Qurbaan Hua 14th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Alka acts as the mother of Dua in the dance school

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In the morning, Dua is sitting preparing when Neel comes and Chahat mentions she cannot believe that Dua has finally accepted that she be her partner, Neel replies had he not promised that he would end the differences, Chahat reveals that her partner would be the best and now she would make sure Dua wins the competition so she can once again be her mother from Dr Chahat, Neel exclaims he would make a video and send it to Shlok, he leaves to get his mobile from the car as he forgot it there, Chahat sees Dua so goes to help her, she just sits their without talking anything, Chahat leaves exclaiming she would come back just after changing.

Dua is called to the stage, she blesses each and every judge they ask her to also seek the blessing of the new judge, Dua turns to see that it is Aalekh, she is stunned but is forced to say Namaste when the judges ask her, the teacher exclaims he is a really big business man and has provided a big donation to their institution, Aalekh replies he will always be their for the students, he gives Dua a rose explaining she might be thinking he is really bad but the real culprit is Agam which is why the police have arrested him, he asks her to not think about it and focus on her dance, he questions if the participants have to postrait before Shiv jee before the start of the performance, the teacher that they all do but he asks what if the child is from some other religion, he teacher mentions it is not that big of deal as there is dance in each and every religion, they ask Aalekh to come with them when they advise Dua to postrait before Shiv jee and also call her mother, Dua thinks that if Chahat comes out she will stop her and get her disqualified, Alka enters as the mother of Dua exclaiming she is her mother and she should postrait like her, Aalekh is shocked to see that it is Alka, she asks Dua if they can start the dance, they are in complete sync, Neel enters and is about to make the video when he is stunned to see Alka, he wonders where is Chahat.

Neel sees Chahat crying so goes to her asking what has happened, Neel says he would stop the performance but Chahat stops him saying otherwise Dua would not get selected, Neel exclaims if she doesnot dance with her mother then would not dance at all, they see that Dua and Alka are dancing with complete sync, Neel rushes in anger thinking how did Alka dare go with Dua on the stage, he is about to go after her when Chahat stops him explaining it was her decision, Neel asks the reason, she replies that Aalekh has been released from jail and so this is why she decided to send Alka, Neel wonders how did it happen, Chahat replies she was also shocked to see him so called the police which is when she found out Agam has accepted all the blame and so he came after donating a big amount, Chahat replies she heard him talking with Dua saying that even if Dua is from their religion Chahat is a Muslim who would not let her postrait and she will not be able to win the competition, she after that decided to send Alka as the mother of Dua.

Alka and Dua are dancing and after their performance the entire crowd along with the judges start clapping for them, the judges exclaim that their performance was really impressive and they were not even able to take their eyes of them so they will surely get the admission, Aalekh sees Chahat so thinks that she would not be able to run away from him, he has come back so would make a plan that will ruin them four, including Neel, Chahat, Naveli and Dua.

Neel in the hall exclaims that he would have stopped the performance and not listened to Chahat, he exclaims he doesnot like when someone else tries to take her position as the mother of his children, she always claims to be a strong woman then why did she accept defeat from Aalekh.

There is someone clapping, Aalekh comes exclaiming Neel did not tell him that he has married Alka and she is the mother of his children, he should have been invited so Neel rushes to hit him but Chahat stops saying that if he harms Aalekh then he would not let Dua get the admission, Aalekh asks him to learn something from Chahat because she is really clever, Chahat exclaims that even when he has tried it was all in vain as he lost, Aalekh replies that she has made his work a lot easy because now Dua thinks that Alka is her mother.

Neel vows to make Aalekh pay if he tries to harm his children, Neel and Chahat both see Alka and Dua together, Neel exclaims she would not be able to bear the sight, Alka asks the photographer to take some more photos, when they are about to leave Neel requests him to even take some more photos with her real mother, Chahat holds her hand however Dua rushes to Alka exclaiming that for the school she is her mother, but she knew that if she danced with Chahat she would not have gotten the selection and only got selected because Alka was with her, Neel scolds her saying that she doesnot know what to say, Chahat leaves crying, Neel exclaims she once again made her mother cry so rushes after her.

Chahat in the house takes out the album of Dua, she seeing the photo of the ultrasound asks her to see that she is a part of her, all her organs including the hands and heart were formed inside her, she questions then why does Dua hate her so much, she exclaims it doesnot matter, the pain which she has suffered is not the matter as she got selected in the dance academy so she will surely go there, she thinks she would not let anything happen to her because of Aalekh.

Precap: Duya takes Vyas jee to the kitchen with her saying she is hungry. She puts a steel utensil in the microwave. Smoke starts coming out, she tells Vyas je to leave from there, but he stands there, and she leaves, Chahat comes. She is shocked seeing the smoke and Vyas je standing there.

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