Riansh (A pure love story) Part 19

Hello everyone, I am back and thankyou for showing this much love to my fanfiction

so let’s start

Vansh opened riddhima ropes and picked her in his arm

Vansh – Riddhima are u fine

Riddhima – yes va_n_sh

Riddhima became unconscious

Vansh – Riddhima riddhima angre angre open the gate of car

Vansh made riddhima sat in back sit and vansh went Vr mansion very fast and called doctor

Vansh – dr is riddhima fine

Dr – I am checking

Dadi – thankgod vansh she is save

Ishani – yes bhai That ragini she is a b*t*h

Siya – bhai your love again won

Angre – boss don’t worry she will be fine

Kabir – Vansh I have chosen a right man for my sister Ok I am going mom and dad are tensed in home

Ishani – I will leave u till gate

Riddhima gained conscious

Vansh – Riddhima are u fine

Riddhima – yes vansh I am fine don’t worry

Dadi – I will keep a puja ok come now everyone let her rest

Everyone left

Dr – Mr vansh make sure she eat nicely and take medicine in time because she is weak

Vansh – Ok Dr

Dr left

Vansh hugged riddhima

Vansh – when ragini kidnapped you my life stop for some time riddhima I am sorry I can’t protect you

Riddhima – Vansh don’t feel guilty it’s not your fault I am here na

Vansh kissed her in forhead and slept hugging her

Riddhima POV

Vansh I have promised god that I will keep fast so I have to do it

Episode end


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