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Episode begins with.. 

As uma was about to say, vansh gets more and more nervous. Angre and others notices this.. 

VANSH: Mom, is this important now? 

ANGRE: Aunty, he won’t let you tell. I have an idea.. 

He goes near vansh a d shuts his mouth with his hand. Kabir and rithesh too joins him.. 

ANGRE: Aunty, it’s very difficult to stop him. So, please tell it fast.. 

UMA: Actually, vansh has promised me that after your marriages he’ll get marry that too with the girl of my choice. He promised me that whoever girl I show him, he’ll marry her with his closed eyes. 

Everyone hears this and gets shocked. But, the most shocked was riddhima. 

ISHANI: Mom, have you chosen any girl for bhai till now? 

UMA: Yes of course.. I have chosen our relative sandhya for him. 

ANGRE: When did he promise you? 

UMA: Yesterday. Okay, fine.. I have a work at temple. I must go their. So, I’ll take a leave. 

Saying so, she goes.. 

All looks at vansh. Whereas, vansh puts his head down and cries.. 

VANSH: Sorry guys. I know the reason for your looks. I understand all your questions. But, I have no answer with me. But, I can only say this to you. I have no option left with me. So, I promised mom.. 

Angre gets angry and was about to slap just then, he was stopped by riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA: No, bhai. Still now, I didn’t get my answers. I have some questions. Let me get myself clear. 

ANGRE: But, riddhima.. 

RIDDHIMA: I know that you alll worry for both of us. But, for next five minutes I don’t want you all to interefere. Now, only I’ll speak to vansh. And vansh, you have to answer my questions.. 

Everyone remains silent.. 

RIDDHIMA: Vansh, is there anything left that you have to tell us? 

Vansh remains silent.. 

RIDDHIMA: (shouts) I need my answer.. 

VANSH: No.. 

RIDDHIMA: I need the answer not lie.. 

Vansh remains silent.. 

RIDDHIMA: Okay, let me be clear.. Look into my eyes and tell me, what made you to promise aunty? What happened? Why did you promise her? Definitely, you can’t forget me. Everyone her knows that you love me. But, only I know how much you love me. So, no more lies. 

VANSH: Nothing.. 

RIDDHIMA: I told you to look into my eyes and tell. If your love was true then, you should tell the truth.. 

Vansh looks at her.. 

VANSH: (shouts)Vicky met me.. 

Everyone gets shocked.. 


VANSH: He met me.

Flash back:

VICKY: I don’t want to speak to you. But, I have to make one thing clear to you.. 

VANSH: I have no interest in your talks. 

VICKY: But, I have.. 

Vansh was about to go.. 

VICKY: Do you really think that riddhima loves you.. 

Vansh stops and turns to him.. 

VICKY: Vansh, actually even I was afraid that she loves you. But, now I’m happy. 

VANSH: Stop your rubbish.. Don’t even  dare to speak about my riddhima.. 

VICKY: My riddhima? She is no more yours. Because, you have no place in her life. Even you’ll understand this if you think for a while.. 

Vansh was about to go ignoring his talks.. 

VICKY: If riddhima loves you then, she would have agreed to marry you. I know whatever happened. Better go away from her life. You told me the other day that love can’t be forced.. But, what are you doing now? She doesn’t love you and you are forcing her to love you.. Is this right? 

Vansh loses his temper. He beats him.. 

Flash back ends.. 

VANSH: I might have slapped him. But, whatever he said.. 

Before he could complete riddhima slaps him. Vansh gets shocked.. 

RIDDHIMA: You believed it, right? 

VANSH: Riddhima.. 

Riddhima slaps him continuously. Sia and ishani stops her.. 

RIDDHIMA: (shouts) I told none should interfere.. 

Everyone steps back.. 

PRECAP: Everytime you used to do this, right? Last time you told that you have sacrificed your love. Now, you lost confidence.. 

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