Riansh: Discover the love life# Epi 9. GOOD BYE STRANGER (by Devanshi8)

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Episode starts with call …

VR : Ridhima?!(with concern)

No reply

VR : r u okay Ridhima? U fine right?!

R: absolutely I m fine too much specially today oh damn i must say it was my ever happiest day of my till life thank u thank u so much Mr.( taunted gritting her teeth with full anger as well as on verge of crying that is clear by her heavy voice)

VR : I know it’s all my fault m really very sorry I kno..(cut in between)

R : no no it’s totally fine why would be u sorry huh?! It is all my fault at all to trust blindly on u it is not that enough that I was preparing the treat with that much efforts,it is only nd only my fault that I give u the opportunity to do such as u did it to me. It is my fault that I believed on u blindly, it’s all my fault that I waited for u there nd its only my fault to expect loyalty from u that u never break my trust but no .. u know. . What ..(silently crying now) dadi told me to not trust on anyone that blindly but I always love to get broke so it’s all ohk nd..(cut by vansh)

VR: I know I did wrong I had to inform u but I left u there alone i know sorry is not enough but plea..(again cut)

(Remembering while vansh speaking that how she was waiting for him nd when it’s late she was goingto check whether he is fine or not with tense she came out nd was about to patted his back while she heard that “I missed u so much my beautiful lady my sweet lady, my lifeline came after almost 2 years so I can’t wait anymore I m coming to u soon stay there only I m coming nd we will celebrate our reunion too “with full excitement he said all this nd she understood that lady as his gf or maybe wife)

(Ridhu’s POV..
I liked him so much I was going to confess him that that I really like u or maybe feel more than it for u nd I want u with me in all kind of situations ,but when I listened all this that my heart was aching so much I just stayed there numb for a while nd when he without turning nd thinking went out from there it was the worst moment of my life I can’t express it hw much pain I felt though I waited for him almost 30 min for his comeback but he didn’t come nd that’s was too much high enough for me to go out too from here nd I also left wiping my tears which is yet also coming out)

R : I m not interested to talk to u just stop ur fake drama u left me alone there nd then also u don’t remember till after 5 hrs u realized that u left me there alone wow I must say u r too busy man nd I m disturbing u nd now plz I m in no mood to talk to u I hate u so much u left me there u just went away there without thinking of me that too with full smile nd now u realize i hate u. I won’t forgive u. GOOD BYE (used for last bye)

Ridhu’s pov

After this i switched off phone nd broke the sim card into 2 piece bcoz I know myself very well that I won’t be able to control myself to again talk to him as now I know that he already have someone with him so I don’t want to be a disturbance for their lives as a third person nd as well as I m too upset with this incident bcoz I felt that special feelings for him which I have never feel for anyone nd that’s it now I have to emerge in work to get rid of this emotions trap afterall I can’t be weak bcoz I m ZS too who never gets weak
POV ends.

VR’s pov..
After hearing all conversations I got to know that her heart is too soft nd similar to a small kid. I know I hurted her a lot. The scene of her wiping her tears stabbed my heart whenever that scene I remembered. I felt too guilty when I realized her pain through her heavy voice seemed as still she is crying for what I have done. She is right i have to think about her but i completely forget it bcoz my dadi with my whole family came after almost 2 years yes bcoz dadi was too upset with my mistake that she was left me there to rectify my wrongs nd may other family too bcoz dadi wanted to feel my wrong move nd it is completely ok I know it is difficult for all of us to stay away from eachother but had to do. After dadi went away I suggest rest of all to go for a long trip nd all are returning back to home so I was too much happy that I forget my love yes I know that I love her nd accept it too.
Suddenly I realized that what she told that I m busy man that too for girl oh shit shit she misunderstood me that I talked about my dadi not my ff or wife oh god. So this was the reason but why she affected by it, is she started liking me oh no what have I done. Shit man
With this suddenly i called her again nd again but all vain when i got to know that she broke the card. Now i have only her email Id that too bcoz it is me VR in whose car she hide after blundering of bride drama so I can’t talk to her until she herself starts
Pov ends.

Suddenly something changed in VR’s expressions that is smirk that he had some plan for it so he called Angre nd told him his plan (abhi thodi na btaungi ki kya plan kiya he๐Ÿ˜œ)

After this Angre left to implement his boss’s plan.

VANSH TO HIMSELFย  : soon u will be with me sweetheart that too for whole life I know I hurted u in Stranger’s attire to left there alone but soon u will be with ur own stranger nd after that I won’t left u alone like before I did but for that I have to do something that u won’t like initially maybe but later u will understand my pov nd love for u. But for that now stranger have to disappear for sometime so that me real me as VR can enter in ur life nd take u with me for forever. Just for sometime or somedays sweetheart after that u will be with ur stranger with me .

At night
ZS Mansion

Both dadu nd khanna came nd have their dinner nd drafted to their room to sleep. Nd Dadu goes to check once his little granddaughter.

Dadu’s pov..
When I saw her face her position I got to know that something bad has happened which made my zoya cry nd that too she didn’t inform me anything which clearly means that she doesn’t want to discuss that matter nd want to forget it. So I decided that instead of asking matter that will make more difficult for her I choose to make her calm in flow that I don’t know anything. So I took step back nd again came to her room with taking her name so she gets to her position to face her dadu nd after that knocked the door.
POV ends..

Ridhu : (with a fake smile) dadu u don’t need to knock just come na

Dadu : oh my bachche, look I have ur fav chocolate icecream for u nd me too

R : dadu u can’t eat more than 1 or 2 spoons I won’t allow it. (With pouting angrily)

Dadu: ohk but u to have it na

After eating nd talking some normal talks she requested dadu to sleep in his lap nd dadu too made her sleep peacefully in his lap on bed nd caressing her hair nd she slept peacefully but after trying a lot both have tears in their eyes but hide it nd dadu too slept besides her bed

Ridhu’s POV…
I know that dadu already got to know about my off mood nd that is the only reason he knocked the door nd came with taking my name. He is the best that always get to know myself without any clue but though he didn’t ask any questions regarding it bcoz he knows very well that now I want to close nd forget that matter so he went to the flow nd we both slept. Dadu’s lap is the place that have all unknown power to calm myself from sadness so I slept at the most peaceful space of my life. But tear escapes from my eyes after trying a lot hard but still not able to stop it nd same with dadu he also have the pain after seeing his zoya like that nd soon I slept peacefully there only nd almost it calms my heart the most bcoz he has some magical power maybe๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™€๏ธ
POV ends…

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Precap :
Curiosity killed the cat. Kya kronge jaan ke?!๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜‚ vese precap to pta hi hoga ๐Ÿ˜…

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