#riansh- childish riddhima – #immj2 (part 2)

So guys I am here with next part of previous one as someone demanded for it …..so it will basically diverted to the mood swings of riddhu in her pregnancy …..let’s start

VANSH : I love you too 💕😘

After saying so both of them cuddled and sleep together Days continue

it was 7th month of RIDHIMA’s morning when vansh wake up he didn’t found Ridhima beside him , he panicked but suddenly the door open and he saw his wife coming out of washroom all dressed in red saree

VANSH : Wowww …you look absolutely gorgeous sweetheart

RIDHIMA blushed hearing this , Vansh came near her And was about to kiss her , when suddenly the door get open with a jerk …they seprated and we’re shocked to see aryan and siya standing at the door closing their eyes ….

VANSH (roaring) : What the hell you both are doing here

Ariya : oh sorry bhai we actually forget that bhabhi is fine now … actually we came here to play with her

RIDHIMA (excited like a kid ) : Oh wow…thank you aryan and siya …come let’s play

VANSH: what the hell sweetheart….why are you playing with them like a small kid

Listening to VANSH high pitch voice RIDHIMA get scared and it didn’t go well with RIDHIMA’s pregnancy hormones …she started crying

RIDHIMA (crying) : I knew it …you don’t love me anymore, now you are stopping me playing with your doings , tommorow you will stop me from talking to your family , day after tomorrow you will stop talking to me and then you will bring some other witch , you will throw me out …..you don’t love me

Listening to RIDHIMA talks trio left shocked and look each other with what -is-she -saying

VANSH (calming her ) : Sweetheart listen to me it’s not like that …I love you so much ….I will never let you go away from me so bringing some other girl is far away ….ok now stop crying …you want to play na then ok you can go …I won’t stop you…

RIDHIMA gave a big smile to him and in happiness she pecked his cheeks

VANSH (Blushing) : Not bad sweetheart ❤

Trio went to play in the garden …after 1 hour there was a loud notice coming from the hall

Aryan ( panting) : bh…bha…bhai ..bhab.. bhabhi…pol… police

VANSH: Aryan, siya calm down …take a long breath and then tell what happened and wait …wait where is Riddhima…. RIDHIMA… RIDHIMA

ARYAN : Bhai .. bhabhi is beating two police officer

VANSH : WHATTTT …but why

ARYAN : Voh bhai actually they were seeing your pics and talking about you that how handsome you are but unfortunately bhabhi saw them and then you know her hormones

Listening this VANSH ran to the park to stop his Sweetheart and when he reached the park …the scene infront of him made him shocked …there his Sweetheart was sitting on bench with a puppy in her lap and siya was also there playing with them , he forget everything by seeing her Sweetheart

VANSH: Sweetheart what are you doing

RIDHIMA (Looking happily) : Vansh look na he is so cute ….I love him

VANSH: what !!! No you can’t love him …you are mine and only mine

RIDHIMA: oh ho my hubby …I am yours and only yours

THE end !!! Hope you all liked it do tell your views in comment


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