RIANSH: Becoming Mrs. Raisinghania – Episode 27

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Riddhima sat on the floor and shut her eyes as her mother massaged the oil onto her hair. Every time she closed her eyes, she felt glimpses of that dream course through her mind. Despite wanting to ignore, she knew in her subconscious that her Ma was the only one who deserved the love and respect for being a mother.

Riddhima: Ma, do you ever think of Mummy?

She felt her fingers stop momentarily and heard her suck in a sharp breath. The past had always been a very sensitive topic in their household and Riddhima knew the chances she was taking with this conversation. However, she also wanted to know how her Ma thought of her Mummy.

Payal (continuing the massage): Most of the days. I can’t usually sleep without thinking about her.

Riddhima: And Papa?

Payal: Our lives in the past were entangled, Riddhima. I can’t not think about him – even if I don’t wish to.

Riddhima: Do you not hate Ma for what she did to you? Don’t you ever feel like she burdened you by adding more responsibilities on your shoulder?

Payal: You were never a burden for me, Riddhima. I’ve told you this several times. I was the first one to hold you in my arms when you were born and that image is imprinted in my mind. Plus, do you think I could ever love you if I hated Sapna? Even if I leave everything aside, I can’t ignore that you’re an exact replica of your mother, Beta.

Riddhima held her silence at that, wanting to solve the puzzle mentally. She’d always felt that there were pieces of the puzzle in the past that she didn’t know of. As she felt her mother withdraw her hands after the massage, she figured it was perhaps the reason why she couldn’t ever move past the tragedy.

Riddhima: This is not my place to ask… but (pausing shortly) Do you ever regret what happened between you and Papa?

Payal: A lot of times, Beta, life is not in our hands. There are so many things we wish hadn’t happened, but they happen anyway. Do you think cribbing and crying upon it would ever make a difference? If I regretted my past with your Papa that much, Ragini wouldn’t have survived. Perhaps, wouldn’t even have seen the light in the world. But I knew whatever happened that night was not something I could blame only upon your Papa. What he did was wrong, but I even I knew he was married. I could’ve taken a call too, but emotions can overwhelm you too much at times.

Payal (continuing): When I first got to know about my pregnancy, I really didn’t know what to do. I knew I couldn’t tell your Papa because that would ruin his marriage, regardless of what and then, when I saw Sapna during her pregnancy, I knew it was the right decision I took. Even when she dies, Riddhima, she did not know that Ragini was your Papa’s daughter. That would’ve broken her so much more.

Riddhima twisted around and rested her head on her mother’s lap. She’d always admired how strong and collected her mother was, yet every time she told her something about her, she failed at words. She deserved so much more than Riddhima could offer and she smiled sadly. She’d always taken her Ma for granted.

Riddhima: Why did you love Mummy so much, Ma?

Payal: I don’t know, Beta, but when I saw her, I never thought of her as someone whom I should hate or dislike. She was a wonderful woman and I am happy that I could do some thing for her, if not a lot.

Riddhima: Do you never feel she stranded us in life, Ma? She took death in her hands and we – you, mainly – faced the consequences. How can you so easily forget and forgive?

She exhaled a sharp breath and lifted Riddhima’s from her own lap before getting off the bed. Riddhima looked at her quizzically, but she walked toward the wardrobe and pulled one of the drawers open. When she returned to Riddhima, she held out a small piece of paper neatly folded into a square before her.

Riddhima: Ma, This?

Payal: Your mother left this behind for me and I’ve always wanted to tell you about this, but I never found a right time. Read it when you’re in your room.



I wish I’d listened to you when you’d asked me to not work whilst doing my masters. How did I forget that after Keshav, you were the one who’d taken care of me? From my studies to the smallest of my needs and desires, you’d it all under your wing. I think this is just karma paying me back because I didn’t listen to you and understand you. Please don’t think I wanted to insult you. . . I just really wanted to do something for my Riddhima.

I thought I would be able to also, but this world is too cruel, Didi. These night-shift workplaces aren’t for single mothers like us and I don’t want my daughter to grow up with more labels. She already has umpteen of them and I don’t want her to grow up with the label “a r*pe survivor’s daughter”.

I bore the pain for the first time, but I don’t think I can do it again. How many times have I wished that I’d the strength to just look at Riddhima’s smile and forget everything, but. . .

I know I don’t have to tell, but please don’t abandon Riddhima like I am. Please let her grow up to be like the woman you are. I will be forever be indebted to you.



