Riansh (A pure love story) Part 20

Hello everyone, I am back and thankyou for showing this much love to my fanfiction

so let’s start

It was a beautiful morning

Vansh – Riddhima how u are feeling now

Riddhima – fine

Vansh – doctor has said to eat and rest as much as u can

Riddhima POV

Vansh I am sorry but I can’t eat today

Riddhima – yaa yaa

Riddhima suddenly kiss vansh and vansh was shocked but he too repricote

Riddhima – this is for begin world best life partner

Vansh – Riddhima waise than I have to also give u something because you are also world best life partner

Riddhima – ok what u will give

Vansh took riddhima in bathroom

Vansh – I will help u bath u today

Riddhima – vanshh

Vansh – What

Vansh removed riddhima clothes and on the shower they shared a passionate kiss and made love

Riddhima got ready and vansh also

Vansh – I will bring breakfast

Riddhima – Vansh u go office I will eat

Vansh – sure

Riddhima – yes

Vansh gave a flying kiss and left for office

Riddhima POV

Thankgod he didn’t knew about fast otherwise he will get worried

Riddhima didn’t ate anything and not even drank water she was feeling very weak but she will break her fast at 9 pm

Riddhima was going upstairs and she was feeling very weak and she was about to fall but vansh came catch her and she became unconscious

Vansh – Riddhima riddhima

He took her in room and called doctor

Doctor – mr vansh I told u na to make her eat properly but she hasent ate single bite of food and also didn’t take medicine

Vansh – What ok doctor I will made her eat

Riddhima gained conscious

Riddhima – vansh vansh

Vansh – Riddhima are u okay

Riddhima – yes

Vansh – What yes doctor told me that u didn’t eat food whats this riddhima

Riddhima – Vansh who actually

Vansh – Riddhima why u didn’t eat

Riddhima – Vansh I kept fast for your wellbeing

Vansh was full in angre

Vansh – Riddhima what’s wrong with u why u always keep doing these things what I told u eat properly, If u wanted to keep fast than baad mein lakhre thi riddhima

Riddhima – Vansh For u I can also die than this is only fast

Vansh – Riddhima stop this and listen to me carefully next time if you didn’t care for yourself and I am assuring u I will be very angry

Riddhima – Vansh sorry

Vansh – see riddhima I can’t forgive u leave these all I am bringing food

Riddhima – Vansh after 15 mins I will break fast at 9

Vansh – Riddhima full day u kept fast I know u don’t care for yourself But I have to, you wait I am bringing food

Riddhima POV

Vansh is very angry but only 15 mins I have to hide

Riddhima hide behind the couch

Vansh came and understood for 15 mins she have hidden

Vansh – Riddhima come out

Riddhima POV

No vansh more 2 mins

Vansh – Riddhima I will count 3 come out , 1 2

Before vansh could complete she came

Riddhima – Vansh only 1 min

Vansh – Riddhima no more nonsense come sit

Riddhima sat

Riddhima – Vansh only 30 sec

Riddhima POV

I have to distract vansh for 30 sec

Riddhima kissed vansh on both cheeks

Riddhima – now u can feed me vansh its 9

Vansh – Riddhima eat

Vansh made ate riddhima and gave her medicine

Vansh – see riddhima don’t do this again but I am not forgiving you

Riddhima – vanshh

Vansh left and riddhima decided to pacify vansh

Precap – mission pacifying vansh

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