RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 44 . Riddhima kills Vaaz


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Episode  43 – Read Here

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Episode 44  :

Riddhima kills Vaaz ?

The episode starts

Scene – 1 .

Angre : Boss How will we get the proof to know whether riddhima was behind Ragini’s condition or not  ?

Vansh  : If shahnawaz men are saying True that Riddhima was behind ragini’s rape then..we could know more about it at Shahnawaz’s location..

Angre  : What shall We do now  ?

Vansh  : I need someone’s help .

Vansh calls someone and says..

Vansh  : the location of shahnawaz that we went that day..Get  the cctv recordings from there. Those cctv cameras will contain Riddhima’s deal with Shahnawaz  . You have to collect those evidences and give it to me.

Reciever : Why you want to send me..you could send Angre also ?

Vansh  : If i or Angre will go there..then Riddhima will come to know about it.  Therefore I need your help..to get the cctv recordings.

Reciever : Ok..i will do it .

Angre : Can we believe on that girl..that she will bring evidences for us .

Vansh  : Of course..she will not trick us this time.

Scene  – 2

Riddhima  : I have to kill this vaaz at any cost..because if 36 hours end..then Vaaz will tell everything to vansh..that i was behind ragini’s rape. I have to call vaaz first..

Vaaz : What happened why did you called me  ?

Riddhima  : That’s what I want to know..what’s this new drama vaaz . You wanted money..i gave you then why you want to tell everything to vansh.

Vaaz : Vansh thinks you that you are good person..which you are not . So i want to tell the truth to Vansh.  And in this way Vansh will become weak from his heart.

Riddhima  : What do you want now ..i will give you.

Vaaz : I just want revenge against Vansh..

Riddhima  :  vaaz , i have to meet you now ..please come near road 12 .

Vaaz : Ok..i will come .

Call ends.

Riddhima  :  I have to end Vaaz’s chapter before he will open my chapter infront of vansh..

Riddhima calls a contract sniper..

Riddhima  : You have to kill someone…i am sending you the photo of it ..come at road 12 .

Riddhima sends vaaz phone to that contract sniper

Riddhima goes from there to road 12 .

Scene  – 3

At kabir’s office…

Kabir : I got some location of that thief…That thief name is Adrian . He is a fully – developed criminal..that could work for anyone whoever gives him money …

His photo is :-


Anjali  : He looks handsome than you.

Kabir  : Shut up..no one is hotter than me …

Kabir kisses Anjali 💋

Song plays..

Tujhe dekho..din main sau marta wa..Yeh agar ishq hai toh hai beintehaan..tu agar mang le jaan de dun abhi tu agar bol de khudako fanah..aa tujhme khatam kar dun ye saasein meri iss ishq mein marjawan tu jo kahe wo kar jawan ho ooo

Kabir : I have find out that he is in a deal near this location…i have to go and stop him..

Anjali  : I love you..take care….

Kabir goes…

Scene – 4

Riddhima reaches at road 12… There see searches for vaaz . She sees someone in a black hooded cloth .

Riddhima  : Is that you Vaaz ? Tell me.

No replies came…

Riddhima signs to that contract sniper to shoot at vaaz . That sniper points 👉towards vaaz and shoots at Vaaz’s back . The bullet hits Vaaz’s back. Riddhima goes near vaaz .

Riddhima  : Vaaz , you wanted to tell everything to vansh…so sorry..i can’t let this happen.  Therefore,  i have to kill you .

Sniper comes towards Riddhima

Sniper  : Mam , your work has been completed..give the rest of my money 💰.

Riddhima  : You did a very good job..take this money

Riddhima gives the money to that sniper and sniper went away .

Riddhima turns the face of vaaz . She gets shock seeing Vaaz’s face..It was the face of any anonymous person.

Riddhima  : How could this be possible..i thought i killed vaaz ..but Vaaz outsmarted me and send an innocent man in his getup. Oh no ! 😢I again killed this innocent man.  Police should not come to know about it..

Riddhima gets a letter..that letter was written by vaaz…riddhima reads the letter..

“Riddhima,  I knew that you wanted to kill me therefore you called me in this place.  But i am smart , i send an innocent person in my getup..so that you will get confused and kill that anonymous person…thinking that it was me.. Very bad riddhima..you killed an Innocent person . You have 12 hours left ..” .

Riddhima  : Vaaz !! 😡😡😡. I have to dispose this body at any cost . Riddhima holds that body and take it near a 🌳and put it there …

Riddhima goes from there…

Scene  – 5

Riddhima reaches vr mansion..she was sweating 😓. Riddhima hears vansh talking to someone in phone..

Vansh  : You got those evidences..great ..I am sending Angre,  he will bring evidences about ” Shahnawaz for me ” ..

Person  : Ok..i will give it to Angre…

Call ends..

Riddhima hears everything..

Riddhima  ( in her mind) . Vansh was talking to someone..but who could it be .. That voice looked like a female voice.  Which girl vansh was talking to.

Angre was coming..riddhima sees Angre and she goes from there..

Vansh  : She had got evidences about shahnawaz and riddhima deal…She will give to us ..you go and get it .

Angre : Ok ,boss..but Riddhima might come to stop us..

Vansh  : I will trap her in her circle..

Angre goes from there…

Precap  : vansh “Sweetheart,  you had told me to proof my love for you . Let’s have some romance now…” . Riddhima  ” Vansh,  i am busy now “. Vansh closes the gates of vr mansion..vansh  ” You can’t go anywhere..Sweetheart  ” .

Episode ends.

So how did you like todays episode.  Vaaz fooled riddhima by sending an innocent man in place of him and riddhima killed that innocent person..innocently 🤣🤣 .

1) Who is the girl..who is going to collect evidences for vansh..?

2) Are you feeling thrilled  ?

Bye,  Take care and thanks

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