is happening.

He bites her lower lips while blood was oozing from her lips. Riddhima was still in shock. Vansh was asking for entrance in her mouth but as she was shocked she didn’t gave him the space.

So Vansh slide his hand to her waist and pinched her waist. A moan escape from her mouth, giving him space to enter inside her mouth and he started exploring every corner of her mouth. Riddhima came to reality when she feels his tongue and closes her eyes & was trying to match his speed.

He left her lips and attacked her neck like a hungry lion and started biting her neck & giving wet kissed on her neck, while she was moaning mess. Vansh went upwards and whispered in her ears huskily.

VANSH: Riddhima today I will tell you with whom you belong. And nobody have right to touch you other then me as you are mine exclusively mine.

Saying this Vansh went towards her belly and kissed there not leaving any place. He again took her lips in his and started kissing her more hungrily. He slide his hand near her inner thigh and started rubbing their while Riddhima was moaning in the kiss.

After sometime both were naked and their clothes were lying on the floor here & there. Vansh covered her and himself with a duvet and continued their work.

While hole room was filled with the sound of Riddhima’s moan….

( bass itna hi isse jyada nhi likhna 🤣🤣🤭🙈 )


That’s it for this chapter guys hope you’ll liked it. For the very first time I’m writing something like this. Hope you’ll will like it.


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