Our Limitless Love(A Riansh FF….) Teaser!

This is going to be the shortest of teaser.


Read the note at last first read the teaser,



Man 1 , 2,3 are trying to find a girl.



The girl is hiding from them.

Man 1 is announcing that man 2 shot himself.


Man 2,3 are crying.




Share your theories.






I am really disturbed because of few reasons.


-I don’t know what’s happening?

Menna di and aarushi get well soon…. You both were one of those with whom I befriended first.

Pray for them, guys!

-many of you are making plans to leave TU, wattpad!

Just why?

Gauri, niyati di😒😔


– I lost someone in close relation of my family. And was really close to me!

So I am not in a state if mind to write anything.



Sorry for not posting guys, I know I was supposed to post but my hands are not letting me…. I have to complete my school work but no motivation…. I have many works but this demise left a void in me…. I need some time to get over… I need someone to motivate… Thank q and sorry to disturb you all……



Thank you!





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