On Your Behalf RishTika(Manit Tejasswi)TS Part2(Last part)

On your behalf RishTika TS Part 2
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Swastika was standing in the garden.Rishab went near her.
She was shy.
Rishab:I never opened my heart before you as I was nervous whether you will reject me.But now I want to tell you that I love you a lot.
Swastika blushed.
Rishab:Swastika,do you love me?
Swastika nodded blushing.
Rishab smiled:I understood your feelings for me.But please say it Swastika.I am longing to hear it from your mouth.
Swastika’s face became dull.She looked at him painfully.

Rishab:Say Swastika….I have not heard your sweet voice till now.I am longing to hear it.Talk something if you are shy to say openly that you love me.
She ran inside crying.Rishab was stunned.
He turned back.
He saw Ritesh and Anushree in tears.
Rishab:Sir,why did Swastika cry?I can’t understand anything.I just asked her to say if she loves me.But without saying anything she ran away crying.
Anushree wept:Our daughter Swastika cannot speak.That’s why she became upset when you asked her to talk.

Rishab was shocked.
Ritesh:We thought that after staying with us for a few days you understood it without us telling you that.We were happy thinking that after knowing her defect you were willing to marry her.But now we realized that you fell in love with her without knowing her truth.

Anushree burst into tears:Since you know her defect now will you reject her?

Rishab looked at them painfully.



In the room…

Rakhi:What is this Rishab?You loved a girl without even knowing that she is mute?How could you love her without knowing anything about her?No Rishab,I can’t get my only son to a girl who is unable to speak.
Rishab:Maa,but Swastika is perfect in all other ways.Then why don’t you forget this small defect?
Rakhi:Is it a small defect Rishab?She cannot speak at all.How will she converse with me and others?
Rishab:Through me Maa.On her behalf I will speak to you and others.
Rakhi:Rishab..be practical.It’s not that easy as you think.
Rishab:I know Maa.But I love her a lot.For my love’s sake I am willing to face this difficulty also.
Rakhi also looked at him emotionally:Rishab..how will I make you understand?After some years you yourself will get fed up of her.
Rishab:No Maa.I have full faith in my love and I am sure that she will never be a burden for me due to this defect.
Rakhi:But Rishab…
Rishab:Maa..please…if you want me to be happy please agree.
Rakhi looked at him painfully.



Rishab and Rakhi went near Ritesh and Anushree.
Rishab:You both have a doubt whether I will refuse to marry Swastika after knowing that she cannot speak.Now I want to answer your question.My answer is ..I can marry Swastika in every birth even if she can never speak.

Ritesh Anushree were overwhelmed.
Rakhi:Nothing is more important than my son’s happiness for me.So I promise that Swastika will be my daughter from now onwards.
Ritesh-Anushree smiled emotionally.Ritesh hugged Rishab.
Rishab:I want to talk to Swastika.
Rishab went to her room.He saw her crying.
He went near her and wiped her tears.
Rishab:Tears do not suit your eyes.And why are you crying unnecessarily?You thought that my love for you will drain as I came to know that you can’t speak?
She looked at him painfully.
Rishab:I don’t care whether you speak or not.Without speaking also I can hear you saying that you also love me.That’s more than enough for me.And I am there with you to speak to others on your behalf.
She looked at him in disbelief.
Rishab:I love you and on your behalf I will answer the question I asked you.I also love you Rishab.Right?
She nodded emotionally and embraced him.He caressed her smiling.

All the pre-wedding rituals happened fast.
Rishab-Swastika got engaged exchanging rings with each other.

Mehendi function was done.
Rishab-Swastika danced passionately on their Sangeet.

Rishab made the haldi function romantic by applying haldi on her cheeks with his cheeks.


Rishab-Swastika became a heavenly couple by getting into the beautiful bond of marriage.

Reception party…
Somebody asked Swastika:Mrs.Rishab Luthra,what is your name?
Immediately Rishab said:Swastika.
She smiled as he replied on her behalf.

Years passed….

Rishab was holding a phone and Swastika was sitting close to him.
They can see their daughter Revathi on the screen.Revathi is doing higher studies in London and is on video call with her parents now.
Revathi:Hi dad…hi mom…
Rishab:How are you?
Revathi:I am fine dad.
Rishab:Did you have your food?
Revathi:Dad…I know that you are asking this question on behalf of mom.Only mom asks about eating food on time.
Rishab-Swastika smiled.

Rishab:If you don’t eat food on time you will become weak.
Revathi:Again’s mom’s advise conveyed by you dad.
They smiled.
Revathi:Ok mom.I promise you that I will eat healthy food on time.
Swastika showed the action indicating that she is hugging Revathi.Revathi too did hugging action.
Rishab:By the way did you find your life partner there?
Revathi:Dad…no way.I will fall in love only if I find a man who understands what’s going in my mind without hearing me speak.Even though I can speak I want my man to speak my mind just like dad has been speaking on mom’s behalf since many years.

Rishab-Swastika smiled.
Revathi:Ok..bye dad mom…will call you later.
Rishab-Swastika bid her good-bye.
Rishab-Swastika smiled at each other.

Years passed..still Rishab did not get fed up of Swastika nor he considered her as a burden as she is unable to speak.He loves her truly and made her understand that her inability to speak to speak is not a defect as he is there to speak on her behalf.Till now and till the end he will speak her mind as he knows her mind and heart very well..That’s his love.

The End



Thank u so much 4 supporting this TS even though RishTika are an imaginary couple.

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