Qurbaan Hua 16th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Shlok finally returns from the religious school

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Chahat asks Godamabri what she is talking about how can Vyas je turn on the microwave, she asks him to reveal who turned on the microwave, he points towards the other side where Dua is hiding, Chahat rushes asking who is there, she is not able to find anyone so exclaim there was no one there, she requests Neel to take Vyas je into his room, she is worried who might have done it.
Dua in her room is crying, explaining she did not know that placing the steel pot would cause such an action, Alka asks her to not be worried but promise to never do such a thing again, Dua praises that she came and saved her from under the table otherwise Dr Chahat would have scolded her a lot, Alka asks her to not wait and sleep as everything would be fine, Chahat enters the room and drags Alka downstairs asking what was she doing in Dua’s room when she went to get the water, Alka replies she went to get water but heard Dua crying so went to her room, Chahat shows her the band explaining she found it under the table asking Alka why is she trying to protect Dua when she made a mistake and they as the parents should try to teach the children.

Godambari comes blaming Chahat saying Dua was hungry because she did not allow her to eat, she is more than capable to cry in front of her husband to get the children scolded, Chahat replies she is their mother and cares for them but she cannot bear that they cover the mistakes of the children, Godambari blames Dua made the mistake while trying to warm the milk in the microwave, Neel comes asking her to scold him as she did not allow Dua to have the food, he exclaims she is not saying anything to him because he is the member of their family so why does she always have to scold Chahat, she is the only mother of his children, he warns Alka to stop misguiding his children as she is not their mother, Alka starts crying, Chahat asks her to not give importance to his words as he says anything when he is angry, she explains she is glad that the children are getting the love of the entire family and Shlok, Dua are her children but she just desires that Alka not hide the mistakes which they make as it will spoil them, Neel asks why is she praising them, Chahat takes Neel away, Godamabri asks Alka to come with her.

Dua thinks Alka is getting scolded because of her, Chahat taki8ung Neel into the rom asks him to relax, he asks why she is still quiet and is furthering Alka as she is the only real mother of the children, Neel vows to call the academy and tell them she is the real mother of Dua, Chahat tries to stop him but doesnot listen, she thinks of a plan so kisses him, he asks what was it when she mentions he always says they have forgotten to eb Neel and Chahat after being the parents, so now they will watch a romantic movie as the individuals, he replies they can think about it but first she needs to end what she started, he demands another kiss, she gives him but then he also asks for the kiss on his lips, she moves away saying she needs to close the windows of the room of Vyas je if they are open then it will bring mosquitoes, he stops saying he will not let her leave, she is worried saying that if the same things happens then they would have another twin children and they would be four, Neel replies he can do it till the cricket team is standing, she leaves saying it is more important to close the windows of Vyas je so leaves without listening to anything which he says.

Chahat is walking, Naveli asks her to inform how much the bakery has burnt, Chahat replies that everything is lost, Naveli says that this means everything is lost and she knows Bhupinder built the bakery from the ground so now what would happen, Chahat says that now they would once again make it like it was and as for his heart, she will correct it with her love, Naveli hugs Chahat and is crying.

Chahat in the morning is in her clinic, Bhupinder’s Bhabhi comes apologizing for all she had said to her that day, Chahat helps her sit down, she says that everything has been lost and they seem that they would have to beg from now on. Chahat taking out the money gives them to her, she exclaims she cannot take them, but Chahat replies it is just a loan, she leaves, Neel standing outside thinks that she has arranged the money even before he could, he is blessed to have a wife like her.

Bhabhi is with Ghazala exclaiming she was right and Chahat gave the money even without asking, Ghazala replies they are the teaching of her father, Bhabhi asks what they will do with his money, Ghazala replies they will create a scene with the money.

Dua apologizes to Alka explaining she got scolded because of her, Alka says she even calls her mother and is also apologizing as there is no need, she as a mother can bear the scolding, Dua hugging her exclaims she is even more polite than Dr Chahat. Alka feels blessed, Dua sees the puppy so gets excited, she going to him makes him eat the ice cream, Alka also sits with her, she is not able to find the mother, Alka explains that she feels the puppy’s mother might have left him, Dua reveals he is jus like her, she exclaims they should become friends, Alka asks Dua if she needs the puppy, Alka replies she cannot take her as then Neel would get angry, Dua apologizes saying she will come to meet him everyday and turns to leave when they hear the cry of the puppy, Dua waves her hand, she think Dua calls her mother so why can she not do this for her and so she will take the puppy inside for her.

In the house Naveli after placing the box turns, Godambari says she will never allow her marriage with Bhupinder, Naveli exclaims since she has made up her mind she will also see how Godamabri stops her, they are talking when someone coming from behind throws flowers on them, they both run to see Shlok and get really excited, he takes the blessings asking them to stop fighting, Godamabri asks him to also teach Naveli, she asks if he got good food, but he says their were big tortilla, Godambari asks if he brought something for her, he exclaims he has and when she opens it is a necklace, she is really amazed, Naveli also asks he brings her gift, she taking it out sees the Murti so is excited.

Shlok asks about Dua saying he brought ladoo for her, Naveli replies she would be in the room, he goes calling her but she doesn’t answer, he sees the gift so think she might have bought it for him, he opens it and the dog emerges, he gets really scared seeing the dog.

Precap: Shlok cries and tells Chahat that dog was biting him. Chahat tells everyone that they know Shlok is afraid of dogs, then who brought that dog in the house? Dua says that puppy is hers. Chahat says that the puppy won’t stay in that house. Dua says, fine, then she will leave that house with Alka.

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