Our Limitless Love(A Riansh FF….) …. Ch-54

Chapter -54

I am back😂!

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Ok so let me give u all a quick recap:-

Recap:- Kabir and ridhima reach hospital, she changes her clothes to avoid letting anyone know about what happened!?

After changing she comes out room.



Now let’s start:-


Ridhima’s pov,

By the way , I should praise myself I am preplanned!

See how my spare clothes with help me!

Now no one will suspect me that I have gone somewhere else rather than going in a meeting!

But this bandage!???? 🙃

Let it be, I can make up an excuse!


Good ridhima good!


Pov ends,,




She heads towards vansh’s room, to check him!


But found him awake along with others !

Vansh monitors her from top to bottom and speaks!

Vansh:- I guess, you have changed your clothes!

Ridhima trying to cover up;

Ridz:- so, do i need you permission for that!??


Vansh:- Aree, you finally spoke to my question, interesting very interesting!

But from where is this alcohol smell is coming, who has drunk here!


Everyone looks at each other! Kabir and ridhima looking at each other! But their trance is broken by vansh!

Vansh:- don’t stare him! Let him live! Aryan and angre were with me! So not possible and I am can’t drink, coming to you and kabir!

You don’t drink nor have ever seen kabir drinking, then who drunk!


(Isko koi btao ki, ridhima is 😆😆)


Just then a nurse comes in and says to ridhima!

Nurse:- doctor, you bottles have arrived please sign here so that we can take it!


Now ridhima signs and thinks,

– why only she had to come! Hope he doesn’t join the dots!



Vansh realising something –

(Le gyi ye😂😂😂)


Vansh:- did you drink!?


Ridhima:- no!


Vansh:- if no then why when you spoke then only we smelled alcohol!

Don’t lie!


Ridhima:- yes, I did and I think it’s non of you concern!


Vansh was shocked🤯😱😳😳.


Vansh:- y.. Ouu. Are drunk and then attending your patients!


Ridz:- though, you came to know it so let me clear!

I am drunk but after that inauspicious day, to be precised more then 4 years back, now I don’t think i need to clarify the reason! And yes even if I am drunk, I don’t loose my senses, ok!

So before saying anything further keep this in your mind!


People loose senses and forget everything when they are drunk but my memory gets more stronger and I remember everything very clearly!



Vansh:- ok! But as if I know you never drank before!


Ridz:- I know!

But I think you left some thing and points in getting me! Will hope now you will get me clear!

(Ridhu rocked 😆 vansh shocked😳!)



Vansh pov,

I don’t think this is the full truth behind her disappearance for hours! But for now divert the topic , or else she will blast again!

Pov ends

He notices the bandage!


Vamsh:- how you got hurt!

( lgi watt😂😂😂😂😂)


Ridz:- again non of your concern!

( rocking jawaab)


Vansh:- if everything related to you is not of my concern then why the hell I am concerned to you!??

(Raising his eyebrows!)


(Ye h rocking jawaab shaandaar reply😂😂)


Ridz:- shall I check!


Vansh:- yes before that answer me!


Ridz :- will tell but let me check you!


Vansh:- first, tell me!


Ridz:- let me check then!


Vansh:- fine, proceed!


Ridz :- good!


Vansh makes a face 😒😤!


( in dono emoji ka mixture jo bhi aaye aapke dimag mei, vaisa heei face😂😂😂)


She checks him!


Ridz:- angre, he can be discharged but with few prescriptions and precautions!

Will you take care of those!??


Angre:- yes! Bha…. Ridhima!


Vansh sides ridhima and glares angre

Angre gestures🤷‍♂️.


(Ye emoji shi h n 😂😂😂)





Last time didn’t left you all in suspense, so in this too!

So now as u know I give shocks after happiness…. So keep waiting 😂😂😂!

Accha I noticed that I didn’t left you all in suspense in last chapter, I. E.ch- 53…..so it was better only.. Or how your these days would have gone, god knows 😂😂😂!


Accha bhaut baat ho gyi.. .. Isme me suspense nhi diya h

.. Chlo ab sb log comments kr dena pls…

And I will try to catch up with all ffs from now on!!!!


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That’s all for today guys!


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