Vansh was pouring himself a cup of black coffee when he saw Ishani walk down the stairs and pull down the sweater around herself firmer. She saw him seconds later when the light fell over and instantly, an expression of dismissal passed over her face.

Ishani: I’ll come later. I didn’t know you were here.

Vansh: You want coffee?

Ishani turned around at the question and looked at him quizzically. The two of them had ignored each other since the incident had occurred and she hadn’t expected him to talk to her at all. At least, not so soon. She nodded her head slowly and pulled out a chair for herself.

Vansh: How are you?

Ishani: Like you see me, Vansh. Broken. Devastated. Hurt.

Vansh (looking up from the counter): And I’m to be blamed for that?

Ishani: Never said that.

Vansh walked to the dining table with two cups of black coffee and handed one cup to her. As she wrapped her fingers around the warmth of one cup, he pulled a chair from across her and looked at her. All these days, he’d plainly ignored her, but he knew it had been wrong on so many levels.

Vansh: Sorry.

Ishani (sipping on the coffee): What for?

Vansh: I know I’ve been a terrible sibling. At the time when you needed moral support, I blatantly ignored you and acted like the entire fiasco shouldn’t have affected you, but this has never been my expertise. No one knows that better than you. (pausing shortly) And I know I should’ve said this much earlier, but you were never at fault.

Ishani: Did he get arrested?

Vansh (nodding his head): The DCP had called me in the evening. They’d found a few witnesses who were willing to give their statements provided they remained anonymous, and I handed them a CCTV recording from our house at Mahabaleshwar.

Ishani: He tried to. . . even there?

Vansh nodded his head and looked at his sister. She did not look devastated, but he knew she was pained. After all, love was meant to be painful always – like his Dadi had told him.

Ishani: I want to meet him once. (looking at Vansh shaking his head) Don’t worry, I won’t let him manipulate him. I just think he needs to know how much I hate a r*scal like him.

Vansh: Just for once?

Ishani (nodding her head and sipping on the coffee): Just for once. And then, I’d like to go one of the psychologists you’ve looked up for. That should really help.

Vansh: Who told you?

Ishani held her silence and finished the remnants of her coffee before standing up and pushing the chair inside. A small smile lingered over her lips and she looked at him gratefully. Despite their differences over the past few days, he’d still thought about her every moment and that was what mattered to her.

Ishani: You’ve really got a great girl for yourself, Vansh.

As she walked away to her room, he smiled at her retreating figure and sipped on his coffee. He really loved Riddhima.


It was in the middle of the night when Riddhima lied down next to her mother and stared at the ceiling. As the fan spun, she thought back to her dream and recalled how her mother had looked: marks of dried tears on her skin, smudged lipstick and kajal, and a saree wrapped around her disgracefully.

Her mother had endured so much pain and she’d always despised her. She shut her eyes firmly and let the tears roll down her cheeks. She’d always been so wrong, so unjustified toward everyone around her.

Payal: It is okay, Beta. I know it isn’t easy for you, but I can’t see you stuck in the past anymore. It’s time you move on.

Riddhima: Ma, Mummy was in so much pain when she died and I did nothing besides wanting to resent her. I’ve been such a bad daughter to both of you.

She felt her mother wrap her arms around her quickly and pull her into a warm hug. She softly caressed her hair while Riddhima cried, letting the sorrows within her flush. The past had become a part of her being and for her to move on, she needed to let go of it. Her mother held her as she cried and allowed her to rid herself of the tragedy.

Hours later,

Payal: Shh, it’s okay. It wasn’t your fault. You were too young to understand back then.

Riddhima: I’ve wronged her for all this time, Ma. And I’ve wronged you too.

Payal: You’ve never wronged anyone. You’ve only done what we led you to and I’ve no complains. I’m sure even Sapna doesn’t.

Riddhima (continuing to cry): I love you, Ma.

Payal (smiling softly): I know.

Riddhima: Thank you for giving me such a wonderful life, Ma. I won’t be able to give back to you ever, but I am really, really grateful.

Payal: Shh. Ma ko koi thank you bolta hai kya, bhala?


That’d be it for this episode. Do let me know what you all thought of this update, I’d love to hear from you all. And I’ve been meaning to ask if you guys think these stories should go up on wattpad. I do have an account there, but since I am not very active, I’ve never really thought of it. Although, since it seems like a more secured platform, so I’ve been thinking. Anyhow, thank you for reading and stay safe everyone!

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