Hi guys, so here is part 21 of my FF . Hope you like it. Thanks for your comment in last part. Please give me suggestion what I can do after Ragini’s track. I am out of ideas. Sorry if you didn’t like the chapter I wrote with dead brain cells. Here is the link of last part


Here it goes….

Sunrays enter inside Ridhimma’s room . Vansh and Ridhimma are sleeping in each other embrace. Vansh sleep is disturbed due to the sunrays. He opens his eyes and sees Ridhimma face in front of him. He smiled at her cute sleeping face. He slowly got up from bed careful enough not to disturb her sleep . He pecked her forehead and went to his room .

Study area

Vansh was sitting in his study area and was doing some work when he felt someone presence behind him. Without looking back he said

Vansh: good morning Ridhimma

Ridhimma: (coming in front of him) good morning Vansh. How did you recognize me??

Vansh got up and went towards her and hugged her.

Vansh: your fragrance is unique Ridhimma and I can feel your presence . Don’t forget I am your fiancée

Ridhimma: okay okay . When are we leaving for office??

Vansh: today no office you go and rest and yesterday it was a hectic day for you. I also have a important work so I will be angre.

Ridhimma: I have taken enough rest Vansh

Vansh: Ridhimma go and take rest (sternly)

Ridhimma: okay (making a puppy face)

When Ridhimma went away Vansh called Angre and asked him to come to study area. After a while Angre came

Angre: what happened boss??

Vansh: angre I suspect Ragini is behind the attacks that happened on Ridhimma. She has the same ring in her finger which the attacker had

Angre: there can many such rings in market boss

Vansh: right angre , that’s why we have to find out more about her . Keep an eye on her angre . Put our men behind her. We need to find out about attacker soon to keep Ridhimma safe.

Angre : okay boss

Anupriya’s room

Anupriya and Ragini were sitting together and discussing something.

Anupriya: Ragini all our plans are failing . We even tried to create misunderstanding between them but they are still together and happy.

Ragini: don’t worry aunty we will get her out of our way soon.

Anupriya : we have to do it really fast otherwise she might expose me and you too.

At evening

Ridhimma going to and fro in her room as she was bored by staying in the room whole day when suddenly someone closed her eyes .

Ridhimma: Vansh leave me. (angrily)

Vansh: stop being angry Ridhimma.

Ridhimma: why I shouldn’t be angry . You made me sit in the room the whole day. Didn’t let me go to office.

Vansh okay now we will do what you want .

Ridhimma: really Vansh you will do what I want??

Vansh: yes I will do it .tell me

Ridhimma: I want to have a pillow fight with you

Vansh: pillow fight ,that is so childish Ridhimma plus room will be dirty.

Ridhimma: just now you said you will do what I want and now you are refusing.

You are a promise breaker (angrily turning other side)

She stayed like this for few minutes when she didn’t hear any sound she turned and suddenly felt a blow on her face. She saw Vansh standing there with a pillow. she took a cushion and threw it on him. Both started having pillow fight and white furs were all around them . Suddenly they lost there balance landed on bed with Vansh beside Ridhimma. After a moment both started laughing.

Vansh: so enjoyed (laughing )

Ridhimma: very much (hugging him )

Both were tired after the pillow fight and slept there only

At night Ridhimma woke feeling thirsty and went towards kitchen . When she was passing by ragini’s room she heard her shouting in someone . She stopped to listen

Ragini: I am doing the work but it will not be completed till Vansh is here. You know how smart he is .

Anyways taking the sign from him is your responsibility not mine. So instead of shouting on me better you make a plan

Saying so she cut the call. Ridhimma who was listening to this grew suspicious .

Ridhimma(thinking) : what was she talking about ?? Listening to her talks I feel she is here because of a another reason. I must keep an eye on her so that I can know it .

She went back to the room and found Vansh sleeping peacefully she went near him and said

Ridhimma: I will always protect you from every danger Vansh.

Then she again slept hugging him. Next morning when she woke Vansh was gone she got freshened up .she thought to tell Vansh about Ragini. He went to study area where Vansh was talking to angre

Vansh: we can’t accuse someone without proof angre. We need to find proof first .

Angre: boss I have put my men on work already .what do you want to do next??

Just then Vansh received a call and went to attend it while Ridhimma thought

Ridhimma (to herself) : Vansh is right if Ragini is really wrong then first I need to find proof against her then only I can say anything to Vansh.

After this she goes from there . Meanwhile Vansh also returned to angre and said to him

Vansh: angre Ragini will not do anything till I am here that’s why I have go away for few days . In my absence you will be here and protect Ridhimma and family. Some one else will come to make my work easy (smirks)

Saying this he calls someone

Vansh: hello , it time for your arrival (smirks)

Precap: Vansh tells family that one of his friend is coming home. Vansh goes out for 2 days

So here part 21 ends . hope you liked and please comment and give me your suggestions

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