RadhaKrishn 7th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Krishna’s 8 Patranis/Wives Gather

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Krishna tells Balram that it a competition between a bhakt/devotee and bhagwan/god and if he has to win, he has to think like Narad and play like him. He asks whom he will support. Balram says he wants to support both. Krishna says he is free to support anyone. Narad rejoices thinking once he completes Mahadev’s given task, he will be very happy and will call him Maha Maha Maha Muni. On the other side, Radha tells Rukmini that Krishna should perform ashwamedh yagna and she should support him. Rukmini agrees. Krishna walks in and asks how is she and why did she bring so many gifts. Rukmini says her father send gifts for him. Radha asks him to get strong. Rukmini says he is happy that he is performing ashwamedh yagna. Radha says its good if Rukmini sits with him for yagna. Krishna realized it was Narad’s plan. Radha asks Krishna if he doesn’t have any problem if Rukmini performs yagna with him. Krishna says he doesn’t have any problem, but his other queens will. Rukmini says they will not. Krishna says Narad told him that out of 16108 queens, he has to perform yagna with 1 queen; even if he ignores others, he has 8 pantranis whom he legally married and may want to perform yagna with him, so they need to seek their opinion first. Rukmini thinks he is right.

Mahadev felicitates Narad Muni for completing his task. Other gods also praise him. Krishna wakes him up from seep and asks if he was dreaming. Narad opens eyes and says he saw a pleasant dream. Krishna says early morning dreams usually come true and informs that Radha wants him to perform yagna with Rukmini, but his other wives may object. Narad gets tensed. Krishna asks him to go back to sleep and leaves. Narad thinks he cannot let his effort wasted and has to do something. He meets Radha and informs what Krishna told. Radha says Krishna is right, she cannot do injustice to Krishna’s other wives and cannot let Rukmini perform yagna without their permission. Narad says yagna should be performed in 2 days. Radha requests him to call Krishna’s other 7 patranis like he called Rukmini here. Narad says he has a lot of work and should select horse for yagna. Radha saysa she will complete this task. He asks to seek Balram’s help in selecting a horse. Radha agrees and leaves. He multiples himself to invite Krishna’s remaining 7 wives.

Balram with his sons feeds horses for yagna. Krishna with Radha walks in and says let all his 8 patranis gather first for yagna and asks Balram if he chose a horse. Balram shows a white horse. Krishna murmurs something in horse’s ears and asks Balram to get the horse ready for yagna. Radha sees Rukmini tensed and asks reason. Rukmini says she wants to perform yagna with Krishna, but is worried if other 7 wives will come on time. Guard informs that other 7 wives have arrived on Narad’s invitation. Radha happily takes Rukmini to meet them. Balram and his sons try to pull horse, but fail. Nishat and Ulmukh try to convince horse but fail. Balram say let us start yagna first and then think of horse.

Narad introduces Krishna’s all 8 wives Rukmini, Satyabhama, Jamvati, Kalindi/Yamuna, Nagnatiji, Mitravinda, Charuhasini, and Bhadra describing their lineage in detail. Krishna greets them all. Narad says they get very happy when a whole family unites, asks Krishna if amazed him by gathering all 8 patranis. Krishna says he is and arranged a surprise for even him. Narad say she should announce ashwamedh yagna when all is 8 queens are present. Balram reveals Radha about Horse. Narad says he should perform yagna in 2 days. Krishna agrees and says let us select a horse first. Narad says Radha and Balram already chose a horse. Balrma informs that horse is not moving at all, so they should select another horse. Narad thinks Krishna kept him busy in inviting queens and says he will arrange yagna by tomorrow. Krishna asks all his 8 queens to rest. Narad challenges him that he will arrange horse by tomorrow.

Precap: Krishna tells his patranis that when they have decided to let Rukmini perform yagna with him, they all will meet at the time of yagna. All 7 wives desire to perform yagna with him.

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