Qurbaan Hua 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update: Dua blames Chahat for not being able to get in the dance contest

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Chahat asks that she needs the costume for a daughter and a man, the shopkeeper says that he should show the costume which the customer of Ghazala took, Chahat thinks she would not let Ghazala get away with such an act.

Some time ago Neel asks what was he thinking because he would have died, Bopho replies he only cares for Naveli so could not live without her, Chahat asks Neel to witness the love which Bopho has for Naveli as his care is the only thing which can keep Naveli happy and no other wealthy person can give this to her, Naveli replies she also loves Bopho and cannot live without him, Neel asks him to stand up and slaps him, Bopho asks what is it for, Neel mentions he would be his brother in law so he would not be able to slap him. Bopho hugs him, he asks Bopho to also talk with Naveli because he is going to marry her, Godamabri exclaims she has not agreed for the marriage, but Neel replies he doesnot know anything when Naveli has accepted the decision to marry him.
Neel pulling Chahat exclaims he is glad that she always corrects him whenever he is about to make a mistake, she laughs standing beside him, Naveli exclaims that if Bopho hurt himself she would have also hit him in the head, she is sorry when he hurts his hand.

Chahat brings the costume for Neel asking him to wear it, he asks what the need is to change when he is just dropping her off, Chahat asks if he forgot what they discussed that he is also going to perform as it a couple dance, Neel exclaims he doesnot even know the basics of classical dacne, Chahat assures she would teach him, Neel replies he knows what she is trying to do, she is making him do what she desires by taking the name of the children, she sends him away and he comes wearing a Lungi, Chahat questions why is he wearing Lungi, Neel replies he is a staunch believer of authenticity, she replies she doesnot trust his Lungi but then starts teaching him the basics of classical dance, he is performing really well, she sees that his Lungi is coming off she immediately hugs him and he realizes what was wrong so he corrects it, she exclaims he says whatever he feels like, she turns when he pulls her closer saying she should not leave, Chahat replies Dua is waiting for him and if they did not get selected, she would not forgive him, Neel explains she is forcing him to take part while also threatening him, Chahat responds she is not doing it by her will, she really wished to get selected with Dua but now he must be there for her, Neel seeing Chahat thinks he would have to do something to end the differences between Chahat and Dua.

Neel is working on the papers, Dua seeing the opportunity calls Ghazala replying she is participating with Neel when everyone else is participating with their mothers, Ghazala blesses her mentioning that she should call her if she needs anything else, Aalekh says that Neel would surely try to end the differences between Dua and Chahat, Ghazala assures that nothing of the sort would happen when she is around them, Aalekh exclaims he feels really nice after teasing Neel.

Neel asks Dua to wait while he would submit the papers, he going to the principal requests that he needs her help because his daughter is angry with her mother so he only requests that she insist only the mothers are allowed with the children, the principal agrees saying it is just a small task which she can fulfil, Neel decides to leave before Dua sees her.

Dua is sitting, Ghazala calls her, she immediately rushes to meet her grandmother, explaining now since she has come to meet her the entire performance would happen smoothly, Ghazala asks her to show the performance, but Dua replies the Payal is with Neel, she would bring it from him.

Chahat in a hurry reaches to get the costume, she asks the owner for two of them, one for a small girl and the other for a man, he orders the worker to show Chahat the costume which the guest of Ghazala jee took, he asks if she has returned it, he orders them to also charge her for today, Chahat exclaims that Dua would get selected after five minutes after which she would not leave Ghazala.
Chahat walking to the hall wonders where Neel has gone, she sees Ghazala who gets worried seeing how angry Chahat is, she comes asking what would Ghazala take to leave her family, Ghazala questions what has she done, Ghazala says that she has only come to raise her hopes, Chahat asks her to stay away from Dua because she is the one who came to scare her as the churail, Chahat threatens to kill her, the contestants see the fight and are really worried.

Ghazala asks her to not do this because she only loves Dua, Chahat exclaims she was not able to be mother then why is she acting as if she loves Dua, Ghazala tries to get the other constants to see that she is helpless, Chahat leaves when Ghazala sees Dua coming, she falls down acting as if she is having a nervous breakdown, the other women come asking if Chahat is her daughter, Ghazala replies that her daughter did not love her and now doesnot even let her meet with her niece, the teacher assures they would not let daughter get selected as it would teach her to not misbehave with a mother, Dua thinks if the teacher finds out that she is the daughter of Dr Chahat then would not be selected.

Chahat wonders where Neel has gone so calls him asking where he is, he mentions he has come back home, when she questions who would then be the partner of Dua, he replies that she would be her partner because this would give them an opportunity to bond as a parent.

Chahat sees Dua so calls her, she exclaims that she doesnot know what has happened and so would be her partner because the instructors said that a father cannot be her partner, Dua insists that she take her back home because if she doesnot than she would go back alone, Dua leaves so Chahat has to follow her.

In the house Dua is leaving, Chahat questions what has happened and Neel also asks why did they come back so early, Chahat replies Dua refused to take part in the contest, Neel questions what has happened, Dua blames Chahat for everything saying that she insulted Ghazala to the extent that the organizers vowed to not let her daughter get selected, Chahat tries to inform her that it was Ghazala who tried to scare her as a witch, Dua says it is a lie because Chahat wants her to be away from anyone whom she loves, she reveals that a mother is the best part of the child’s life however she doesnot feel that her mother is nice as she is the worst creation of a god.

Precap: Chahat says Bhupinder’s Bhabhi also approved the alliance. She tells him and Naveli to feed sweets to each other, Bhupinder’s mother comes and says they don’t want this alliance. Chahat asks what happened, Bhupinder mother tells she is from another religion, right? Chahat agrees but says that Naveli is from the same religion, Bhupinder’s mothers tells Chahat, but she will attend the wedding, if she promises to not attend the wedding they can think.

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