Qurbaan Hua 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Bhupinder’s Bhabhi calls off the marriage because of Chahat’s religion

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Neel says what is the point of a romantic date which does not have the dinner prepared by her husband, he unveils the pizza paratha and makes Chahat eat it, he reveals there is another way to show the love, they both lean close to each other.

Dua says she was taught that a mother is the best creation of god but her mother is the worst creation, Neel scolding her questions what the way is to talk with a mother, does she know that Chahat did not go to the hospital because she needed to go to the dance school.

Dua exclaims she doesnot want to be the partner of Dr Chahat, she rushes back inside, Neel tries to talk with Chahat, but she leaves making an excuse that she has an important call which she to attend, Neel thinks that the problem between Dua and Chahat are getting worse, he thinks he would have to do something to end the differences.

Neel is eating, he asks Naveli to leave the pot because Chahat has not eaten anything, Naveli asks why has she not eaten when it is so late, Neel replies she has been on a call for the past hour because there is some patient, Chahat comes and is on the phone advising the nurse to call another doctor for consultation because they have to be extra careful relating to the patient as it might cause a lot of problems. She reaches to take a paratha, but they have ended, Neel secretly places his paratha on her plate, trying to leave saying that he needs to exercise but she advises him to start working out but must not stop eating, he asks what she would eat when she is a doctor who doesnot know of nutrition, Chahat exclaims she could not be a nice mother and the hatred of Dua has filled her stomach.

Chahat reaches the room, she sees the sign of flight to Paris, she turns to the other side and opens the button she sees the portrait of Eiffel tower, Neel coming from behind welcomes her to Paris exclaiming he thought she was getting irritated in Devpriagh so he bring her to Paris as it is the city of love, Chahat exclaims that she doesnot feel hungry as she cannot be a good mother, Neel makes her sit saying it is not the case, he has made cheese paratha for her, he makes her eat it, Neel mentions there is another way to end the worries, they both lean for a kiss, Dua knocks on the door asking if she can sleep with Neel because she is not able to sleep.

Neel asks Chahat to hide, he opens the door and Dua coming inside starts looking for Chahat, he asks how she can be in the room as she is on the night shift, Dua places her head on his legs, Neel also asks Chahat to come, she places her hand on her forehead, Dua says to Neel that his hands are really soft and even better then two ice creams, Neel exclaims that her daughter loves her more then two ice creams, he assures he would end the problems amongst them and has even talked with the management of the dance school, she must leave with Dua, he assures he would convince her.

In the morning Bhupinder comes with his Bhabhi, Chahat welcomes her, Bhupinder introduces them both, Chahat asks Bhabhi if she makes the sweet pudding as her children love it and whenever Bhupinder brings it her children immediately eat it, Chahat asks Bhabhi to teach her as well, Neel replies that when Naveli would get married, Bhabhi would teach her and then Chahat can call her anytime she feels like eating pudding, Bhabhi explains that her in laws never pressurized her for anything, she loves cooking and they would also consider Naveli as their own daughter, Naveli comes to them, Bhabhi exclaims she now understands why Bhupinder was insisting on getting married.

Bhabhi walks out while talking with her husband, she assures that she would finalize the relation because she really likes the girl, Ghazala coming from behind asks her to also place her hand on the piece of cloth, Bhabhi asks what kind of a cloth is this, Ghazala replies that Chahat is from the other religion and in their religion, Friday is a very auspicious day.

Chahat exclaims that now even Bhabhi has accepted the marriage proposal, she hands them the sweets to celebrate but Bhabhi coming stops Bhupinder saying that he did not tell the entire truth because Chahat is from the other religion, Neel asks why is she talking like this to his wife as they now live in the twenty first century, Neel exclaims he knows that Chahat is from the other religion but Naveli is a Hindu, Bhabhi replies that they are really simple people who still believe in everything, Bhabhi places a condition that if Chahat is not present in the wedding then they can think of the marriage, Neel doesnot accept it saying Chahat would be present in each and every ritual, he asks Bhupinder if he is doing the right thing because this is what he would have done, Bhabhi leaves saying she would also not like to stay in their house.

Naveli starts crying, Chahat rushes to her saying that there is no need to worry as she is sure Bhupinder would convince his Bhabhi, Dua is walking down the stairs dressed in her costume, Godambari blames Chahat for ruining the marriage proposal because of her religion, Dua wonders why their religion has ruined the marriage relation.

Dua is with Neel driving towards the dance competition, she asks if her religion is bad because of which Naveli bua was crying, Neel asks why she is saying this, he in forms that every religion teaches them a way of living, she must now only focus on her dance, Dua replies she doesnot even have a partner, Neel says that Chahat would be her partner which angers Dua, Neel stopping the car asks if she loves him, she can allow Chahat to be her partner just for his sake, Dua hesitantly agrees to dance with Chahat.

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