#Opposites Attract Each Other #22 Is something fishy with Vyom & Jay?

After the romance session of RiAnsh, both of them made their way back to the mansion.

Riddhima comes out of the car and heads inside, while Vansh goes to park it. As Riddhima enters inside, she sees Vyom, Jay, Rajat, Anushka and Bani sitting. After greeting to them, she climbs up, followed by Vansh. 

Vyom : Rajat, I was thinking, what if Bani and Jay have a talk, together? 

Rajat : Why not! Go Bani!

Bani : Yes Dad..

The duo goes to Bani’s room. 

Jay : Hi

Bani : Hello

Jay : So, tell me something about yourself?

Bani : I’m an extrovert person, I’m like a free bird and I hate who try to snatch my freedom..

She spoke because her heart wasn’t wanting for her to marry Jay, so she thought, by this Jay may feel bad and break the alliance. 

Jay : Oh good! Same here…

Bani gave him a tight smile. 

Jay : You know, I’ve discovered we’ve lots of similarities, so it’s a yes from my side..

Bani : And my too!

Jay : Congratulations..

Bani : To you too..

And both of them told their decision to their parents. 

Rajat : So, we’ll call the priest to fix the engagement..

Vyom : Hmm..Congratulations!

Rajat : To you too..

And both of them hugged each other..Soon, Vyom and Jay departured after bidding goodbye to them..

In their car: 

Jay : Dad, our work is done..

Vyom : Yes son, so it’s time to celebrate..

Jay : Wohoo!!!! 

His phone rings.

“Hello” says Jay. 

“Hi Jay, it’s me…How are you doing?” said another voice.

“Is this your new number, darling?” Jay asks in a soft tone. 

“Yess..you tell me, when are you coming? Remember our date is pending..” says 

“Yes, I know darling…Let’s first trap Bani, then will go to a date”

“Cool! Take care..Bye”


He keeps the phone. 

Vyom :  Hina, right?

Jay : Yes Dad…She loves me a lot and I’ve the same feelings for her. 

Vyom : Your choice is good, my child!

Jay : And I know that, dad..

“My name is Vyom yaani shunya yaani circle and the person who comes in my circle, cannot go out..and this time, its’ Chauhan family..” thinks Vyom while smirking. 

Over to RiAnsh: 

Riddhima served dinner to everyone..After having dinner, Neil and Devyani left from there.

Veer : Bhabhi! What are your honeymoon plans? 

Riddhima blushed at the statement but remained quiet. Vansh noticed it and said,”Veer, mind your own business..”

Veer : Okay, FINE but still, honeymoon plans? 

Vansh : Veer!

Veer : Sorry bro

He chuckled. 

In RiAnsh room : 

Riddhima is working on her laptop, when Vansh comes out of the washroom after bathing..A towel is wrapped around his waist. 

“Ahem! Ahem” he fake coughs but Riddhima doesn’t sees him and is doing her work. 

He takes another towel and dries his hairs. The water falls on Riddhima.

Riddhima : Aa..Vansh! Be careful..I’m doing work..

Vansh : Work! Work! Work! Do you’ve anything else to do?

Riddhima : Vansh!

Vansh : Riddhima! 

He snatches her laptop.

Riddhima : I didn’t save the file too!! Give it back..

Vansh : No work now..

Riddhima : FINE, atleast save the file, please!

Vansh : Hmm..

He saves the file and shuts down the laptop. 

Riddhima : Let’s sleep..

She takes her duvet. 

Vansh : Na na na

Riddhima : Haan haan haan 

She closes her eyes. Vansh picks her in bridal arms and makes her stand near the wall. 

Riddhima : What’s your problem, Vansh?

Vansh : I want some romance and you want to sleep..

Riddhima : So what? Don’t you’ve anything else to think rather than romance? 

Vansh : I have, for example, our kids..o-

Riddhima : Just shut up! 

She goes to sleep but he pulls her and pins to the wall. 

Vansh : Such a handsome and hot hubby is standing infront of you and you want to sleep?

Riddhima : Vansh!! 

Vansh nuzzles his nose on her neck and says,”Nice perfume” Riddhima blushes at the statment and he kisses on her red cheeks. 

Vansh : Vaise, Veer was correct..What are the honeymoon plans?

He says looking at her lips, intensely. 

Riddhima : YOU!

She pushes him and goes to sleep. 

Vansh : No worries, you sleep for now, I’ll see you in the morning..

Riddhima : Good night!

Vansh : Sweet dreams

He lies besides her after wearing his clothes and keeps his hand on her waist. She starts giggling.

Vansh : Why are you laughing, man?

Riddhima : You’re tick..li..ng..me..

Vansh : Me?

Riddhima : My waist..

She giggles more. Vansh removes his hand from her waist and she stops. 

Riddhima : My belly is tickling..

She says with a sheepish smile. 

Vansh : Now, I got to know your weakness..

Riddhima : YOU!!!! 

Vansh : Sleep for now as sleepless nights are coming..

He winks at her and she blushes. Both of them sleep cuddling with each other.

I’m so sorry for getting late, I was having off on Friday & Saturday but net wasn’t working..So, this took time to get published…I’m so sorry..I’ll try my best to post soon!! Thanks for reading 🙂 

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