Riansh (A pure love story) Part 18

Hello everyone, I am back and thankyou for showing this much love to my fanfiction

so let’s start with

Vansh – riddhima riddhima where are u ??

He found a note pasted in mirror

‘ Your riddhima is with me, she will soon rest in peace, if you have power save her ‘

Your ragini

Vansh was furious, he broke the mirror

Vansh – how dare she how dare she kidnapped my riddhima, raginiiiiii (he shouted)

Everyone gathered at vansh room listening to his shout

Dadi – what happened vansh

He told everything and said angre

Vansh – Riddhima phone has a gracting machine I will gract it

All were tensed

Vansh – great she is just 2km away let’s go angre

Dadi – go Vansh save her

He went with angre

Scene shift to a dark room

Ragini – now I will give u a injection which will make u unconscious and week and then I will kill u hahaha this is my game

Riddhima – ragini vansh will not leave you

Ragini gave injection to riddhima and she became unconscious

Vansh and angre reached to dark room

They saw ragini sitting there and riddhima was unconscious

Ragini – welcome vansh I know u will here I am so glad first riddhima will die than u

Listening to vansh name riddhima gained conscious

Vansh – ragini leave her she is my wife she is my life and I don’t allow anyone to snatch my life

Riddhima – va_nsh

Vansh – Riddhima u will be out from here

Ragini pointed gun at vansh and vansh was also pointing gun at ragini

Riddhima – Vansh go from here She will shoot u

Vansh – are u mad riddhima I can’t live you so just shut up

Riddhima POV

God save my vansh I promise If I will be save today I will keep fast tomorrow, plz

Riddhima POV ends

Ragini shoots but vansh safe himself he shoot ragini at her arm and told angre to take her and cage in vansh jail

Vansh – ragini I told u, u will lose, now leave your life in my jail

Ragini – vanshhh

Vansh – shhh, angre take her

Precap – riddhima did you kept fast

So guys I hope u will enjoy this epsiode wait for next epsiode bye

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