Qurbaan Hua 19th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Aalekh threatens to reveal the truth about Alka and Dua

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Aalekh exclaims that Neel’s wife has also started the ritual of dowry in their house, Godamabri along with the entire family is stunned, Neel exclaims that they will be punished for ruining the reputation of this house, he raises his hand slapping Aalekh when everyone thought he would slap Chahat, Neel asks how many times would he come to their house and get humiliated, Neel replies that he saw and heard Bhupinder’s Bhabhi to seek the help of Chahat and she only gave the money for the repair of the bakery because the insurance claim was still pending, he asks why did she sided with Aalekh, Bhupinder questions his Bhabhi for the reason to deceive the family where he is going to marry, he vows to marry Naveli even if they are not with him.

Bhupinder’s Bhabhi replies that Aalekh and Ghazala instigated her, Neel vows to not leave him when Chahat stops asking why is he going to punish him when he is already suffering the punishment, they look down to see the bog pissing on him, the entire family laughs, Aalekh even gets bitten, they both run out of the house while the dog follows them after which he comes back into the house, Dua praises Tinku mian for his intelligence, Bhupinder exclaims he cannot wait any longer for the wedding, he seeks the permission from Neel to make Naveli wear the ring, Neel gives the permission, Chahat mentions that it has been proved the couples are made in heaven, Bhupinder makes her wear the ring and she also is about to do the same, Godamabri tries to stop them, Chahat explains that Naveli is happy after along time and she must not snatch it, they both get engaged and everyone is really happy.
Chahat says to Neel that it would take a lot of time for the bakery to get repaired so why can he not keep Bhupinder as his assistant, Neel mentions it could have happened but is not happening says he has already hired someone, he gets a call on his mobile, Chahat leans to answer it but Neel Snatches the mobile, saying that they will meet in the morning but he ends the call, Chahat is suspicious of his actions so asks who was the person on the call, he insists it was Bunti but Neel is not ready to hand the mobile, they both lie down on the bed and Chahat still insists on taking the mobile however Neel is not prepared to give the mobile, they both get close when Chahat still tries to take the mobile but Neel stops her, he tries to get romantic saying that Chahat should trust him as they were talking about increasing the children, she hears some voice so asks what kind of voices is he making, they see Tinku mian, Neel takes him outside asking why was he interfering in their matters, he is glad that Chahat did not see the name of Bubbles because he feels nice to see that she is suspicious of his actions.

In the morning Alka is really glad that she was able to find the matching dress as Dua and now they would be able to dance and win, she thinks how Dua asked her to make a face while taking the photos she starts practicing it, Aalekh coming from behind says she must do all she desires as it would be the last time she dances with Dua, Alka questions why is he saying this Aalekh replies she knows he is one of the judge on the panel and they both would be disqualified when he tells them she is not the mother of Dua, after that they will be expelled, Alka asks why is he doing this when he knows that the only people in the family who consider her as their own are the children but Aalekh asks how can he forget the way she was laughing when he was being chased by the puppy, Alka holds her hand pleading that he remain quiet, Aalekh exclaims he would hold his side of the arrangement but needs something in return, Alka asks what would she have to do for him as she is ready.

Alka walks to the room of Vyas jee, she apologizes to him for being forced to do this otherwise they would snatch the children from her, Neel and Chahat walking downstairs, Neel explains she was right and they should do something for Bopho, he gives the idea to hire him to check the accounts, Alka while searching the wardrobe drops the box which wakes Vyas jee, he calls her while Chahat is walking upstairs to the room, He starts calling Alka when Chahat enters asking what has happened, Alka starts to lie, saying she came to give water but is now leaving, Alka leaves saying she is getting late for the class, Chahat wonders why is she lying as Neel got a message that the dance class has been cancelled, she sits with Vyas je asking him to calm down, he signals towards the cupboard, she says she would close it but after she gets the files, Chahat is shocked to see that the files are missing, Vyas je once again takes the name of Alka, Chahat gets suspicious so calls Neel saying she will send the live location and feels Alka is doing something really wrong.

Alka is standing, Aalekh comes asking if she brought the files thinking that all the women in the family are stupid as she gave him the files when he just threatened her, he asks for them but Dua says that he must promise that he would not expel them, Aalekh assures her but she doesn’t trust him so asks him to write it down, he taking the notepad writes it down, then demands the files explaining she doesnot know how much she has helped him because he will now bring the entire Dhiani family on the road, Chahat replies he would not be able to fulfil his desires until she is alive, Aalekh is shocked to see Chahat is standing behind him.

Precap: Neel warns her to never step in their house once again, Godamabri asks if he would throw the people out on the orders of his wife, Neel replies Alka tried to give the papers of their family to Aalekh, he exclaims there is no place in the house for those sided with the murderer of his sister and do not accept the favours of his family

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